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Revenge - Cleansing Siege (Take Them Down) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Cleansing Siege (Take Them Down)' by Revenge.
Lyrics to "Take 'Em Down" song by DROPKICK MURPHYS: When the boss comes callin' they'll put us down When the boss comes callin' gotta stand your ...
INFERI LYRICS - "The End Of An Era" (2009) album
The Endless Siege 4. A New ... One by one they lead them into darkness where a chamber waits inside ... Break down the doors ... Taking this den out of their hands place it in our control. ... Extermination of the filth,let the cleansing begin
Take a look at my face and how far you think I'll go. Because I've had it up to here for the 37th time this year. And I've kept it bottled down ... Positional strategy, split was disastrous, flanking the siege ... Cleanse my palette and validate my gifts
SATAN LYRICS - "Life Sentence" (2013) album
A rushing wall of water so high to cleanse the world of sin. For the few survivors ... Mother don't weep for them, they gave their lives for a cause ... I'll never yield, This siege mentality is all down to you ... I'll never yield, You'll never take me alive
AS YOU DROWN LYRICS - "Rat King" (2011) album
AS YOU DROWN lyrics - "Rat King" (2011) album, including "The Cleansing ... The Cleansing Hands ... Man - spiralling down the abyss ... Death takes all who step in the light of the rulers. Watching you! Prisoner of the camera eye. Controlling you! We're under siege, you should be paranoid ... Drown them before it's too late ...
IMMOLATION LYRICS - "Majesty And Decay" (2010) album
Cleansing this planet from our disease. The world we've ... A gripping siege brings down the land ... End this war... bring them homes... bring them back... alive
Revenge - Survival (The Absolute Truth) Lyrics
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Revenge - Blood Noose (Hog-Tied Like Swine) Lyrics
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Revenge - Final Doctrine (Push Forward) Lyrics
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Revenge - Sterilization (Procreation Denied) Lyrics
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Revenge - Barbed Anti (No Remorse) Lyrics
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Revenge - Death Heritage (Built Upon Sorrow) Lyrics
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LEMURIA LYRICS - "Chanson de la Croisade" (2010) album
Cleansing its heretic belief ... He promised to take up the cross ... I'll hunt them down with all my might! ". .... And even there they weren't safe, for after seven weeks of siege, settlements such as Minerve and Lavaur were overrun by the holy ...
INTERNAL BLEEDING LYRICS - "Onward To Mecca" (2004) album
Take up arms. The time has ... [CHORUS:] Siege in the clouds - withstanding ... Those who live - just await their death. Does it end? ... We rain down fire ... Now take your place amongst the dead. The fate of .... Cleanse this land - unleash crime
Inferi - The Endless Siege lyrics
The Endless Siege lyrics by Inferi: Fueled by the fury of a thousand men / For the lies we have come here to slay thee / Justice and.
WHIPLASH LYRICS - "Sit, Stand, Kneel, Prey" (1997) album
5. Jane Doe 6. Knock Me Down ... I'll cleanse you of your sins. Cause it may ... If you were stolen from them. Just call me ... them too. Don't take it all so personally ... Blood trickling down in blues and greens ... The deafening siege of fire power
CEPHALIC CARNAGE LYRICS - "Misled By Certainty" (2010) album
Visit them in dreams. In the timeless ... Of our past are under siege. Argon lasers ... Taking lives with little resolve ... Cleansing inside ... counting down to insanity
NAPALM DEATH LYRICS - "Peel Sessions" (1989) album
20. Divine Death. Cleansing impurity ... (SIEGE) Walls that part humanity. Over which I cannot see. Walls as old as history. Cast a shadow ... Take down them all
DESASTER LYRICS - "Angelwhore" (2005) album
While Kaffa lay siege to Khan Djam Bek's hordes. His soldiers fall ... Cleansing evolution. A swarm of rats will fever bring, their fleas infect the men of fear. The lords, the ... Please calm down, relax. Spread your ... Teach them life. Demonspawn
THRESHOLD LYRICS - "Wounded Land" (1993) album
Siege Of Baghdad 8. Keep It With ... we gotta learn to climb down the ladder of success with two feet on the ground we gotta clean up all this mess there's a fire ...
2PAC LYRICS - Got My Mind Made Up
With a bear and a snake and a panda, I'm on those. Who can ... for me to put down my guard, I'm faced with it, I'm a ride breaking in ... Taking off my coat, clearing my throat [Chorus: ... your whole camp's under seige, and I'm Jason Vorhees
DIM MAK LYRICS - "Enter The Dragon" (1999) album
I've fallen. I've fallen. Down Fallen down. I fell down. Man I got back up. Sky has fallen ... How many times, strength in siege were born. Between ... No excuse except I might hate them ... I must take righteous action ... Cleanse the earth with war
REVOCATION LYRICS - "Existence Is Futile" (2009) album
Screaming from the sky. What will it take for me to sleep through the fucking night ? ... A city under siege. Mothers clutch ... World governments are crumbling down. Calculated ... Now it's time to make them pay. .... Now the cleansing is complete
SUICIDAL ANGELS LYRICS - "Eternal Domination" (2007) album
Christians burn, we'll make them fry. We'll cut you down and eat your hearts. You' ll see the truth ... As Satan takes command ... Shadows siege the night, ancient spirits attack. Enforced .... Bloody cleansing of the Christian see the preacher cry
Blood Vaults (II - Our Despots Cleanse The Levant) 10. Arcane ... Those impure fables seem to ruefully conceal a primordial holy instinct. Ancestors ruined ... And the wall of the city shall fall down flat, And the ... Under siege... Bless your blood ...
HATE ETERNAL LYRICS - "Infernus" (2015) album
Bring forth the evil pervading. I visualize thy core ... Stricken down by strength of skyward call. All aspirations are now ... Cleansing the planet of all false prophets. La tempestad ... Siege of disease ... Phantom profane deliver them. Antediluvian  ...
INCURSED LYRICS - "Elderslied" (2014) album
when the storm is nigh and the winds calm down a glare ... Drunkenness is our weapon for this siege ... bring your longboards to the waves ... cleanse our souls, let the winter calm down ... Once there was a land, the queen amongst them all
HIMSA LYRICS - "Summon In Thunder" (2007) album
Given In To The Taking 5. Skinwalkers 6. ... posed as goddess in flame for my taking enshrined ... siege them, seldom seen in towering eyes swelling ... and a cleansing slate rehearsed to inflect ... summon in thunder - howling down in vain
FOREST OF IMPALED LYRICS - "Forward The Spears" (2003) album
The hammer from the South, heavy horse four thousand strong , swing down upon the anvil ... Lay Siege to the gates from Hell! ... Rise now... and take your place of Honor! .... Before them you shall fall! ... Let the cleansing and blood low again!
SUFFOCATION LYRICS - "Effigy Of The Forgotten" (1991) album
Forced into your mind, passed down through the centuries. Cultures will ... Puppets to take your lord ... Hatred and remorse unto those who have punished me ... One that will cleanse my soul ... Your brain's been under siege since you died
DARK TRANQUILLITY LYRICS - "Fiction" (2007) album
Than in those hollow eyes. It is the only ... The siege that can't be broken. This hollow ... The cleansing flames of entropy ... Don't bring your misery down on me
BRUTALITY LYRICS - "When The Sky Turns Black" (1994) album
Rebelling forces - Nature cleansing. Planet scum. Time has ... Wars across the globe - Taking lives of the innocent. Leaders not ... Such a waste bowing down - We never change. Mistakes meant ... Robot minds of robot slaves lead them to atomic rage. Plastic flowers ... Merciless to the siege - Agents massacred. Protected ...
SLAYER LYRICS - "Seasons In The Abyss" (1990) album
The reason for the siege. The pendulum it .... Release the slide to cleanse inside. Prepare to ... Crucified them all in flames ... Take down all who block my path
HUMAN FORTRESS LYRICS - "Defenders Of The Crown" (2003 ...
To bring us back from those cold nights and winters chill. While riding on .... Siege tower raised high - My castle of greed raised as high as the sky. I attack in the ...
NAPALM DEATH LYRICS - "Scum" (1987) album
Siege Of Power 9. Control 10. ... Never give but always take. Kill and lie for .... Now you've settled down. Reflected on your ... Divine Death. Cleansing impurity
THE LEGION LYRICS - "Revocation" (2006) album
Nameless beings lay siege to earth. A monumental ... Cleanse my essence with your fire. ... You shall bring me bliss ... Let us storm the temples and rage them to the ground ... My eyes looked back upon me, pale dim lights down the depths
EARTH CRISIS LYRICS - "The Oath That Keeps Me Free" (1998 ...
My patience is whaning, now all it takes is one spark to set me off. I have to try to ... Breathing life into my visions, forcing them into reality. From paradise ... to pillage to populate the righteous under siege. The stream of ... It's weight slowly drags me down. I draw a ... Only your blood can cleanse you of your sin. Your actions ...
BORN OF OSIRIS LYRICS - "Soul Sphere" (2015) album
You're taking the best of me. Throw me in. Should i ... when the weight comes down you reject it just ... I can't take this expectations are getting in the way. Living in ... Will you cleanse your hands and eyes ... we siege to be the true heroes now
CEPHALIC CARNAGE LYRICS - "Anomalies" (2005) album
Who would believe them? If they told ... Scratching up my flesh, turning pictures upside down. Just who ... Violent moshing, infernal grinding, take a stage dive

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