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Finale - Choppy Waters (Intro) Lyrics
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Lyrics to "Rough Water" song by TRAVIE MCCOY: Hey oh, never let go of me, yo Hold tight, it's gonna get hard to breathe (hold tight, baby) And nev...
Haste The Day - Reconcile Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Reconcile' by Haste The Day. Your boat lies / On choppy seas as the waves crash down / Spilling over the side / Like holy water / A chance to purify.
Finale - Perseverance Lyrics
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Finale - Cut Day Lyrics
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Finale - Hard To Kill Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hard to Kill' by Finale.
Finale - 7 Days Lyrics
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Finale - Spike The Punch Lyrics
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Gilligan's Island - Gilligan's Island Theme Song lyrics
The weather started getting rough, But the tiny ... They were all enjoying the cruise and when winds driffed in creating high swells of water, the party was over.
BO BURNHAM LYRICS - Words, Words, Words
I blow other dudes out of the water. I'm the man muffin, divin', muffin, Cold and fly like an arctic puffin, Puffin whacky tobaccy. Hating other rappers like I'm Helga ...
Ring Rocky like fuck switch sides like water rides. The DAT bubble life preserve ... Call it chopped meat, cause every word is choppy. My logic crunch all crows to  ...
Finale - Just Due Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Just Due' by Finale.
Finale - Steep Climb Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Steep Climb' by Finale.
Finale - The Revival Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Revival' by Finale.
Finale - Plain View Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Plain View' by Finale.
Through choppy seas, rain storms and gales. The sun is rising on the horizon ... She was taking in water, couldn't keep her afloat. Apparently no man's an island,
Beat Crusaders - Tonight, Tonight, Tonight lyrics
Like a lot of you, I got here from bleach, and, honestly, I think this is an awesome song and that the somewhat choppy translation adds to ... Moon On The Water.

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