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Kodak Black feat. Boosie - Slayed Lyrics
Jun 11, 2016 Why the fuck I chase a bitch when I don't even chase the liquor Hell ... them boys down to earth She know I'm a beast and never anger, you can ...
FUTURE - Mask Off lyrics
Chase a check, never chase a bitch. Mask on, fuck it, mask off. Mask on, fuck it, mask off. Percocets, molly, Percocets Chase a check, never chase a bitch
See I don't go to clubs, I never chase a bitch (beitch) I'm here to bang that gangsta shit to the apocalypse. We call it stress, some of y'all call it chocolate
JAY-Z LYRICS - Is That Yo Bitch?
song by JAY-Z: Uh, yo don't get mad at me I don't love 'em I fuck 'em I don't chase 'em I duck 'em I replace 'em wi... ... I never kiss her, I never hold her hand. In fact I ... Cause that's Jay and them, bitch ... It'll make 'em sick that his favorite chick
Lyrics to "Bitch Be A Bitch" song by DOUGHBOYZ CASHOUT: You let a bitch be a ... I'm on my street lord shit, never love em like my dough ... I chase this bread
KODAK BLACK LYRICS - XXL Freshman Freestyle: Kodak Black
You never catch me out here clubbing unless they paid a nigga. Why the fuck would I chase a bitch when I don't even chase the liquor. Hell yeah, they call me ...
WALE LYRICS - Life's A Bitch
Life's a bitch I put my arm on her shoulder. Tell her I'm the realest and I whisper ' you go girl' I embrace her, I never chase her. I make her chase me 'cuz of the ...
I was never scared to face my fears ... Never chase for no women that comes when you chase the paper ... You call your lady a bitch I refer to mine as a queen
I'd never let another chick bring me down in a relationship. Save it bitch ... I'm a different man, kiss my ass, kiss my lips, bitch why ask? Kiss my dick ... We'll be friends, I'll call you again, I'll chase you around every bar you attend. Never know  ...
You should want a bad bitch like this (huh?) Drop it low and ... Takin' all the liquor straight, never chase that (never) Rooftop ... Hot girl, hands off, don't touch that
50 CENT LYRICS - Ryder Music
Jealousy's for women, but some niggas is bitch made ... Homie, you hustlin' backwards if you chasin' a bitch. Stupid, chase the paper, they come with the shit
Snoop Dogg feat. Nate Dogg - Lay Low lyrics
... really hope so Lay low, nobody move until I say so Limo tint rollin' deep like the President See, I don't go to clubs, I never chase a bitch I'm here to bang that ...
JAY-Z LYRICS - Paper Chase
(gotta get that paper y'all) That's right, uhh (Uh-huh uh, yeah, Roc-a-Fella, yeah. Paper chase y'all, paper chase WHAT? Uh) Greyhound bitch, stay down bitch
CHASE RICE LYRICS - Happy Hour (Worktape)
Lyrics to "Happy Hour (Worktape)" song by CHASE RICE: Tonight's Janie's ... But she can sure be a bitch ... But now I guess, Joe's girl Jess is the star of the floor ... Don't you worry 'bout me, though I am callin' a cab and I ain't never comin' ...
SNOOP DOGG LYRICS - I Don't Need No Bitch
Lyrics to "I Don't Need No Bitch" song by SNOOP DOGG: My mama told me never ever trust one, ... Never mind them, I stay in front, I used to chase behind them
50 CENT LYRICS - When It Rains It Pours
In the projects niggaz fuck with the same old chicks ... Go ahead leave, see if i chase you, shiit ... So keep your mind on your money and dont trus no bitch
I got a fever bitch, hot outside I got a fever bitch ... Haters never made me mad. You get at your ... We don't chase bitches, we chase money and that (D'ussé)
BIG SEAN LYRICS - I Don't Fuck With You
Bitch I don't give a fuck about you or anything that you do. Don't give a fuck about ... These hoes chase bread, aw damn, she got a bird brain ... I'm never sentimental, go hard or go homeless ... I got a new chick that I gotta thank God for . I got a ...
Z-RO LYRICS - No Reason
Lyrics to "No Reason" song by Z-RO: Slap that nigga he's a bitch, slap that hoe she's a bitch It ain't nothing ... I'll let her holla at ya, don't trust my girl ... Too much of a playa, to chase a bitch ... Never ever been in the game, a bleacher's vet
JOE - Don't Wanna Be a Player Lyrics
SQUAD FREE THE MOB Damn I dont wanna be a player I dont wanna be a ... sayin Girl Damn Look now let me switch it You chasing that bitch you trippen She  ...
They chase the noise. Through the ... I stopped chasing every chick under the sun many moons ago. So pretend my ... I told these stupid hoes when I come back I'm a set this bitch on fire. And this ... I'm never referring to the solution. I'm talking ...
Lyrics to "Intro" song by PLIES: Ain never gave a fuck bout what another bitch thought of me Shit that ... Pussy and attention nigga that just some I'll never chase
I found a bad bitch with a nice ass (she bad) She be playing ... Got a spanish bitch she say uno. You ain't ... I ain't chasing hoes I'm chasing cheddar (oh no)
FABOLOUS LYRICS - Gone For The Winter
I ran from the worst, chasing after the better ... I scoop a chick from Queensbridge, she coming back a Queen bitch ... Never stressed of lil' things, like a hater
LIL' WAYNE LYRICS - 6 Foot 7 Foot
got the girl twisted 'cause she open when you twist her never met the bitch, but I fuck her like I missed her life is the bitch, and death is her sister sleep is the cousin, what ... paper chasing, tell that paper, "Look, I'm right behind ya" bitch, real G's ...
All headshots if you think you could take my bitch, ayy ... This is something you should know, I don't ever chase no hoes ... I never mind, girl that's just you
TOO $HORT LYRICS - Playa Fo Life
Tryin to get you to the house, I'm lookin for a go girl ... I ain't thinkin of twice; bitch I' m thinkin tonight ... and I never chase hoes, gotta stay on my grind like [Chorus]
And, your bitch could see this shit from across the street nigga. It's pimpin' over here. ... Uh, I don't love 'em, I don't chase 'em I duck 'em. Smoke somethin', go to ...
Lyrics to "25 To Life" song by EMINEM: Too late for the other side Caught in a chase 25 to life Too late for ... Maybe if this bitch had acted right I would've stayed
YFN LUCCI LYRICS - Documentary
Nah, fuck what you heard I keep two lil goonies on the lurk My bitch gotta... ... Whole lot of types I ain't never gone settle, ain't never gone settle. You know. Like I use ... Dreams come true gotta chase it, chase it ... Me and you girl that's amazing
Like I never meant a thing. How could you switch ... Never catch me chasing you. If you wanna fuck with ... Oh got a new bitch well guess what. Umm shes not as ...
Tate Kobang - Dope Man Lyrics
Jul 30, 2015 -Bitch im from baltimore, you said you was I never see you. -what part you ... -my moma told me stop chasing after stank hoes. -cause all these ...
But she's like a shot of vodka 'cause I always gotta chase her ... Ladies, I ain't trying to be rude, but I'll never date a bitch who Instagram's her fucking food
Paper chase, on the interstate, stick and movin' Throwin' ... I'm still with the same bitch. I'm still on ... Rollin' off a monkey girl, come let me put this thing on you
J. COLE LYRICS - Is She Gon Pop
I'm in a small ass town with a superstar chick ... We know, yeah nigga we know, hot bitch fell in my lap like cappucino. Niggas so thirsty it irks ... I swear if niggas put half of what they put in chasing ass into a craft, now you'd be famous and rich,
50 Cent - Chase The Paper Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Chase the Paper' by 50 Cent. I'm still a rider, I'm still rolling / A nigga still hold the steel, that's how I'm owning / You chase the hoes, I chase. ... Tote the steel bitch don't squeal, get your cap peeled ... I ain't chasing pussy, never have
Lyrics to "Never Forget Ya" song by OBIE TRICE: Yes I understand I done came a long way From ... But I gotta chase the donuts, cocoa's growin ... This is dedicated to my chick friends ... And when I touch back home, nigga find me a bitch
Chris Brown feat. Lil Wayne - Loyal Lyrics
Why give a bitch an inch when she'd rather have nine? ... These hoes ain't loyal These girl ain't loyal Yeah, yeah, let me see Just got rich Took a broke nigga bitch I ... I don't chase 'em, I replace 'em LVs, Hermes, Dolces Them hoes ain't loyal.
ACE HOOD LYRICS - Errrythang
One thing for certain you can't lose no ho from chasing dough. That's on ... Get getting head by some bitch who made the dean's list ... Never was no local joker
Bitch, you hit the lottery. I'm tired of all this ... Ungrateful bitches never happy ... Can't chase you. I'm chasin' ... I swear that bitch was so goddamn ungrateful

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