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Skillinjah - Emergency Spliff Lyrics
May 25, 2014 The weed that me love, weed that me love, weed that me love, the sensi My emergency spliff Well im a cannabis addict, you better roll me one ...
UB40 LYRICS - Mi Spliff
Lyrics to "Mi Spliff" song by UB40: You can't de'pon mi spliff because mi spliff dep ... Pot, grass, sensimila, trush-en-peng, marijuana, hear me now, cannabis
Spliff bigger than a pillow in a bed dawg. The hot grabber stink like dead dog. Mi mi mi get a red card. Becah mi ah tackle di weed hard. Every day mi deh go ...
Uwe Banton - The Roots of It (Cannabis Song) Lyrics
Jan 27, 2015 Lyrics for The Roots of It (Cannabis Song) by Uwe Banton. ... the Cannabis Song Bob Marley said, excuse me while I light my spliff knowing that ...
Look, light a spliff up. You know a nigga ain't ... Foreign jawns when I grab weed. Tell her run, make it ... No, big spliff make your head spin. London boy in a ...
Sojah - So High Lyrics
Spliff in a we mouth and the chalice we a blaze. Smoke marijuana weÿ get so high like birds in the sky we fly. Watch how we do, burn a spliff. Whole a medi ...
Steam mi rice and wid blue banic. Ganja fi burn, it haffi burn. High grade a fly to mi brain like sonic. Mi weed feel big like the pacific. Spliff big like the ss titanic
Mr Traumatik - Horticulturist Lyrics
Jul 19, 2015 Smoke DMT and Weed in one Spliff when I'm conducting experiments. My Lemon Haze is from Devon ways and it's harvest time in 11 days.
Capleton - Acres Lyrics
Smoke a spliff and tek a lift, wowowo / Smoke a spliff and tek a drift / David ... Some gone but dem ah carry mi cannabis ... Have love inna mi heart fi di weed
Lyrics to "All About The Weed" song by KOTTONMOUTH KINGS: watch these visions get burned like the thumb ... and when we build a spliff its like construction
Marvin Priest - Who's Gonna Smoke Some Weed Tonight? Lyrics ...
by Marvin Priest: If you smoke weed like you don't care I'm addicted to the herb. ... If you can't roll your own spliff than you shouldn't smoke! I've got that herb ...
DJ KHALED LYRICS - Weed & Hennessy
Lyrics to "Weed & Hennessy" song by DJ KHALED: A wah wi waan Weed and Hennessy And a little bit a grabba leaf ... Weed and Hennessy ... Gimmi a spliff
DR. DRE LYRICS - The Roach (The Chronic Outro)
DRE: Cannabis Sativa, ha ha, or in the heart of L.A. known as the Chronic Not to be ... Stay in my last joint, don't fuck with me fool ... But I need a spliff right now
[Krayzie Bone] Take me. Higher, higher, baby. Can you feel it?? (feel it, feel it, feel it) Do you feel the same weed high that I feel?? Cause I'm so high (reefer ...
Lyrics to "This Joint" song by SLIGHTLY STOOPID: The taste of this joint We rolling it up from Philly And I need all the weed from Cali Original...
Lords Of Acid - Marijuana In Your Brain Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Marijuana In Your Brain' by Lords Of Acid. Marihuana inna your brain / Takes more time to ejaculate / Roll up a spliff and drowse away the day / With.
Pass the joint on the left hand side. Then put in the air if you wanna get high. Spark it up in a circle. With the kush weed that would hurt you. If you got the purple ...
Acres Lyrics - Capleton
moke a spliff and take a lift, wowowow , Smoke a ... ..........cannabis and babylon so mi a notice where dem haffi honor dis ! ... and said dem waan di weed grown
Me a rock to the reggae music whenever me feel the spliff workin. Kill off in any ... Let me call up da weed man cuz if we out, then shit we on it, Me and you can ...
CYPRESS HILL LYRICS - Roll It Up, Light It Up, Smoke It Up
It's, Friday mornin, where the weed at? Let me dip into my pocket for my fat weed sack. Cause I wanna ... Marijuana joint, then I want another hit. Roll it up, (light it ...
Fekky - Madting, Sadting Lyrics
Now to him, 'cause I like his chick, better light a spliff. [Verse 2: Sleeks] Man bag with a ... Smoking on this Cali weed, I'm still in London What's everybody talking ...
Chinese food in the grey containers, weed in the blunt, tryna taste them flavours. What's my name, rudeboy? I'm Taylor, my trousers are tailored. When they see ...
Devilman - Smoking Weed Lyrics
Feb 3, 2016 Im not choaking You don't know about the weed i'm smoking what i've got ... That's for real Smoke a big spliff after my meal Cos' i like the way it ...
A marijuana man promote. Just get dem ... A mi seh no bush weed, no bush weed noo. Wizzla a ... But da spliff yah weh mi build it taller than by di dolly (Jah kno)
DEVILMAN LYRICS - Drum And Bass Father
See me with a big spliff and a glass of Cava, Biggin' up dizzle kid and Badness LAVA, ... Traumatik's got the harvest of marijuana, I was in a hotel room with one  ...
EAZY-E LYRICS - Down 2 Tha Last Roach
Lyrics to "Down 2 Tha Last Roach" song by EAZY-E: "I still express yo I don't smoke weed or sess" BITCH!!! Ah ... Took a puff of the indo spliff. High like a bird as I ...
Shahmen - Lost Angeles (Bonus Demo) lyrics and translation ...
Aug 10, 2015 ... the map was made of cannabis Better hurry up and find another way ... Smoke a spliff that's been dipped in the madness And take a step on ...
Cause if it's in my joint, believe that it's the best smoke. I'm talking OG kush ... With a big old bag of weed ... Smoking marijuana, and she know that I'm a player
SUBLIME LYRICS - Smoke Two Joints
... four of them habitually smoked marijuana cigarettes..... reefers. I smoke two joints in the morning. I smoke two joint at night. I smoke two joint in the afternoon
Dr. Dre - The Roach (The Chronic Outro) Lyrics
Cannabis Sativa or in the heart of LA known as the cronic / Not to be confused with the ... Damn, my last joint, don't fuck with me fool, who got the dub sacks
(HED) P.E. LYRICS - 4smokazonly
Bonus, more weed for me. Me and my ??? smoke trees since ... Ya feel a negative go smoke a joint and make it right. Its like a sedative, trust me it'll change your ...
TWIZTID LYRICS - Bonus Flavour
Cause see a, niggy perpin broke'll, smoke your spliff all day. Go home and ... ( Messin with that endo weed) I got five on it! ... Rollin' up cannabis sativa. Hittin' the ...
E-40 LYRICS - Fired Up
Still with the activation, still with the mannishness, blowin' cannabis. Strains of that cookie ... Watchin' Trapflix, rollin' a spliff in the afternoon. On the couch in the  ...
Mary Lyrics - Freestyle Fellowship
give me the funk, a blunt if not some give me the spliff a pipe full ... so, roll, roll, roll your joint and anoint ... he know not, but a hot bowl of pot to free his soul
Then we'll try it be the highest man I quit now cannabis and I is reunited. Be delighted we ... Was pay me for the spliff and then maybe submission. Too high to try ...
The High & Mighty - Weed Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Weed' by The High & Mighty. Weed, weed, what a relief / Where will my eighth a day habit cease? / This an ... Watchin' the movie Friday, with a spliff
Capital STEEZ, Joey Bada$$ & Cj Fly - Like Water Lyrics
... clover That's the pot of gold so we sonning them like Maury Povich We gone ... we shifting We drifting, we lifted From the spliff that I lift From the spliff that I lift ...
LIL ROB LYRICS - Take To The Sky
Lyrics to "Take To The Sky" song by LIL ROB: Your marijuana dreamer Floating in endless night of Unfulfilled Fantasies.. What's up?... ... Or a spliff I hit is swiff
Breezy - TinCap Lyrics
little on my fifth spliff better make sure that joint is stiff if people in my city see me they know I love W-double-E-D they say he smoke a lot of pot he look a like a ...
I gave up smoking and then I got stressed out told KJ get the weed in. Lying in bed ... Big high grade spliff, Courvoursier nigga I'm so wasted. I can't drive like this ...

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