Buss a whine every gyal a tic toc lyrics

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Beenie Man - Wine Gal Lyrics
Every man a watch ya body when ya paaaass ... Buss a wine an make ya ass wiggle (wine gal) ... Tick toc ticky ticky toc umhum!!! fling it up from front or back
Gaza Wine Lyrics - Jah Vinci
From yuh know she buss... it's di out clear. Mek gyal a whine and don't care. Gyal a whine and ... Back it up, tic toc gyal bend down low ... Every tic weh she toc
Di Genius - Pon Mi (Whine up pt.2) Lyrics
Jan 19, 2015 My girl yuh Hot all the while Hot all the time Buss a wine, show dem yuh ... a plus dem a minus Gal shake up yuh body pon me Back it up, back it up, ... every rubbin' Mi waan gi yuh something So when yuh done wine up Yuh fi ...
Vybz Kartel - Wine Pon Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Wine Pon Me' by Vybz Kartel. (Bridge) / jah ... gyal mi luv it weh yuh wine up ya body yeah gyal mi luv it ... tik n tik n tok do it like a clock gyal the way ...
Lyrics to "Tic Toc" song by BUSY SIGNAL: SSMG Gyal B-B-B-Busy Shake it My girl (ladies) Weh mi waan you do Tic Tic Tic Tic Toc Tic Tic Tic... ... Each and every time we do that. Prove that ... When she ah whine and go down pon her head
Muscle wine gyal, buss di moves for mi 6: 30 bend ... When yo tic, toc, just like di hand pon di clock. Bend my girl ... Every girls seh mi love, mi swear mi said that
Mr. Lex - Clockwork Lyrics
Man love fi si when gal ah whine up like di clockwork tic tic toc toc. Like energizer bunny ... Hear wha! every man ah wonder how yuh thick so. Buss! when yuh mek ... Suh mi guh suh! buss her new whine act like yuh crazy gal. Yuh nuh old like ...
Every black man a king unuh fi search fi di crown. Pretty black ... Come wine pon di teacher, reverse bring hi down ... di wine. Tic toc, tic toc, according to time
VYBZ KARTEL LYRICS - Tightest Punani
Lyrics to "Tightest Punani" song by VYBZ KARTEL: Gal get up(pum) whine up til you ... Whine it like you horny you have di tightest punnany ... Tic-toc fi mi hand
Lyrics to "Wine Pon Di Edge" song by BUSY SIGNAL: Ain't gonna leave you girl ... Mi gal a you di man dem want di whole a dem a haunt you ... You have di shape di looks UH UH Look good inna pencil foot UH UH Every man dem want a jook UH UH ... People So Evil · Jail[Nah Go A Jail Again] Tic Toc · Wine Pon Di Edge
... KARTEL: Anju blaxx A wi luv di nymphomaniacs Mek wi buss a fuck gal Yuh ... Wine up yuh body like a go go show ... Every hour pon di hour like zip info gal,
Vybz Kartel - How Yu Pussy Tight Lyrics
Aug 12, 2014 Gyal Me love yuh style Me love the way yuh wine Ah u dey pon meh mind U ... buss inna me head like gun Position for d rider d devil nah fail Gyal ah ... up inna yuh belly like rocket Every gyal haffi say how mi buddy high tech ...
Bramma - Daggeration Lyrics
Dj tell her dis seh mi nuh ggyyaal (bram) mi love the way yo wine mi love the way yo ... some man tru deh gyal wa bramma an nuh every gyal wa skalla hey gyal ... mi buss yo bra strap don't baddi itch gyal buss yo bra strap ya wen yo tick tock ...
Busy Signal - Indian Gyal Lyrics
Indian Gyal lyrics performed by Busy Signal: [Intro:] A wonder My girl Yuh a ... Wine like a gypsy gyal (gyal) ... Ah, gyal. She look like a genie outta bakkle. Face and the shape every man waan fi tackle ... When she buss off a wine and a she seh ... One More Night lyrics · Tic Toc lyrics · Step Out lyrics · Da Style Deh lyrics ...
Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock. Bruk it, set it, ... Whine fi mi baby, everything cris ... Gyal haffi have a pussy power, Grab it ... 3, Every Girl (Ft. Gaza Tussan).
59, Pretty Gal Wine. 60, Think Bout ... 181, Every Girl (Ft. Gaza Tussan). 182, Duppy ..... 721, Tic Toc. 722, Bike ..... Chain · Magic School Bus Lyrics Vybz Kartel ...
Busy Signal - I Fucked Your Girl lyrics
I Fucked Your Girl lyrics by Busy Signal: [Intro:] / Ah our gal / Oooh, girl sey she like wen di cocky reach har / Girl sey she like it.
Busy Signal - Gyal Yuh Good Lyrics
Gyal Yuh Good lyrics performed by Busy Signal: Tip paw yo toe gwaan bubble fi mi gyal ... All a dem gyal yah love wine paw hood ... Every gyal in a the massage paulo dem good ... Tell dem in a bus or in a car dem good ... One More Night lyrics · Tic Toc lyrics · Step Out lyrics · Da Style Deh lyrics · Praise & Worship lyrics  ...
Black Rhino - Bend Over lyrics
Gyal you two breast dem look nice fi feel up ... Mi buss inna di belly she seh wha dat happen ... She a wine an drop, ... Mi want you fi gwaan tick till you tock ... that you do not have the right to post; Please note: We moderate every meaning.

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