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Mudhoney - Bush Pusherman Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Bush Pusherman' by Mudhoney. Every bone / Deal with grease / Every muscle / Quivers before release / My blood-shot eyes / Scan the road / A ...
Mudhoney - Good Enough Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Good Enough' by Mudhoney: Everybody says You must have lost your head Well, one more time is good enough for me Yeah, one more time is good ...
Mudhoney - Here Comes Sickness Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Here Comes Sickness' by Mudhoney: Shaking her hips Like she's some kinda treat.
Mudhoney - If I Think Lyrics
Lyrics to 'If I Think' by Mudhoney. I forgot how to breathe / I forgot just what I need / Saw the world laid out before me / I saw everything so small / If I.
Mudhoney - March To Fuzz Lyrics
Lyrics to 'March to Fuzz' by Mudhoney. (instrumental)
Mudhoney - The Money Will Roll Right In Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Money Will Roll Right In' by Mudhoney. I'm going to hollywood / They'll see that I'm so good / I won't care how I feel / And I'll get to fuck.
Mudhoney - Ounce Of Deception Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Ounce of Deception' by Mudhoney. I feel unreal / I feel this every day / I steal to feel / And I steal your heart away / You're next / And I sense /
Mudhoney - Blinding Sun Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Blinding Sun' by Mudhoney. We fell asleep on the riverbank one sunny afternoon / We fell asleep on the riverbank one sunny afternoon / Woke with a.
Mudhoney - King Sandbox Lyrics
Lyrics to 'King Sandbox' by Mudhoney. Always wanted more than he needs / He always wanted more than he can take / Always wanted more than he can ...
Mudhoney - Make It Now Again Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Make It Now Again' by Mudhoney. Make a hole / Make it wide / Make a hole / Make it wide / Make it now / Make it now / Make it now / Make it now / I'm.
Mudhoney - A Thousand Forms Of Mind Lyrics
Lyrics to 'A Thousand Forms of Mind' by Mudhoney. This really feels like flying / Am I lighter than air? / Perhaps I'm on the water, floating / God knows this.
Mudhoney - Hate The Police Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hate The Police' by Mudhoney. Mommy, mommy, mommy / Look at your son / You might have loved me / But now I got a gun / You better stay out of my ...
Mudhoney - Into The Drink Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Into The Drink' by Mudhoney. You're messing, baby, messing hard / Messing all the time / Messing, sugar, messing busy / You're messing in my mind /
Mudhoney - Beneath The Valley Of The Underdog Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Beneath The Valley of The Underdog' by Mudhoney. Oh, inside the Catholic seamen's club / Oh, every sailor is sacred / Inside the arcade, right next.
Mudhoney - Suck You Dry Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Suck You Dry' by Mudhoney. Pull yourself together / Take a stab at forever / Relax and let yourself go / Put yourself together / Take a shot at.
Mudhoney - You Got It Lyrics
They say you got it. I'll say you got it. You got it. You got it good. You got it. You can keep it. That's right. I don't want it. You give it away like free samples
Mudhoney - Fix Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Fix Me' by Mudhoney. (Hi, this is Matt Lukin from Mudhoney, and I like to smoke a lot of pot and listen to Black Flag all the time.) / Someday / I'll.
Mudhoney - Let It Slide Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Let It Slide' by Mudhoney. Let it slide / Let it slide / Let it slide / Let it slide / They can make it sound so nice / Everybody's got a price / Ho,
Mudhoney - I Have To Laugh Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Have to Laugh' by Mudhoney. Woke up this morning / I had a laugh / Saw you lying there / I had to laugh / Last night come clear / I had to laugh /
LIL' WYTE LYRICS - Supply & Demand
Lyrics to "Supply & Demand" song by LIL' WYTE: My supply and demand I move dope from my hand to yo hand Call me the pusherman, the pusher p...
Mudhoney - Baby O Baby Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Baby O Baby' by Mudhoney. Baby o baby / Tonight, tonight / Baby o baby / It's right tonight / Baby o baby / Tonight, tonight / It's right tonight /
Mudhoney - This Gift Lyrics
Lyrics to 'This Gift' by Mudhoney. I got something waiting for you, that's right / I got something waiting for you, that's right / Got you crawling up the wall,
Mudhoney - When Tomorrow Hits Lyrics
Lyrics to 'When Tomorrow Hits' by Mudhoney. Laying out on some early acts / Losing your way / Getting way off track / Ain't no stopping / Time from coming /
Mickey Avalon - I Get Even Lyrics
... I don't get mad, I get even I get even, even, even A bird in the bush for the kush in the closet I am the pusher-man, I am the product Searchin' for a new narcotic ...
5, Pusherman. 6, How Long. 7, J&B. 8, Happiness Is Just Around The Bend. 9, Shepherds Bush Market. 10, Whenever You're Ready. 11, Walking On The Moon.
Lyrics to "Push It" song by SALT 'N' PEPA: Ah, push it Ah, push it Oooh, baby, baby Baby, baby Oooh, baby, baby Baby, baby Get up on this! O...
Larry June - Glock 40 Lyrics
Jan 20, 2016 ... without it I'm riding with the whammy, I don't trust nobody I'm the Pusherman I can get it to you Get out the pussy Chopper in the bushes Slide ...
The Crooklyn Dodgers feat. Special Ed, Buckshot and Masta Ace ...
... like Family Sly Peace to C.I. and the Bush Mighty Mateen, Ruck and the Rock giving the push We did it like that and now we do it like this We did it like that and  ...
9, Pusherman. 10, Naked City. 11, If I Ever Lose This Heaven. 12, How Long ... 20, Shepherds Bush Market. 21, If I Ever Lose This Heaven. 22, Everybody Wants  ...
Curtis Mayfield - Love's Sweet Sensation Lyrics
You that bird that's better than two in the bush [You know you talk some mess, don't you] Yummy, yummy, yummy, you're so good to the tummy [Ooh, ha-ha-ha]

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