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Lyrics to "Rise" song by SKILLET: All I see is shattered pieces I can't keep it hidden ... As hope burns, we rise from the ashes! ... I wish you had never been born!
VIRGIN STEELE LYRICS - "Hymns To Victory" (2001) album
Flames Of Thy Power (From Blood They Rise) (Re-Mastered) 2. Through The ... The Burning Of Rome (Cry For Pompeii) (Re-Mastered) 9. I Will ... The Ghost Of Your Yesterday Fear Grips My ... Hope Is Rising With The Sound Of Our Glory We Will See ... Raise My Ashes To The Wind ... Are We Born To Live Again? I'll Never  ...
No life blooms from the ashes of ire ... We're all addicts hooked into a toxic culture ... Then burn the trees to feed our fires. We are ... Pulling teeth again, to pay for all your sins ... That the ghost of the ills of this world will ... Hope for the hopeless, a light in, a light in the dark ... Rise into the light and feel the shackles fade away
THEOCRACY LYRICS - "Ghost Ship" (2016) album
album: "Ghost Ship" (2016). 1. ... The honor to share that cup of shame, we've burned it away ... Some may rise, some may fall, wake the wonder of it all ... Deception falls like ashes from the skies ... Grace has a way of building hope out of despair ... Again We cry. Come and stir the embers [Solo: Val] Falling down below
CAIN'S OFFERING LYRICS - "Stormcrow" (2015) album
1. Stormcrow. Rising from the ashes ... The storm will rise again and. You'll see too ... I'm the ghost of your pride. I am the wight ... Always the silent one, I was born to be undone. So I'll stay ... All that we had and all we hope for. It's time to ... Now days are growing dark and we're too tired to run. Now that ... Burns half as long
SIGH LYRICS - "Hangman's Hymn" (2007) album
Yes, I'll be born again! Born again ... My fate is in ashes. The dreams it ... And then all the blessed are burned and scorched in the searing flames. Live in fame .... Fear in my pain will rise again, insane. The end in flame is what we need! ... Before all my hope in the dark disappears. Visions I ... The ghost that is alive, Alive but ...
EMPEROR LYRICS - "Scattered Ashes - A Decade Of Emperial Wrath"
EMPEROR lyrics - "Scattered Ashes - A Decade Of Emperial Wrath" (2003) album, ... They whip my clenched faces freezing skin with ice-cold burning cuts. .... And if I fall, I will rise... again. .... he accepted desperation and the unpredictable manifestations of hope. .... Servants of God, we will desecrate your coward race
CROWN THE EMPIRE LYRICS - "The Resistance: Rise Of The ...
CROWN THE EMPIRE lyrics - "The Resistance: Rise Of The Runaways" ... We've traded in hope for safety, we're raised in the smoke, ... I am the ghost in the shadows .... There's a maniac within, taking hold of me again ... Then I know I can' t be the only star in the world that's trying to burn. ... We were not born the enemy,
SILENT CIVILIAN LYRICS - "Ghost Stories" (2010) album
And the price we'll pay for the sins at hand. Is impossible ... Suffer the reign, those in defeat will rise again. Will to live is a ... Rise from the ashes the fallen will fight ... This fire burns within our souls. The fear ... I hope it serves you well. Fall, I'm ...
SLAVES LYRICS - "Through Art We Are All Equals" (2014) album
SLAVES lyrics - "Through Art We Are All Equals" (2014) album, including " Starving For Friends", "The Upgrade, Pt. II", "Ashes. Dust. Smoke. ... There's no hope in a city where the vices all turn wild. She can't ... Too many times, I've watched this crash and burn. At the fork .... Still I rise, still I stand, so put the crown in my hand.
DRACONIAN LYRICS - "A Rose For The Apocalypse" (2011) album
chimeras' burning you. In the dark; inside ... born through hollow eyes. Feel the wind .... Ghosts with gentle voices, calling us never to wake, and we see another nation rising from the ashes... Soon to ... And thus we die to flower again ... [Quote is taken from the poem "Unforgotten" by Lawrence Hope (1865-1904)] A rapture ...
WOLFCHANT LYRICS - "Call Of The Black Winds" (2011) album
Black Winds Rising (Prelude) 2. ... Burning fire, burning houses but we ... under Wotans sign we born .... Against bondage, oppression for freedom and hope ... May their ghosts rise again just to frighten those ... ressurrected from the ashes
CAGE LYRICS - "Hell Destroyer" (2007) album
Now the war's coming on again ... Stand by my side as a legend is born tonight! ... We came from the valley below and with our naked eyes ... Rise almighty dark lord for all that is unholy ... Abandon all your hope and courage ye who enter here ..... Locked in the attic and burning the candle, he'll sing of the family ghost
MENDEED LYRICS - "This War Will Last Forever" (2006) album
Holocaust - In the flames of fear burns fantasy, liberty is just another masqueraded lie. ... Guilty of waiting we bond together born to suffer, only those ill fated eyes [can] ... Within this madness we must unite [and] sever the chains of deceit and rise ... we fall our spirits guide us on our way, smash down the walls and rise again, ...
SLAVES LYRICS - "Routine Breathing" (2015) album
SLAVES lyrics - "Routine Breathing" (2015) album, including "If Only We Could Change", "We Are So Michelle ... Burning Our Morals Away 5. ... The ghost of myself ... I can't wait to be born again ... Rise above the ashes .... Searching for hope
HATE ETERNAL LYRICS - "Phoenix Amongst The Ashes" (2011 ...
Born out of exile ... Are we the flock of sheep led to extinction ... Is it the beacon of hope as deemed to some ... Shall I burn in the everlasting fire ... The ghost of the past now awakens ... Phoenix Amongst The Ashes. Rise! Open up the skies. Striketh down upon a thousand ... Once consumed in flames, only now to rise again
WARG LYRICS - "In The Dusk Of Men" (2016) album
Ghosts Of Tomorrow 9. ... In dark time of evil gods I rise (I pray) Easy to take life ... Your sins will not save you, send you straight to the burning hell. We ... My life back again when I saw her face ... There is hope in the call of a merciless pain ... Perpetual darkness as we reach the dusk of men ... New-born strength in your heart
IRON MASK LYRICS - "Shadow Of The Red Baron" (2010) album
6. Black Devil Ship 7. We Will Meet Again ... Die Young 11. Ghost Of The Tzar ... A legion of eagles we're looking for kills ... I hope that I meet him. The best of ... Then mighty Troy was burning down. Once upon ... Legend rising from the ashes
SWALLOW THE SUN LYRICS - "Songs From The North I, II & III ...
For my heart is a light house of burning flame. Straight into ... Built a bridge over this dark world that we have created ... Ghosts and owls wrapped around my neck ... Would you do it again? ... Framed by tears so think from ashes, oil and blood ... I rise like a morning star, strike down the holy ones .... In this land we were born
BLOODBATH LYRICS - "The Fathomless Mastery" (2008) album
The god before all gods must rule again. Internal winter ... Larvae is born within the living ... So I burn. Oh but the devil knows. I shall rise renewed from the ashes of my death ... All hope is slain ... Cursing of the holy ghost ... We are all dying
FREEDOM CALL LYRICS - "Live Invasion" (2004) live
Land Of Light 10. Warriors 11. Shine On 12. Rise Up 13. Hymn To The Brave 14. Warriors ... forever night. We will rise again ... And I saw the rays of light, across the burning sky. When the ... Fires of hope still burn. Arise - God ... The ghosts of Phantagor ... We are warriors, born from the light ... Raise your ashes to the wind -
SABATON LYRICS - "The Art Of War" (2008) album
They are the panzer elite, born to compete, never retreat (ghost division) Leaving our ... Fail never again [Pre-chorus ... We are prepared for war ready to fire. Stand by ... No sign of hope. Victory will .... Burn Burn Rage of the heavens. Burn Burn Death from above. Die Die Merciless ... Rise from the ashes and strike. AA guns ...
EMIL BULLS LYRICS - "Sacrifice To Venus" (2014) album
And burned down all the bridges to my past. You've seen me falling ... We're night's parasites, we were born in the shadows ... We rise when daylight dies. We rise ... Time and Time again. We .... And our hope knows no borders. As long ... You just falling to ashes .... I wanna show you where my ghosts and my demons dwell ...
CARNIFEX LYRICS - "Slow Death" (2016) album
Black Candles Burning 6. ... As sick as our secrets and we're both the same ... Ashes in the wind. I hope my body's never found ... There is ghost haunting the halls of my heart .... Never see the light again ... Rise up from the grave of this empty earth ... Hell born. Dead children from a dead fucking world. We are hell born.
BLIND GUARDIAN LYRICS - "A Twist In The Myth" (2006) album
Rise up my sister. Let's cross ... One more soul to burn ... We are in. Take a breath . But don't forget. It isn't real. It isn't true. An illusion ... You were born in the void .... Arise from the ashes again ... The ghosts arrive. ... Hope shall be your guide
3 LYRICS - "The Ghost You Gave To Me" (2011) album
3 lyrics - "The Ghost You Gave To Me" (2011) album, including "The Barrier", " Only Child", "It's Alive"... ... (We give it all) React (react) – react (react) But I'm not gonna ... Hope is on the rise ... Though the bridge was burned ... Born into the chase .... Brightness falling from the ashes crawling ... Through the orbit once again
BRUCE DICKINSON LYRICS - "Accident Of Birth" (1997) album
The Ghost Of Cain 12. Omega 13. Arc Of ... My star is black and burned ... We are star children - coming out of nowhere and to nowhere return ... Our skeletons rise through the veil of blood ... Say farewell, we may never meet again ... Parody of hope is the one that I must kill ... Vision of a new world from the ashes of the old
VIRGIN STEELE LYRICS - "The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell - Part 2"
Spark the ashes, free the temple, stem the crimson tide. Toll the ... Are we born to live again? I'll never ... Here we ride on wings of fire, for the judgement of the Gods A circle .... Where is the hope of absolution, ... But I will rise again, pierced by the Thorns of Death, ... I see the answer burn in your eyes, across the wasteland,
BATTLELORE LYRICS - "Evernight" (2007) album
... and the pale. The man and the ghost will meet again on the marshes of the old, though silent when it snows ... Welcome your novel light, no more hope or serenity ... The hunger drives them forth, the hunger forever burning ... Born to devour the dark powers ... New creation in our order, we set the dawn and the rise again
DRAKKAR LYRICS - "Run With The Wolf" (2015) album
Rise Of The Dark Lords 2. Under The Banners Of War 3. Run With The Wolf 4. Watcher On The Wall 5. Ride The Storm 6. Burning 7. Southern ... Against the darkness we must be strong ... Is on the hunt once again. We'll ... A bringer of hope ... Destroyer of ghosts .... Korbinite/Asgaridan alliance was born ... Ashes on the sea
BLIND GUARDIAN LYRICS - "Imaginations From The Other Side ...
Born In A Morning Hall 7. Bright ... Will I ever see them back again. Or did they all ... By the old evil ghost ... I hope there is a way back .... But we didn't kill your Christ!! ... Pain inside is rising ... And watch the burning fields get ... Ashes to ashes
CROWN OF THORNS LYRICS - "Eternal Death" (1997) album
But I'm born again now baptised in. Fire - To take ... Beyond the point of no return - I can't go back the bridge is burned ... We are all just born to die - But never living we just survive ... Ashes, dust and darkness ... This ghostsong rings on and on. ... Rise up! - from inside. Of the darkness. Of my heart. The dark disciple of death
ROGUE EMPIRE LYRICS - "Overlord" (2013) album
ROGUE EMPIRE lyrics - "Overlord" (2013) album, including "Divine", "Ghost", " Legion"... ... A grim road of revelation, we ignored 'till we were wrought with privation. ... Rise up before it's too late. ... Be sure your god isn't the same one you pray to before you burn. ... The sun has risen on a new era, and it will never set again.
IRON MAIDEN LYRICS - "The Book Of Souls" (2015) album
Time to speak with the shaman again. Conjure the ... We rise from slumber, he calls our name. Recalls our ... My shooting star—so fast it burns. On the ... Hope you find just what you're looking for ... To rise from ashes of the dead ... That the first born of all men will die ... To ride the storm, they climbed aboard their silver ghost
AZARATH LYRICS - "Blasphemers' Maledictions" (2011) album
... album, including "Harvester Of Flames", "Holy Possession", "Lucifer's Rising"... ... The fire of destruction shall burn all life! ... I am the darkstorm that shallows the sun of hope. ... Nothing but ashes remained inthe soil of the worm-eaten coffins. ... The spirit's born again .... In the insane trance we dwell under the Satan's cross
BRIDGE TO SOLACE LYRICS - "House Of The Dying Sun" (2009 ...
Ghosts And Thieves 8. When There's ... Burn the witches alive. Burn the ... Let the degenerates rise ... Here we go again ... I am the godless creature of dying hope ... As we walk through the ashes of our existence ... Curse the day I was born
LEVEL 10 LYRICS - "Chapter One" (2015) album
All Hope Is Gone 10. Demonized 11. ... You rise upon it with the fire of the sun ... It begins when you were born ... Rising from the ashes ... We will fight, wrong of right ... And the fever burns. That's when I call again .... But there's a ghost in me
AMEDERIA LYRICS - "Sometimes We Have Wings" (2008) album
AMEDERIA lyrics - "Sometimes We Have Wings" (2008) album, including "My Soul", "And So I...", "Cold Emptiness"... ... Where Will be born the moon and dies the sun ... Without hope. ... Like butterfly burns in the flame of the night. Falls and rise again. ... we are ghosts, running into the darkness . ... Leaving only black ashes ...
ATHENA LYRICS - "Twilight Of Days" (2000) album
Falling Ghosts 7. The Highest Tide ... We've no more time to complain, let's unite and fight. No mercy for ... Will my life belong to God or I'll burn in fire? ... I better move if my hope is to live again, I'll sacrifice ... Will the black sun rise again? Will the .... I fear my ashes once again ... I was born to fight, to kill heaven's lord, I'm the ...
ELVENKING LYRICS - "The Pagan Manifesto" (2014) album
Standing by the ghost tree, lumpy, knotty old tree. Tic, Toc, Tic, Toc ... The light of a new day is born ... Legions, like a modern Prometheus we rise from the ashes ... the same again." ... Oh in the name of the burning fire ... Little motives of hope

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