Buried deep within me always in a fever always on my skin while others took the same road lyrics

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MUDVAYNE LYRICS - "The End Of All Things To Come" (2002) album
Middle finger is the flag that I wave when I'm silenced! ... Insult me in my home where you were never invited To live life off your curve, .... I'm planted in this skin (constricting and pulling me). ... Always inside a tragedy (things never seem to go away). ... Perversion of a truth, I'm stuck there inside of lies buried in me, WHY?!
HOZIER - Work Song Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Work Song' by HOZIER: When, my, time comes around / Lord don't forgive me I'd still have my baby.
OPETH LYRICS - "Ghost Reveries" (2005) album
Road into the dark unaware ... Decide what is clear and what's within a haze ... Feasting on buried dreams ... You would inflict no harm to others ... Drown in the deep mire ... While I'd ruin the obstacles into despair. And I'm ... Rising moon and my skin is peeling ... And the fever that's been haunting me ... I guess I'll always be
COMMUNIC LYRICS - "The Bottom Deep" (2011) album
My Fallen 7. Destroyer Of Bloodlines 8. Wayward Soul 9. The Bottom Deep 10. In Union ... I now feel connected while in your garden. Is there a king of ... Always a peace within me. Through ... Bones buried, hidden by earth ... Burn my skin, pull out my nails ... I'm lost with fever ... How many dreams, I have chased on my road
WILDERUN LYRICS - "Olden Tales & Deathly Trails" (2012) album
The key had always been my treasure. While the ... The forest looks straight through the lies I've kept inside. Open your ... my grasp. Will its flames still remain, when illusions of light fade so fast? ... Cause for today, the road of frozen starlight I've begun ... Carve the fire into your skin ... But his heart is buried deep in his eyes
CYCLONE TEMPLE LYRICS - "I Hate Therefore I Am" (1991) album
Why should I speak when no one ever listens to me. Inside I die misery my only friend ... Why did he snap Why did he kill He was always the perfect child ... You' re the same old song and dance ... Never will I ever walk this road again .... Buried alive and no one hears you scream ... Deep down inside me burns the rage ...
DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN LYRICS - "Ire Works" (2007) album
We will always cross your mind ... You've walked on your burial ground ... With honey porcelain skin and crystal baby blues ... Barricade the door you can hold my hand for comfort when you fall ... Got so much salt from your lies poured into me ... heart was trying to bleed and you're taking the right road if you're talking to me
PORCUPINE TREE LYRICS - "In Absentia" (2002) album
It's so erotic when your make up runs. I got wiring ... A few minutes with me inside my van ... Always the summers are slipping away ... Touching your oil skin ... They took my money and I lost my faith ... Hissing from the road ... The fever pushing the day by ... Buried in green ... Big sleeper, your deeper, too deep for me yeah
LITA FORD LYRICS - "Living Like A Runaway" (2012) album
I don't wanna hear you screaming my name. I'm so tired of playing the same old game ... Yeah you left your mark on me. That you ... I took a little ride ... Your love was just skin deep ... I will never know what's buried inside ... You can never stay when you're living like a runaway. ... Just know you'll always have your mother
LEVEL 10 LYRICS - "Chapter One" (2015) album
When The Nighttime Comes 4. One Way ... And the book of death buried needs in sand. Rising up from the dark. All alone walking that lonely road. Soul of a ... Deep down in your soul ... Let me give you my device ... And the fever burns ... He took your chance ... Tie the knots inside .... Always lost in lust ... I shed my skin
IRON MAIDEN LYRICS - "Fear Of The Dark" (1992) album
The serpent is crawling inside of your ear. He says must ... But when she was walking on down the road ... They'd always take the line... from here to eternity ... The desert sand mound a burial ground ... And we know deep down there's no other way ... We live our lives in fever ... I carefully picked my time then took the wall
LIGHT THIS CITY LYRICS - "Stormchaser" (2008) album
... a while. I've grown so tired of the same damn crises. ... I'm going to chase it til it breaks me, not giving up until I get inside. ... I live this life always running to keep up, ... other times, it feels as if my body's being dragged. ... their skin becomes dry and cracked, ... When heroes turn to cowards, you start to resent your dreams.

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