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K-CI & JOJO LYRICS - You Bring Me Up
Lyrics to "You Bring Me Up" song by K-CI & JOJO: Isn't it funny The things you said and done to me But now Lady I ... Girl you promise you never let me down
K-Ci & JoJo - You Bring Me Up Lyrics
Lyrics to 'You Bring Me Up' by K-Ci & JoJo. Doggin' em / Hah ah uh ah uh / Here We Go / I bring you up and then you bring me down / Now how you gonna ...
K-CI & JOJO LYRICS - Lay You Down
Lyrics to "Lay You Down" song by K-CI & JOJO: I want to lay you down And make love You don't have to say a word Just get pick up Girl it don't mat...
JOJO LYRICS - The High Road
Though it may seem far. I'm gonna keep preaching. When life gets too hard. Not gonna let you bring me down. I'll take the high road. I'm gonna keep climbing
K-Ci & JoJo - You Bring Me Up lyrics
Lyrics for You Bring Me Up by K-Ci & JoJo. ... me But I found out that you were lyin' all the time You pick me up You bring me down When I thought I found in you , ...
K-Ci & JoJo - You Bring Me Up (feat. Snoop Doggy Dog) lyrics ...
Lyrics for You Bring Me Up (feat. Snoop Doggy Dog) by K-Ci & JoJo. ... were lyin' all the time You pick me up You bring me down When I thought I found in you, ...
JoJo - Touch Down (Flippers Up) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Touch Down (Flippers Up)' by JoJo. Listen... / Bass drum hittin hard ... Touch down touch down take em to the ground. Touch down all the way down to  ...
K-Ci & Jojo - You Bring Me Up lyrics
You Bring Me Up lyrics by K-ci & Jojo: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah / Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh (repeat) / Yo, jojo / Isn't it funny / The. ... Highlight lyrics and explain them to earn Karma points. K-ci & Jojo – You Bring Me Up lyrics. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, ... Girl you promised that you'd never let me down. And now you're not ...
JOJO LYRICS - Before We Take It There
Lyrics to "Before We Take It There" song by JOJO: Boy there's something special ... Would you still bring me flowers if you get it? ... Before we lay it down tonight
Lyrics to "Let It Rain" song by JOJO: Let it rain Let it rain From the first day I met ya I notice your style Had that B-Boy ... Let love rain down on me (let it rain)
K-CI & JOJO LYRICS - All My Life
Lyrics to "All My Life" song by K-CI & JOJO: I will never find another lover ... You picked me up when I was down and I hope that you feel the same way too,
song by JOJO: Sweetie I don't want your cookies If you're looking for applause, keep ... If you had 'em you would sink to the bottom. You should bring your life jacket ... I been down in the trenches, you should know but you don't pay attention
JoJo - High Road Lyrics
I'm gonna keep preachin' Even when life seems hard. Not gonna let you bring me down. I'm gonna take the high road. I'm gonna keep climbin' Till I see the top
JOJO LYRICS - Last Heart Standing
Lyrics to "Last Heart Standing" song by JOJO: You think you'll wear me down, eh ? You think I'll fall ... You won't bring me down to my knees. I'm gonna be the ...
JOJO LYRICS - 25 To Life
Lyrics to "25 To Life" song by JOJO: Ooo tell me if you want me to say whats on my mind baby I can't keep it to ... Take me down or take me now. Lock me up or lock me down ... and put me on the stand and I'll tell them you're the main man
K-Ci & JoJo - Down 4 Life Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Down 4 Life' by K-Ci & JoJo. I've been lookin? at a photograph of the ... K-Ci & JoJo - You Bring Me Up (Remix) Music Video. You Bring Me Up (Remix).
JOJO LYRICS - Baby It's You (Remix)
Let's go Yeah Bow Wow Remix Jojo Let's go Sing to em' bab... ... And she get down chick. And she ... The type of girl you bring back home just ta meet your mum
JOJO LYRICS - Coming For You
Lyrics to "Coming For You" song by JOJO: Ooh Ooh, for you I had a change of heart But don't know where ... I'm breakin down, I just can't take it anymore, oh no
JOJO LYRICS - Too Little, Too Late
Lyrics to "Too Little, Too Late" song by JOJO: Come with me Stay the night You say the words but boy it don't feel right What do ya expect ... So let me on down
JOJO LYRICS - Like This.
Lyrics to "Like This." song by JOJO: Down, down, down, down, down Down, down , down, down, down He told me that he like this, he like thi...
JOJO LYRICS - Disaster
Lyrics to "Disaster" song by JOJO: I'm trying not to pretend, It won't happen again and again like that. ... 'Cause the walls burned up and our love fell down,
Get It Poppin' Lyrics - JoJo
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Get It Poppin'" from "JoJo": And the beat goes ... And when the club close down and it's time to go ... Oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-oh (Get it poppin, keep it hot, bring the record in the parkin lot) I see all them people in line.
JOJO LYRICS - Thinking Out Loud
Lyrics to "Thinking Out Loud" song by JOJO: We had a meeting at the farmer's market And talked over a bottle of wine A ... But my feelings keep pulling me down
Chuck Berry - Jo Jo Gunne Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Jo Jo Gunne' by Chuck Berry. It was in ... Old Leo the lion came down from the mountain. To get a drink ... Tryin' to make it in time, just to see them fight
Lyrics to "Boomerang" song by JOJO SIWA: I don't really care about what they say I'mma come back like a boomerang Won't let the haters get th...
Lyrics to "Breezy" song by JOJO: Are you ready? Are you ready? I get shoppin sprees ... Let me break it down, break it down. I got it on lock and. I think you better ...
K-CI & JOJO LYRICS - What Goes Around
Lyrics to "What Goes Around" song by K-CI & JOJO: What goes around, comes back around Although you travel, you just can't keep going down What goes ar... ... Uh 'cause when you come, bring you to your knees. [Chorus:] What goes ...
K-Ci & JoJo - Lay You Down Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lay You Down' by K-Ci & JoJo. ... Submit them for us? Submit lyrics. Song Discussions is ... K-Ci & JoJo - You Bring Me Up Music Video. You Bring Me ...
Last Heart Standing Lyrics - JoJo
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Last Heart Standing" from "JoJo": And you'll see I won't go down so easy, you won't bring me down to my knees, I'm gonna be ...
JoJo - Touch Down Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Touch Down' by JoJo. takin to the top, touch down touch down takin to the ground, touchdown, all the way you down to the ground / flip us up,
JoJo - Not That Kinda Girl Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Not That Kinda Girl' by JoJo. Yeah-eahhh, hmmmm ... JoJo Lyrics. Overview / Lyrics (see all) ... And how you get down. No drama. Money in the bank
JOJO LYRICS - Billions
Lyrics to "Billions" song by JOJO: 3:30 in the morning time Watching my lover sleep With my ... And I'm so used to being so high up you can't just talk me down
JoJo - Disaster Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Disaster' by JoJo: Now you're walking away and leaving me here to stay Wait for you to realize All ... 'Cause the walls burned up and our love fell down
JOJO LYRICS - Why Didn't You Call
Lyrics to "Why Didn't You Call" song by JOJO: I can't believe I'm all Alone Especially cause it's friday night, ... Especially cause it's friday night, I had things to do but I brushed them off to Be with you ... Break it down for me, Why didn't you call
JOJO LYRICS - How To Touch A Girl
Lyrics to "How To Touch A Girl" song by JOJO: Mmm I think I could like you I already do Feelings can grow but ... Deep down inside ... Bring me some flowers
[Intro: Romeo] Its another R.O. [Hook x2: Jojo] Play another slow jam. This time make it sweet. On a slow jam for my baby. And for me [Verse: Romeo] Imma set ...
Mirror, mirror on the wall. You seem to think you know it all. Why do, why do I believe? You tear me down just to laugh. But if I break your shining glass. I'll just  ...
2PAC LYRICS - How Do You Want It
"How Do You Want It" (feat. K-Ci and JoJo) ... Up and down like a roller coaster. I' m up inside ya, I ain't ... And then I'm chillin' fade 'em all. These taxes got me ...
Lyrics to "See Saw" song by JOJO: Sometimes you love me Like a good boy oughta Sometimes you hurt me so bad ... Going up (up) and down (down) all around
JOJO LYRICS - Boy Without A Heart
Lyrics to "Boy Without A Heart" song by JOJO: I love a boy without a heart. I'm but a ... JOJO LYRICS. "Boy Without A ... I just need ta, I just need ta calm down.

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