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Bounty Killer - Fed Up Lyrics
[Intro] Well this one reaching out to all the leaders, and the media, Well this is Rodney Price aka Bounty Kiler, The leader for Poor People Government. [Chorus ]
T.O.K. - Man Ah Bad Man (feat. Bounty Killer) Lyrics
Lyrics for Man Ah Bad Man (feat. Bounty Killer) by T.O.K.. Bounty Killer Huh! Ay yo yallo! You know we need no promo to rub out dem homo In slomo, hu...
Bounty Killer - Anytime Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Anytime' by Bounty Killer: Never let your problems get you down, gotta stay focused and hold your ground, though it seems hopeless, there is no.
Bounty Killer - Coppershot Lyrics
One, two, three, four... Pull out! Oh God guns out me a tell you bad bwoy dont fret and frown de original Bounty Killer all informer fi dead. We dont fret and frown ...
Bounty Killer - Another Level Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Another Level' by Bounty Killer. Verse 1: / Bounty Killer giving yuh originality / Buss a shot if yuh respect and love di quality / Listen good and.
Bounty Killer - Hip-hopera Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hip-hopera' by Bounty Killer. / Yeah, yeah yeah / Well talk well if you vex , try and jump in a mi chest, you Mr. Punk, / Well come and do your next.
Bounty Killer - Sufferer Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sufferer' by Bounty Killer. Huh, leaders listen to these words I'm utterin' / Firmly, I ain't stutterin' / Look around can't you see my people.
Bounty Killer - Look Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Look' by Bounty Killer. People A Dead That's What I Said The Crime Must Be Led The Hungry Must Be / Fed Hey Yo Galore I'm Looking Through All ...
Bounty Killer - Cellular Phone lyrics
Lyrics for Cellular Phone by Bounty Killer. Lawd-a-mercy A need to mek a special call, han me di telephone An when mi call, me cyaa get no dial tone ...
Bulletproof Skin [Beenie Man Diss] Lyrics - Bounty Killer
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Bulletproof Skin [Beenie Man Diss]" from "Bounty Killer": huh it was not di ghetto rebel who moved his madda, from one address ...
Bounty Killer - Gangster Love Lyrics
May 21, 2014 Lyrics for Gangster Love by Bounty Killer. She say that she's leaving, because I'm hot and deceiving (I don't know why) She's leaving...
Bounty Killer - Worthless Bwoy Lyrics
Lyrics for Worthless Bwoy by Bounty Killer. Intro: Hayyy! Somebaddi say suppen bout tyad Yuh reddy fi hear how di gal dem a say some ...
Bounty Killer - Eagle And The Hawk Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Eagle And The Hawk' by Bounty Killer. Intro: / Hay Yow! Mr Fassy / Cause yuh should be happy to see others happy / We gonna start this and sell a.
Bounty Killer - Down In The Ghetto Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Down In The Ghetto' by Bounty Killer. My pocket is week, my heart is willing / Ah want a pound a rice, but can't find a shillin / Can't buy the.
Bounty Killer - Killa Is A Killa Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Killa Is A Killa' by Bounty Killer. Teflon mek dem jump, blue steal mek dem bawl, yallo / And when dem hide my gunshot blow dem through di wall, well.
Busy Signal - Summn' a Guh Gwaan (feat. Bounty Killer) lyrics ...
Lyrics for Summn' a Guh Gwaan (feat. Bounty Killer) by Busy Signal. [feat. Bounty Killer] It na guh pretty because the big guy na give a yout a helping under it na ...
Bounty Killer - Smoke Clears Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Smoke Clears' by Bounty Killer. Intro: / BountyKiller: You know it's Warlord and Wayne Marshall / Wayne Marshall: true true true, Wooo ooooh oooh /
[Intro:] PARTY TIME!!! [Elephant Man:] This-this-this is how we this is how we do it (Do it) Mashin up di place anytime we run through it [Bounty Killer:] This is how ...
Bounty Killer - Request Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Request' by Bounty Killer. Cho / Gal a send request, / Call up mi name inna foreign press, / A nuff tell them friend, nuff a them confess, / Haffi.
Bounty Killer - Warlord Nuh Business Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Warlord Nuh Business' by Bounty Killer: Let dem know di best business in di mind of business Is to mind yuh own business and mek some people.
Bounty Killer - Tune In Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Tune In' by Bounty Killer. Intro : / Bounty / This is more than a rhyme, this is a crime / Come to dis my sound yuh on the wrong line / Sugar Minott.
Bounty Killer - Gun Down Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Gun Down' by Bounty Killer. Intro / Lawd-a-mercy / Well di 45 in concert dem soil gunman shirt it jus can't work / Lawd-a-mercy / Well me warn him.
Bounty Killer - It's A Party Lyrics
Intro:[Wyclef] Is it soft? Is it soft? Coco be , R&R And Bounty Killer Refugees Productions Black John on the Sound c'mon Let's Run. Chorus: [Nona] It's A Party  ...
Bounty Killer - Mr Wanna Be Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Mr Wanna Be' by Bounty Killer. Hey Yo! Can't you see / Everybody wanna be / Crying to be / Dying to be / Trying to be / Can't you see? / You can't.
Bounty Killer - Reggae Starz Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Reggae Starz' by Bounty Killer. Intro / Hey Yow Yallo / Poor People I've see no improvement / Over the years with these guys and their movement / hey.
Khaki Suit lyrics and translation - Damian Marley feat. Bounty Killer ...
Lyrics and translation for Khaki Suit by Damian Marley feat. Bounty Killer & Eek-A -Mouse. Well a me name Jr.Gong Me seh look how mi natty tall Who nuh know ...
Bounty Killer - Cry For, Lie For Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Cry For, Lie For' by Bounty Killer. Intro: / A who di gal dem a cry for / Scare Dem, Monster Shack just as dat / Angel Doolas, sexy body gal are here.
Bounty Killer - Warlord Walk Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Warlord Walk' by Bounty Killer: Nuh bwoy can chat when di Warlord walk Fool caan chart when di Warlord talk Place lock dun when di Warlord rock ...
Bounty Killer Lyrics
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Bounty Killer - Deadly Zone Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Deadly Zone' by Bounty Killer. / Yo hear my gat blow, make you spit out crack / The actual, that brand new six that you couldn't seem to whip /
BEENIE MAN LYRICS - Nah Talk Too Long (Bounty Killer Diss)
Lyrics to "Nah Talk Too Long (Bounty Killer Diss)" song by BEENIE MAN: Yuh know dem fraid of me Cause dem check sey mi a go sey sumpn Seanizzle yuh ...
Bounty Killer - Woman A Trail Mi Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Woman A Trail Mi' by Bounty Killer. Aye yow / See di gal dem arrive / inna overdrive / want to be ma bride / Aye yow / di gal dem come a mi flee.
Tanya Stephens - Cry & Bawl (feat. Bounty Killer) lyrics
Lyrics for Cry & Bawl (feat. Bounty Killer) by Tanya Stephens. Intro Check one time no crime I hope this gal can pay the fine... right Gal a cry and bawl fi the ...
Bounty Killer - Benz And Bimmer Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Benz And Bimmer' by Bounty Killer. Intro: / Comeen like some Benz some Lexus and some bimmer / and the jeep weh dem call Omega / The gal sey  ...
Bounty Killer feat. Barrington Levy - Living Dangerously lyrics ...
Lyrics for Living Dangerously by Bounty Killer feat. Barrington Levy. Lawd a mercy Lawd a mercy Lawd a mercy (Oooh who) Man a cerasee (Yeah) Umman yuh ...
Bounty Killer - Hype Life Lyrics
Well this is awkward. We don't have these lyrics yet. Care to add them? Submit lyrics. Song Discussions is protected by U.S. Patent 9401941. Other patents ...
No Doubt feat. Bounty Killer - Hey Baby Lyrics
Lyrics for Hey Baby by No Doubt feat. Bounty Killer. Hey baby, hey baby I'm the kinda girl that hangs with the guys Like a fly on the wall with...
Bounty Killer - Can't Believe Mi Eyes lyrics
Can't Believe Mi Eyes lyrics by Bounty Killer: Intro: / Mi nuh know how dem man yah fi talk bout dem a run di place an how dem a badman / A.
Bounty Killer - Been Bad Lyrics
Bounty Killer - Hip Hopera Music Video. Hip Hopera · Bounty Killer - Bounty Killer - Gun Down Lyrics Lyric Video. Bounty Killer - Gun Down Lyrics · Bounty Killer ...
Summer Breezin' (Feat. Bounty Killer) Lyrics - Diana King
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Summer Breezin' (Feat. Bounty Killer)" from "Diana King": Intro, Brand new one on the radio, Just play me in a stereo, (summer ...

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