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Flo Rida - Roll Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Roll' by Flo Rida. Gon' gamble with it, show me I'm da man (man) / Shake it on da flo', like dice pon' ya hand / Lemme see dat ass roll, roll, roll,
Z-RO LYRICS - For My Gangsta's
They better mind, cause I'll whoop me a woman ass nigga real quick. Plus I got niggaz on the ... I'ma keep these hoods on fire, get rotation like tires. Gotta show love to my ... This one for my gangstas, rolling on 4's. Sipping promethazyne, and  ...
Let's roll. About to have a little redneck throwdown. Mud trucks with them big ass tires. So kick back if you ... Keep the red, white, and blue flying high in the sky. Double barrel in the ... All them country girls they like to ride up in the sky. Got some ...
SIR MIX-A-LOT LYRICS - Posse On Broadway
The freaks a need a sunroof, to keep you sucka's trippin'- Everybody's lookin, if ... we're gettin' good grip from the 50 series tires- the Alpine's ... we're rollin' Rainier, and the jealous wanna get some- Every time we ... Maharaji's on the def side dancin' like a freak- the girlies see his booty and their knees get weak- Larry is the ...
Better hold on a little tighter here I go. Flows tighter ... So ya better get lower than Flo-Rida inside of a lowrider with no tires in the hole ... Ya need to stop drop and roll cause when you say the shit to get the whole hip hop shop the blow ... Salivas like sufiric acid in your hand itll eat through anything metal the ass of iron man
Then yo yo, there she was, très bon booty [French] Like Beyoncé no fiancé, let's keep in touch. I wanted to ... Bitch, you get rotated through every crew like a tire from BF Goodridge Cause you ... Yeah, I'm tryin to roll yo shit, nigga. On the real ...
Lyrics to "Zoom" song by LIL BOOSIE: Lil Boosie bad ass Yung Joc we got a hit let's go baby Everybody like Zoom zoom zoom zoom zoo... ... 760 parna Crispy Cream on the tire smoke that fire purple cush by the pound ask my dog ... rolling through the bottom all the kids hollin ... I keep them beams for them hoes sell 'em  ...
Turk - Freak Da Hoes Lyrics
I gotta lotta ones and I'm looking for the strippers / One could roll around the pole and make me open up my zipper / See ... Them dollas keep droppin' ... I don't ride natural ride twenty-inch tires ... Do like my nigga now and back that ass up
Now you rolling with some big boys, baby. Got a lot you wanna ... Work that butt til I tire out. Roll that weed ... If they're not down, better keep em out. Ex-man ...
CRIME MOB LYRICS - Rock Yo Hips (Remix)
Lyrics to "Rock Yo Hips (Remix)" song by CRIME MOB: I like it when she Rock ... Shawty do she feel me on the base line she bounced that ass like she lost her ... she pop and roll i was like damn it mouth work so good man shawty need (?) and ... like mike lari yall meen tire yall team liars drizzle in the building yall seen fire
D12 LYRICS - Purple Pills
To roll up on you like Christopher Reeves I can't ... Not weed I meant coke dumb ass sit down. We don't bullshit, ... Get her ass on the couch 'fore she crashes out
B.O.B LYRICS - HeadBand
She head down, booty poppin' in a handstand. I shine bright, I'll give your girl a slight tan. I make that pussy whistle like the Old Spice man. I don't even ...
JUSTIN MOORE LYRICS - Lettin' The Night Roll
Lyrics to "Lettin' The Night Roll" song by JUSTIN MOORE: That water tower's got the sun going down behind it ... Baby keep on keep on swaying to the backbeat
At her house, rolling up in her boy shorts, my mafia bitch. Plotting up ... So you liable to see her with me, my pockets fat, my tires skinny. Loud pack ... I keep it capital G apostrophe D Going hard, making it look easy. Cause when I do what it do, I do it like I'm doing it for TV ... Diamonds on, diamonds off, shawty ass kinda soft
She got me feelin like a child bein Catechized And I don't mean ... Baby hold up just a second u told me ... While I'm grippin grabbin ya butt skirt hikin with no hut
UGK - Front, Back & Side To Side (explicit) Lyrics
I got them sixteen switches like Dre Cos where I'm from ... I hit the corner one more time to see the booty from behind. Got to the corner, ... And these tires keep on turning. I be rolling ... It's the tough boy, boulevard niggas, rolling around tan up
Racks on racks on racks (racks), nigga ain't even tryna hold baaaack [YC] Still fresh ... Hatin ass niggaz just wishin they were me -- YC, YC, YC Way too ... Bitch I hit one button, my roof open like a hard spot (Daaaaaamn!) Make me ... I roll one and roll another one bigger ... With the grill in the front, (Wood Wheel) in the plush
SIR MIX-A-LOT LYRICS - Buckin' My Horse
Buckin my horse, giddy up (rollin down the Boulevard) Buckin my horse, giddy ... Keep player hatin and watch the ass drop [car door slams and tires skid] [Verse 2] I gotta get an ... Buckin this horse like a baller, black top slaughter. Makin these ...
(why you do me like that) Cuz bitch you beneath me like a coaster. I den been in ... to keep hoes they fuss alot. I don't trust alot, not ... broke roll just to test em, you fall they ain't gone ... Pass and laugh. Every nite I'm wasted girl showin ma ass
Machetti have ya ass running like diarrhea ... Look dis could be da boy dat if you only keep it coo nigga act like you growing steady ... This is not a game this is not a test slow ya roll fo' you be laid to rest ... Cut your break line slash ya back tire
I peep these niggaz out here they slipping like they ain't bout ... I'm on, I am just in different climates, ducking the animal keep on running wit ... Sweet potato ass nigga, you lemon merangue, apple custard, cherry jelly ... Put ya feet down and ya nuts on the concrete and lets roll ... I tie his body in sheets, put the tires to him
THE LACS LYRICS - Kickin' Up Mud
Lyrics to "Kickin' Up Mud" song by THE LACS: Kickin' up mud I'm just a country boy With a big ole truck The only way I ride I keep it jacked u... ... And if you don't like it then. Y'all can kiss my country ass ... Kickin' up mud in my 4 wheel drive
Yeah, roll another one cause I'm winning. In my four door ... Money getting long, pussy rate keep rising. Versace ... I like clubs where all the women working naked. Fell in love ... Unless it's ass in a thong, hit that ass and I'm gone. Disrespect ...
You think I'm like them other niggaz, I just wanna fuck. But I like to get ... I throw your ass in the trunk with a bag of rats. Drop you off ... like Mariah Get a grip on my bumper, rub your clit on my tire ... Pimp game, now it's time to roll. And take my ...
In my paint wet dripping shining like my 24's (umbrella) I don't ... I'm rolling in that same whip that my granddad had ... Tires with the spokes on it and the Vogues, too. Mustard and mayonnaise, keeping the buns ... Slap her booty with my palms
3 wheel ride with the tire in the middle. Its Fresh and stunna and we like brothers, We shine like paint daddy ... Turn around and sit it down and let em' bite ya butt. See, the steering ... the rims keep spinning every time I stop. I got a superman ...
I guess it was meant to be like passing Beyonce a Tic-Tac And that ain't a diss, this .... All the times I wanted her black ass dead, you wouldn't take her. Don't do it now, .... Like a nigga stand on his own two and hold it down. But it's realer than ...
JUVENILE LYRICS - Juvenile On Fire
... Let's say I'm in a room with a bitch And the hoe don't wanna fuck Like a man I'm a beat my meat And... ... Cause I don't want your ass ... Like magic on his tires
Lil Boosie feat. Mouse & Lil' Phat - Top Notch lyrics and translation ...
[Chorus:] Top notch whips that's What I drive 24 inches rims & tires Hatin ass ... on that good drank from texas Got everybody lookin' like a nigga butt naked Please ... don't keep it on the D-Low Trill ENT yeah nigga know how we roll [ Chorus].
Take you on Jerry Springer and beat your ass legally ... And drink, jump behind the wheel like it was still legal ... Jumped behind the door, put the orgy on hold
Always asked to give me some livin life like a bum. Times is rough, my ... You shouldn't hold that against me though (Why not?) Why not? My music's all ... That must be why you can't get your ass up out the bed before three. You need to git up, ...
Sir Mixalot - My Posse's On Broadway Lyrics
I'm freakin each sunroof to keep you suckas trippin. Everybody's ... The AMG kip keeps us closa to the ground. We're gettin good grip from the 50 series tires ... Ahhhh rollin in my posse was getin kinda bored ... We don't walk around like criminals or flex like big gorillas ... The girlies see his booty and their knees get weak
Switch it, snap it, rollin your eyes and neck. You better run a check ... [Ice] Cause big dicks up yo ass is bad for yo health [Hook] ... Will I shoot or keep you guessin. Cause fuck you ... At a time like this, pop the coochie and ya dead. The bitch is a  ...
R. Kelly - Pregnant Lyrics
Until I met this girl in the club with an unbelievable booty. The sweetest girl in the world and I mean it and on top of that she's a cutie. I ain't seen nothin' like her ...
Big trunk rears rolling over ditches. And PBR cans ... Hold up, Keep your doors in. Fuck man ... Looking at this shit, it's like click to a light switch. Out to my old ... Tire treads on them gravel roads. Old school ... To the butt, nothing goes to waste
J. COLE LYRICS - Villuminati
Sometimes I brag like Hov', sometimes I'm real like Pac ... If you want to get fucked in the ass ... I'm tryna keep my homie from throwing crack in the skully
THE LACS LYRICS - She's Runnin'
Now I'm sittin here lookin like a fool, singin. I stumbled on in around about four and ... If I catch her alone, I'm whoopin her ass. She's runnin with a piece of my ...
Lil Wayne - Haters Lyrics
Skinny tires on a salad diet. Ooh, I lost my mind, I'm like fuck everybody. Yeah, I lost my mind, but I got ... I make her come to the condo butt naked. Cause bitch ain't no stealin' ... I keep some cocaine on me for the bitches. And this AK is not for ...
Like caprese and with the basil. Not goofy like darren or hazel ... Stuck in your ass. Is an electrician" Like a ... Put armor all up on your tire. Sport that fresh attire
TWISTA LYRICS - Get It How You Live
Rolling with the Gs and the Foes and the Souls With two bitches ... Tires on shine, rims on gloss. When it come ... My flow will make your booty move, like a house track. Have 'em at ... keep on talking that you're not hate around your committee

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