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Blitzkid - She Dominates Lyrics
Lyrics to 'She Dominates' by Blitzkid. Seduction places me in line, revealed to a submissive side. / A crack of her whip is fine, latex rubber and blind eyes /
Blitzkid - Love Like Blood Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Love Like Blood' by Blitzkid. Emptiness wells up from my insides / Memories are fading with the dimming of the lights / Alone with the things you've.
Blitzkid - Head Over Hills Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Head Over Hills' by Blitzkid. Don't lose your head / Don't lose your head / Don't lose your head / Don't lose your head / Ride with me tonight /
Blitzkid - Pretty In A Casket Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Pretty In A Casket' by Blitzkid. Poor little Charlotte's not so pretty anymore, / Her beauty has corroded into a corpse, / The cops don't wanna know.
Blitzkid - My Dying Bride Lyrics
Lyrics to 'My Dying Bride' by Blitzkid: That fights against the nature of the bloodlust I hide. But in the pulse of nature, I feel the pulsin' in my brain,
Blitzkid - Lupen Tooth Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lupen Tooth' by Blitzkid. Of wolven breed I am and this creature am I / We're drawing down the moon asunder crimson skies / Bereft with lust for the.
Blitzkid - Teenage Necrophilian Love Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Teenage Necrophilian Love' by Blitzkid. (intro) / This is a song / For all you love birds out there / So what I you to do is / Grab the one your.
Blitzkid - She Wolf Lyrics
Lyrics to 'She Wolf' by Blitzkid. She Wolf, she came around / One winter to my town / She hid her fangs so well. / No presence of a tail. / She Wolf, she made.
Blitzkid - The Pumpkinpatch Murders Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Pumpkinpatch Murders' by Blitzkid. Out here in the pumpkinpatch beneath the dirt I hide / To kill unknowing farmers and to strip them of their.
Blitzkid - Hellraiser Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hellraiser' by Blitzkid. We are the souls mankind has forgotten, / We are the creatures gone raving mad / We are the living dead spoke of in legend,
Blitzkid - Let's Go To The Cemetery Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Let's Go To The Cemetery' by Blitzkid. I dont know why she goes / Its been this way for years and nobody knows / I'm not going to try to find out why.
Blitzkid - They Come Lyrics
Lyrics to 'They Come' by Blitzkid. Descend upon the black night with deadly intentions / No light's left in the eyes of these expired henchmen / Beckoned back.
Blitzkid - Slayera Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Slayera' by Blitzkid. Nighttime eclipses the sun / A blackened veil allowing her to mourn / Behind empty stoic eyes / And cold crimson lips that.
Blitzkid - The Torn Prince Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Torn Prince' by Blitzkid. Long nights / Inside my chamber / Seeking your soft, slender arms. / Begging for mercy. / I died / in a car crash that.
Blitzkid - En Infinitus Sleepus (Lullaby) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'En Infinitus Sleepus (Lullaby)' by Blitzkid. Late at night I choose to live again, my friend / Invading all your dreams. / Planting the seeds of fear.
Blitzkid - Dying Day Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Dying Day' by Blitzkid. Tonight the reaper mows for me / In the grip of suicide / Cold steel rests upon my flesh / Running red drips from the blade /
Blitzkid - The Fog Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Fog' by Blitzkid. Way past dusk, the sky is fallin' / Far off you can see it comin' / Myst creepin' in, starts to rise, / Visions gone we're.
Blitzkid - Reanimated Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Reanimated' by Blitzkid. Reanimated! / Here i am, / her animated piece of flesh for you / My limbs don't work, / i fall down I dont know what to do.
Blitzkid - The Howling Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Howling' by Blitzkid. (Intro) / Can you hear them calling in the dark? / A savage pack that grows hungry, / Half human half wolf beings ready to.
Blitzkid - Hate You Better Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hate You Better' by Blitzkid. I hate redneck fucks and redneck fucks hate me / I hate redneck fucks and redneck fucks hate me / They stare at me,
Blitzkid - My Bloody Valentine Lyrics
Lyrics to 'My Bloody Valentine' by Blitzkid. I've got a present for you, open it carefully, / Go ahead darling take you time. / And as you're wondering I grab.
Blitzkid - Nosferatu Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Nosferatu' by Blitzkid. Long black coat and fingernails, / The size of fucking trees. / My head is bald, my ears they point, / Just like my fucking.
Blitzkid - Slaughter At The Sock Hop Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Slaughter At The Sock Hop' by Blitzkid. Nobody knew it happened at the high school dance, / That night when little Blitzkid snapped / He'd had enough.
Blitzkid - The Trunk Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Trunk' by Blitzkid. I guess the time has come for me / to leave you darling. / The road is up ahead / while you're kept in this trunk behind. / I.
Blitzkid - Hopeless Night Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hopeless Night' by Blitzkid. Sitting in this room / as the fan hums away / with an incessant chatter / like the humming in my brain. / Head between.
Blitzkid - Deadhouse Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Deadhouse' by Blitzkid. Up there by the Lonesome Pine is where you will find / Two stories of abandonment and somethin bad inside / Outside by the.
Blitzkid - Among The Dead Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Among The Dead' by Blitzkid. Up in the distance, stands a grove of trees There are undead there i want their disease / i want to be among the dead.
Blitzkid - Candyman Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Candyman' by Blitzkid. Look into the mirror where the secret lies / Just turn the lights down low and say it five times / From the spirit world comes.
Blitzkid - Return To The Living Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Return To The Living' by Blitzkid. I could keep you here with me inside this crowded tomb. / though such a pretty girl dont deserve to become worm.
Blitzkid - Making A Monster Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Making A Monster' by Blitzkid. Born into this world the sum parts of a man / Created through experiments from scientific hands / And though I live.
Blitzkid - Motel Hell Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Motel Hell' by Blitzkid. Come on out to a Motel Hell / Where the folks'll treat ya well / They got rooms a plenty ready to sell / Here come the.
Blitzkid - Evil Hand Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Evil Hand' by Blitzkid. I creep up on you and I watch you sleep / I crouch and watch you, walkin' down the street. / I'm in your closet, I'm on your.
Blitzkid - Sammy Gone Wrong Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sammy Gone Wrong' by Blitzkid. Work all day, got no time / And I'm struggling to survive / And slicing meat is getting old / vSo now i found a new.
Blitzkid - Long Dark Hallway Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Long Dark Hallway' by Blitzkid. A noose of perfume lurking form behind / Replaying memories running on rewind / The circling of murder on the floor /
Blitzkid - The Creature Walks Among Us Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Creature Walks Among Us' by Blitzkid. Four million years since he last roamed the earth, / Four million years since he was cradled in mud, / Four.
Blitzkid - Motorized Homicide Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Motorized Homicide' by Blitzkid. Rhea-M comin' outta the sky / See the horror in our eyes / Throw the virus into machines / 7 days to stay alive /
Blitzkid - These Walls Lyrics
Lyrics to 'These Walls' by Blitzkid. Eerie croons seep into this room / Oh my God, its been so long. / It was an accident / I swear it was an accident / Why.
Blitzkid - Dead Again (Cold Skin) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Dead Again (Cold Skin)' by Blitzkid. It was a late summer evening / of flowered simplicity. / Two lovers walked down a path / bound by their mutual.
Blitzkid - The Hills Have Eyes Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Hills Have Eyes' by Blitzkid. Hey they're watchin' me I don't know why / Hey they're watchin' me in scenic disguise / Hey they're watchin' me.
Blitzkid - Invoke The Beast / Attack Of The Ghoulies Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Invoke The Beast / Attack Of The Ghoulies' by Blitzkid. Inside these grotesque walls. / A timeless evil calls. / Calls from centuries beyond. / Light.

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