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I'll kill you. Bitch I'm fuckin' For real I'll make you suffer like I suffered. If you fuck me then I'll make you ... And you're too stupid to ever get to know me personally
Lyrics to "Kill You" song by EMINEM: When I was just a little baby boy, my momma used to tell ... my momma used to tell me these crazy things ... Bitch I'ma kill you! ... And if you ever give in to him, you give him an impulse ... I'll choke radio announcer to bouncer ... I don't even believe in breathing I'm leaving air in your lungs
LIL ROB LYRICS - I'll Kill You
Lyrics to "I'll Kill You" song by LIL ROB: Big Bow, 13 motherfucker Big Bow, 13 Another jam from the mind of the double D I put it down... ... Move out of scene, I knew you would leave. I got another ... You're the kind of motherfucker talking shit bitch ... Cuz if I pull out my gat, I shoot to kill motherfucker ... Now you're mad at me
Lyrics to "Criminal" song by EMINEM: A lot of people ask me.. stupid fucking ... then I'll kill you ... Mr. "Don't Give A Fuck," still won't leave ... [Eminem] I'm not gonna kill you bitch, quit looking around. ... If I ever gave a fuck, I'd shave my nuts
Lyrics to "John Gotti" song by KEVIN GATES: Sometimes I tell the bitch I'm with, " Shut up and ... When you leave the streets, they don't know you ... I'm so depressed I'll kill myself, wish somebody go head and cook me ... And if you fuck around with Rayzor, bitch I'm out my body ... And you ever disrespect it then it's kamikaze
MONTANA OF 300 LYRICS - Chiraq (Remix)
"Chiraq (Remix)". Any nigga that ever looked at me wrong, (ha!) hey man, go that way B ... And you mad at your main bitch cause that bitch bumpin my new shit. Yeah the ... And kill every nigga that done sold her crack. It's almost 20 ... If you cross me like Jesus, I'll come back with heaters ... Leave a nigga stiff like a body cast
DR. DRE LYRICS - What's The Difference
DRE: What's the difference between me and you? Back when Cube - was ... [Dre] Well if you ever kill that Kim bitch, I'll show you where the ocean is [Eminem]
Lyrics to "Kill Shit" song by BIBBY x HERB: Aye Bibby, let's kill shit broski. Whatchu ... Lil Herb boy I doos this, leave your bitch wetter than a pool pit. And I make ... I never run cause I stay to fight, I'll cook a nigga like steak and rice. And it's hella real ... You fuck around hit the kill switch, these hollow tips you feel this. And I'm ...
YO GOTTI LYRICS - After I Fuck Your Bitch
... After I fuck your bitch Then I'mma tell you bout it If you a trick ass nigga You'll ... Or I'll take her name and yo name ... You wanna kill me, you wanna steal me
Lyrics to "I Love U" song by TILA TEQUILA: You know...I just ... I...I...I think I love don't think I'm crazy when I tell you this...but if you ever hurt me, I'll fucking kill you! ... You never thought, that a bitch like me, would fuck you up. If you ...
If I was to say something about Paul Wall, you'd probably crap in your. Pants, cause I'm ... And make a noise like snake before I kill him. And let him ... My Darling, I don't ever want you to leave me. My Darling, you ... "I'ma get Dre on the phone, I'll just call the doctor" Go ahead, I ... Fuck you, die you son of a bitch "Put the gun ...
If you move again I'll beat the shit out of you [Eminem] ... you? Just leave me and love him out the blue ... Too bad, bitch, you're gonna finally hear me out this time
THE GAME LYRICS - 300 Bars & Runnin'
Lyrics to "300 Bars & Runnin'" song by THE GAME: My mama took me to Sam ... I' m saying if you gonna retire, then hand me the crown ... We can go bar for bar, I'll let the lines speak to 'em ... See them niggaz with the soonies leave you wrapped in Philly ... Bitch ass nigga need a rhyme dictionary, to rehearse his lines
My pants saggin' in this bitch, don't give a fuck who feel me. And if you disrespect me nigga, you gon' have to kill me ... Look I'mma leave that there what it is
SUGA FREE LYRICS - I'd Rather Give You My Bitch
Lyrics to "I'd Rather Give You My Bitch" song by SUGA FREE: Whatcha gonna do ? Do you ... Bitch, if you look at me like that again, oh I'm subject ta kill ya
You are just another bitch. He'll probably ... But them thirsty bitches, you would rather fuck with those. I agree when ... love you. He say gonna make me wish I never did it now ... I didn't kill myself, I just went and killed this song instead ... You should see the way I treat these other bitches if I ever let 'em come through. Cause I ...
Lyrics to "Lead You On" song by MACHINE GUN KELLY: Twice I turned my back on you I fell ... Only place my addiction will tell me ... Imma kill you bitch I'll do it
Yes I will kill you bout my brothers they all I got. No we don't ... Don't make me call them killers get you gone in a minute. You know we ... Send a bitch to the store for some swishers. So fresh I ... No I won't never leave my brothers they all I got
My bitch white and black like she's been mimicking a panda. It's the dark ... Cause if you don't salute me then my team will do the shooting. Yea my nigga Ace ...
THE GAME LYRICS - Put You On The Game
Lyrics to "Put You On The Game" song by THE GAME: First things first (aftermath) , the chronic is back ... Stunt on me I'll leave u wit ya chest open, vest broken
YFN Lucci - Letter from Lucci Lyrics
Feb 22, 2016 Yea Yea x 3 Yea Uh uhh Told em they shouldn't, less you want none Wait for it, gotta want . ... em I will outshine Anybody think they gone replace me You know I am ... up my fucking sleeve What would you do if a nigga really ever leave, ... and your man unemployed Yea yea got this bitch up in the back She ...
JAY-Z LYRICS - Ignorant Shit
The tough guy disappears then the bitch come out "That's him" -I'm ... None of what you hear even if its spat by me. And with that said, I will kill niggas dead
If you wanna talk streets, what it mean to you, nigga? Take pictures ... Need me a bitch that gon' suck me and fuck me. And freak ... Niggas say they gon' kill me
They thought I was black ya heard me. I come on the front ... You know I'm all the way out there [Hook:] ... And if I ever leave her they gon' kill my family [Verse 1:]
My name is KXNG CROOKED, I snap on you rappers often. When I'm ... You wack bitch, fuckin' bastard. Back to ... I'm a born titan and at-point kill 'em like swordfightin' ... These niggas only wanna ask me if the verse is ready .... I'll shoot you and your sis if you insist ... Bitch, I can jump without my feet ever leaving the ground
LIL' WAYNE LYRICS - Ain't That A Bitch
And everybody saw you and aint that a bitch! And this here is ... If ever fall spring back like a rubberband know what I'm sayin [Chorus] ... But nigga dont slip cause I'll kill a punk bitch Word Up! And I dont ... Leave ya bitches ya money and drugs nigga. Three to ya ... Could'nt see me even if you was standin with me. I'm that ...
HOPSIN LYRICS - I'm Not Introducing You
You assume just because I'm a rapper, you can approach me in a... ... Shit, you'd be lucky if you walk away with an autograph... bitch. You better come ... That they just wanna get your ass under the sheets fuck you then leave I don't what bumped you to be ... And if he wanted to I'll let him beat the pussy with no condom."
D12 LYRICS - Quitter
Figured you can diss me to jump start your career. I'll punch you in your fuckin chest til your heart kicks in gear. Fuck the ... If you talk about my little girl in a song again ... Like I ain't notice you, bitch, I had a show to do ... If you ever see Everlast, whoop his ass ... Kill Whitey, HAHAHA Kill Whitey, DETROIT, WHAT WHAT!
That's fourteen forty a day so I'll say a hundred and forty four times. I think about you or something like that. Lost match, the fucking thought of you with somebody else ... Can make me the saddest ... Actually, if you even consider leaving. I'll lose a ... The sky is falling bitch, let's try to catch it tonight ... I just might kill him (look)
Yo would you kill for me? [Girl] Hmmm... ... You look so good huh, I suck on your daddy's dick (yeah) I never felt that ... Hide my car keys so I can't leave. A real slick ... Let me tell you nigga, if I ever, ever catch your ass fuckin around. I'ma cut  ...
LIL' WAYNE LYRICS - We Be Steady Mobbin'
Futuristic handgun, if you act foul you get 2 shots and one, I'm at your face like ... fuck around and leave a niggas brains on the street, (ooooh) now pop dat pussy, ... yeah I'm da best to ever do it bitch, and you the best at never doing shit, if you ... for me then kill for me, than steal for me and of course it'll be your cash, then I'll  ...
KENDRICK LAMAR LYRICS - Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe
Lyrics to "Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe" song by KENDRICK LAMAR: I am a sinner Who's probably gonna ... I can say that I like a challenge and you to me is painless
UGK LYRICS - Da Game Been Good To Me
Lyrics to "Da Game Been Good To Me" song by UGK: You lost yo' spot when you ... Ya shoe fit nigga, get the fuck up out the game - lil' BITCH! ... Now whether at a show, in the booth, or on the street ... Transcript writer, I'll kill you nigguuuh!
ATTILA LYRICS - "About That Life" (2013) album
If you wanna join the party put your middle fingers up. And when the ... I'm badass and you're a fucking bitch ... if I find you I will kill you, ... "Yo, it's Fronz I'm busy as fuck, leave a message or somethin." "Fronz it's Mike, you need to answer the phone. You've been ignoring my phone calls ever since you sent me these tracks
TECH N9NE LYRICS - Psycho Bitch II
Lyrics to "Psycho Bitch II" song by TECH N9NE: I think your amazing I think your ... If you leave her you'll see a PSYCHO BITCH ... If you Ever break up with a Psycho bitch ... Then you wanna say you love me on Monday ... But I'll never evea go out with her ... I'm a KILL THIS CRAZY BITCH AND GIVE HER BACK TO TECH
Lyrics to "Caesar And Brutus" song by STARLITO & DON TRIP: You Caesar or Brutus ... But I leave it be and be quiet you know me and my pride ... Now he might be actin funny bout that bitch, real shit ... The things I love I'll kill for call my bluff with no poker chips ... Ask her if he ever tried her and I know she wouldn't lie to me
2PAC LYRICS - Hit 'Em Up
So, I fucked your bitch, you fat motherfucker. Take Money ... How I'll leave you. Cut your ... Bad Boys murdered on Wax and kill. Fuck with ... And let me hit 'em in his back ... I push packages ever hour ... And if you want to be down with Bad Boy ,
YOUNG MONEY LYRICS - Fresher Than Ever
Lyrics to "Fresher Than Ever" song by YOUNG MONEY: Yea, man we came from ... I'll just ask spider, if that's your girl then I'm a fuck her twice ... Had a talk with Birdman he told me "kill these lil bitches" ... Better have some weed in that bitch if you pass me that hookah. I need the cover of the Forbes before I leave my corpse
EMINEM LYRICS - Remember Me?
Lyrics to "Remember Me?" song by EMINEM: Remember me? ("Step in ... cause I' ll hit yo' ass like the train did that bitch that got ... Life a bitch that'll fuck you if you let her ... NOPE! Never leave a shred-of ... I'm the illest nigga ever, I told you ... Kill You · Stan · Paul (Skit) · Who Knew · Steve Berman (Skit) · The Way I Am
Being the illest hustler, that the world ever seen. He used to ... You see, me and niggas like this have never been equal ... Ask a nigga doing life if he had another chance ... Suggested raping a bitch to prove he was cold-hearted ... I'll fuckin' wipe my ass with your demo deal. ... I'm like time itself, I'm gonna kill you inevitably

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