Big playa make paper stacks(what it do) lyrics

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LIL' FLIP LYRICS - Realest Rhymin'
Lil' Flip and Slim Thug always making paper stacks [Slim Thug] ... Cause I paid the cost to floss big whip me ESG and Lil' Flip Gone shine behind our lip ... Sippin codeine will clear my cough. Full time playa just like Big Hawk Make them say ...
I'm puttin' powder on the streets cause I got Big fuc... ... So nigga fuck what 'cha do ... Were big playa'z from the South stack gee'z man ... Big paper I'm foldin'
MASTER P LYRICS - Burbons And Lacs
With the Benz makin ends I mean them paper stacks. This is for the ... And then I burst up out the block, dropped the top cause it was hot ... Playa, play on
UGK LYRICS - International Player's Anthem (I Choose You)
Lyrics to "International Player's Anthem (I Choose You)" song by UGK: So, I typed a text to a ... Dont do it! Reconsider! Read some litera - ture on the subject. You sure? ... Man, these girls is smart, 3 stacks, these girls is smart ... [Big Boi:] Eni mini decisions with precision I pick. Or make my selection on who I choose to be with
PUFF DADDY LYRICS - It's All About The Benjamins (Remix)
Lil' Kim, The Lox, Notorious B.I.G.) ... You should do what we do, stack chips like ( Hebrews) Don't let the melody intrigue you (uh-uh) Cause I leave you, I'm only here for that green paper which the eagle ... Know you wanna fill the room cause it's platinum coated ... All that bullshit you kick, playa hatin from the sideline
Lyrics to "Nu Flow" song by BIG BROVAZ: Ladies and Gentlemen: Boys and girls It is my pleasure to introduce to you all The finest; the b... ... And stack them chips ... My family does the same ... I bet yawl didn't think I be riding these beats and making the paper. But I guess that I'm a paper chaser playa and it's in my nature
FAT PAT LYRICS - Superstar
Lyrics to "Superstar" song by FAT PAT: Oooooh-oooooh Playa haters, wanna know who you are When you ... Cause I done came up, a playa got what stacks
Bad boys don't do papers (Flex!) Double shot for ... I make big plays, I got big chips, blew/blue money like six Crips Switch gears ... I will attack. It's a fact that I ain't givin up my stacks like that! .... True player, Cory Mo cold as hell. Shows to do ...
A fat stack will make them niggas eat ha like a big mack ... She wanna playa with paper and come save ha and move ha downtown to a hot ride sky scrapper
LIL' FLIP LYRICS - Gotta Stack Ya Paper
Lyrics to "Gotta Stack Ya Paper" song by LIL' FLIP: gotta stack ya paper chop em' like a razor! if you gon'grind or if you gonna pull papers!yeah... ... I'm a southside playa that love to wreck. I got 25-G's ... after I do this I got mo' to write ... I gotta make it jump on a mic I gotta break it ... the house with the big ol' fence and when
Lyrics to "I Got A Story To Tell" song by NOTORIOUS B.I.G.: Who y'all talking to ... She got a body make a nigga wanna eat that, I'm fuckin' with you ... I'm up in this bitch player this bitch fucking run them old Knick ass niggas ... You know how we do. ... to the floor, peels up the carpet, start giving me mad papers, mad papers.
TWISTA LYRICS - Rock Y'all Spot
Get up in here and do our thang, heh. That's how we gon' do. Hahahaha [Twista] ... 'Cause y'all the ones playa haters can't stand with ... It's like that y'all, let your paper stack tall ... With playas with the ladies pullin' up in big-ridin' Mercedes
Realist Rhymin' Lyrics - E.S.G.
E.S.G and Wreckshop you know we makin paper stack [Verse One: E.S.G.] ... another hit is all they get southwest will slang them hits ... full time playa just like Big H.A.W.K. Make ... the money you make in a year I got that in my pocket! [ Chorus]
But ya already know, if you got big pelotas ... Money paper chasing stack it up, I gotta count mine. Cause I... Was raised in a broken home, the groceries gone
Phat Stacks, A.C. Chill, L.T.. This one's Ghetto Tales ... I'm paper chasing me and we trying to stack some green. And everything is far ... I got the skills to hit a nigga from big mar man. And platinum shit we ... Trying to survive make a meal with these ghetto dreams. We playa made plus we from the heart of S.E. [Chorus (2Xs )]
JAY-Z LYRICS - Imaginary Player
Lyrics to "Imaginary Player" song by JAY-Z: Yeah I mean like I gotta be like the pioneer to this shit, ... I never change money 'cause niggas got strange money
Ain't nothing more important than the mula. Hallelujah, hallelujah, praise God, Hallelujah [Verse 1: Big Sean] Tell the police I'mma stack this paper 'til I overdose
Lyrics to "Stack Yo Chips" song by MYSTIKAL: (Ughhhhhh) Stack yo Chips, get yo paper Ball til you fall, young nigga fuck the haters Stack y... ... And I'm the big bad wolf nigga. And I'm coming to ... I make a million dollar dream become reallity without a doubt. I get paid ... And playa haters don't last too long ... Let's Go Do It
JAY-Z LYRICS - Public Service Announcement (Interlude)
of history in the making during our generation." [Jay-Z] Allow me to ... Flyer/flier than a piece of paper bearin my name ... Let me tell you dudes what I do to protect this. I shoot at ... No matter where you go, you are what you are player. And you ...
Won't Let You Down (extended Texas Version) Lyrics - ...
So you know a Texas playa gotta shine (we gotta shine baby!) We ain't ... know big Bun up. Tryna get his paper and his gun up, can't let these haters get one up ... This for my town, promise that Rob will not let you down. Times is .... We make good music, and we stack big money and we act bad, all goddamn year. Gotta give ...
[Jay Rush:] 'Cause they don't wanna, they don't wanna, they don't wanna see me shine! [Layzie Bone] ... I'm tryin' to focus on bigger and better things. With so ... Stay away, fade away, playa hater! Stay away ... It's time for me to raise up, and do this sucker shake up. True? ... Stack your paper, they hate my grind. Catch me!
On and on, rocking big neck bone. Mausberg I ... Cause I does it the most, the king of the coast ... that you're jealous of my paper stack (gon get pimp slapped)
Money-In-My-Life Lyrics - C-Note [Rap]
Do you like this song? (click stars to ... A Botany big shot on them dots, a true playa ... I need money in my life, so I can stack me some G's ... My niggaz call me Luchiano, cause my cash ways ... Gotta keep stacking papers, tall as skyscrapers
LIL' KEKE LYRICS - Chunk Up The Deuce
Boys talkin down don't make me pull out the choppa. I chunk up the deuce for ... Just bleed the block and stack that paper ... Model chicks with them big ol' bucks
I wanna make this paper and I think I know how ... [10] - My package is small, stack em in the entire wall ... Primadonnas big tymers, playa, and rob reports
Lyrics to "Hell Yeah" song by YUNG JOC: Shorty what the mood is, stacks on deck (hell yeah) Is that your life savings ... 350 big block under my hood, crack my window - smell that good ... I do shit you never seen befo', all my clothes next season hoe ... The blueprint to these streets, show you how to make that paper stack
D12 LYRICS - Pimp Like Me
Plus I'm big headed runnin things my way. A selfish ... Wanna playa hate me, bitch so what? ... I want the paper stack ... Cause they realize that niggaz do shoot
LUNIZ LYRICS - Pimps, Playas & Hustlas
come wit big shit fo the 9-Feva-roo ... now I know bitches that say "Richard, do what ya wanna" ... plenty taken, playa hatin, Caddy's ... homies wanna be down rollin big stacks you wanna make an effort towards paper, then bitch get crack
Lyrics to "Shawty I'm On" song by BIG KRIT: Hold up homie we ain't done yet, this your boy Big KRIT, this my new single ... I could do it better, get money whenever, get money wherever, however ... Your word is all you got, so make sure that you the realest ... Just work hard and stack your paper and go and get you some
Big Moe - Freestyle (June 27) Lyrics
you know we stayin playa made, you know we gotta strive to the T-o-p ... man Im comin through got paper gotta have it under my damn bed .... cause that boy gone wreck shop watch me do it. This aint '94 hoe (Big Moe) .... steady stack my mail
TRAE LYRICS - Representin
Back and I'm all about unlimited paper stacks in a Lac with ... I'm getting younger it makes you wonder, far thing from being under ... That be fucking with me, claiming that he got game but the big face seen ... Just keep it playa, let me see you hold it down keep your weight up ... Let it be known, guerilla niggaz do it one way
Big Pokey - Freestyle lyrics
Lyrics for Freestyle by Big Pokey. ... I know I'm a stay paper Keeping haters away from a playa, at all times Cause a itch and I'll shake the ladder, and make you ...
TOO $HORT LYRICS - Ain't Nothing Like Pimpin'
I'll make the White House a hoe house and all the pimps, To just. Set up shops ... Let them try for lent bitches take your fat ass stack. Couldn't tell ... I'm a player ass nigga tell me what do ya think ... "All you gotta do is fuck a few big shots, Cause ...
BIRDMAN LYRICS - Stuntin' Like My Daddy
... a stack at 'Em make a song about me, I'm Throwing Shots Back At 'Em ... Big Work, We Don't Need Scale Man, Big Papers Say g' morning To The Mail Man
SOUTH PARK MEXICAN LYRICS - West Coast, Gulf Coast, East Coast
And these Gulf Coast Hustlers love to do it all... ... And we blow big candy cane. Playa hattin dirty Mex don't understand tha game. Baby beach, baby beth, latino's if ever do you gang bang. I can't do it cause I'm all about my money man. Hoggin and doggin ... on the east coast, they're going whacko for that stack of paper
Big Moe - Superstars lyrics and translation
Dec 11, 2015 Lyrics and translation for Superstars by Big Moe. Yes we are Playas and pimps and superstars We never gonna change Cause failures turn thei. ... love to hate, and the playa you wannabe It's me the bullshit rejectin', superior skill ... steady be settin' trends Paper stacks profits and guaranteed wins I lean on ...
WIZ KHALIFA LYRICS - Work Hard, Play Hard
If I'm in the club, I get a hundred stacks. I'm always rolling ... So much paper right in front of me it's hard to think. Buy so ... The bigger the bill, the harder you ball. Well I'm ... Go hard. Make sure you do whatever is that you gotta do, that's your job
RICH BOY LYRICS - Boy Looka Here
Rich Boy really do it boy looka here. We can buy ... I can show you what a stack like looka here. Boy looka ... Yeah, 'cause big pimpin' in the house now. If ya real  ...
Ludacris - Welcome To Atlanta Lyrics
Oink Oink, Pig Pig, do away with the pork. Only siguar ... You rackin' 'em up, Im big paper like pancakes, stackin' 'em up. In fact Im slappin' 'em ... Im the MBP, Most Ballernous Player Make my own rules, bitch call me the mayor. Monday night ...
DMX LYRICS - Niggaz Done Started Something
Yo, ayo let's get papers and pop Mo' with hoes up in skyscrapers. In condiminiums ... Young, but I done did shit that you won't do ... But they'll murder you, playa ... Any nigga make it hot, get found in vacant lot ... For bigger portions, of extortion and racketeering ... Boss of crime, black Gotti, I stack bodies wit the black shotty

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