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American Breed - Bend Me Shape Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Bend Me Shape Me' by American Breed. ... You've got me standing in line ... Try Prime Music for free Listen to The American Breed Radio on
GARBAGE LYRICS - I Think I'm Paranoid
And complicated. I think I'm paranoid. Manipulate it [Chorus:] Bend me, break me. Anyway you need me. All I want is you. Bend me, break me. Breaking down is ...
You get me so worked up my ears are red hot. Pressure me to be something that I 'm not. Well forget it you can't have it I'll never fit your mold. This shit is getting ...
Religious Music - Spirit Of The Living God lyrics
Spirit of the living God, Fall afresh on me. Spirit of the living God, Fall afresh on me. Break me, melt me, Mold me, fill me, Spirit of the living God, Fall afresh on me  ...
Joan Shelley - Subtle Love lyrics
Oh lady, oh Mother, bring your garden to me Pull it around my body so the world ... scars Laid in trails by the jets headed home How you mold me and move me ... In the open my heart beats loudly We're not broken, no we just are free again ... Break down the door and go after her running You know what I'd do if I were you?
Keith Urban - Break On Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Break On Me' by Keith Urban: There'll be days your heart don't wanna beat You pray more than you.
CRO-MAGS LYRICS - "The Age Of Quarrel" (1986) album
Don't Tread On Me 12. Face The ... Gotta break these shackles gotta break these chains. Said the only ... Said there's gotta be some meaning to the purpose of life ... But we're not gonna bend you know we won't be defeated. We gotta .... It's so easy to see, if you wanna be free. Don't ... Seems I'm being forced into a mold
EVERGREY LYRICS - "Glorious Collision" (2011) album
And The Distance", "I'm Drowning Alone", "Free"... ... To Fit The Mold 7. Out Of Reach 8. ... It's your silence that makes me so hollow. We should leave it .... And we bend to reach to control. How far. ... You can't break free from chains. You can' t ...
ROSE ROYCE LYRICS - I Wanna Get Next to You
Girl you can bend me, shape me, make me. What ever it takes to please you. I'm willing to do. Cause you're my dream come true. And I wanna get next to you
RASCAL FLATTS LYRICS - Bless The Broken Road
Pointing me on my way into your loving arms. This much I know is true. That God blessed the broken road. That led me straight to you (Yes He did) I think about ...
JAMES LABRIE LYRICS - "Impermanent Resonance" (2013) album
I Will Not Break 13. Unraveling 14. ... You pull me out of the undertow. But nine times ... And I don't mean to burst your balloon .... Time to aim, smash the mold, Break ... on me. I'll take that chance break free .... Each one of them, I will not bend
Cee-Lo - Die Trying Lyrics
But you can't break the mold and not holding your breath. Thought if I died ... I know you don't hate me it's not assured that anyone appreciate me. See I've been  ...
Vashawn Mitchell - Turning Around For Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Turning Around for Me' by Vashawn Mitchell: I can see the breaking of day, God is making a way A change is coming for me If I stand strong and. ... Try Prime Music for free Listen to Vashawn Mitchell Radio on View All ...
Brand New Heavies - Wake Me When I'm Dead Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Wake Me When I'm Dead' by Brand New Heavies. Oh, what a night, yo, ... They mold ya and shape ya, they bend and they twist ya. They get paid like ...
David Crowder - Come Thou Fount Lyrics
And teach me some melodious sonnet ... Oh Jesus, sought me when a stranger ... Try Prime Music for free Listen to David Crowder Band Radio on
Nirvana - Spank Thru Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Spank Thru' by Nirvana: I can feel it, I can hold it I can bend it, I can shape it, I can mold it I can cut it, I can taste it I can spank it, I can. ... Living without you girl you'll only break my heart... I can feel it I can hold it I can rub it I can shape it ... songs, ad-free. Try Prime Music for free Listen to Nirvana Radio on
THE BUNNY THE BEAR LYRICS - "If You Don't Have Anything Nice ...
Speak your silent means. And at the break of ... Just let go and see that at the break of dawn I'm coughing blood. Staring at these walls, hoping that you take the time to call me. Counting .... Your mold and mildew spreading miles in sight. One more ... Ruiner, breathe free. So give in ... I would never bend to break. In case you ...
LENG TCH'E LYRICS - "The Process Of Elimination" (2005) album
The paparazzi make my day let me dress up for the parade. Number one ... I for one take my right to disagree and break global pact. Bend the rules and dissent to bigotry, ingest a higher truth. ... The plastic motive, hypcrite means to and end ... Time to put your free will to the test. Reprogramming till you match the mold
MYGRAIN LYRICS - "Orbit Dance" (2006) album
We're about to break. There bleaks of ... I'll be watching at you outside, so take a free ride ... Look around, define and overthrow it all ... Dragging me down in your blackened reality .... Come and taste the filling in the mold ... But I will not bend
HEXEN LYRICS - "State Of Insurgency" (2008) album
Blast Radius: a promise they won't break or bend. ... But the law cannot condemn me fools, ... For only in death can one truly be free. .... And just as well you will seek out your words deprived of meaning. ... Through the mold of society,
DARK TRANQUILLITY LYRICS - "Projector" (1999) album
We all see it break sometimes, See it tear ... Which one would call to me? Where all ... The song around his soul will bend .... A means of escape, out in the open
ANDRE MATOS LYRICS - "Mentalize" (2009) album
The power got so close to me. Changing ... And If I tell you that our hearts are free again. You'll know I ... You bend down your head and ... Mold a personality ... Like the rain:all my fears define who I am ... the morning light comes breaking in
Lyrics to "Bulls On Parade" song by RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE: Come wit it now! Come wit it now! The microphone explodes, shattering the molds Either ...
Daughtry - Who's They Lyrics
They say we need to be. A certain way to fit the mold. Or so they say. But who's they. How can we pretend. To care and bend because we're told. We're not okay
Grieves - Catapults Lyrics
In the little things you can't control and break the mold from it. Look, you ... And live in between that little space where the notes bend, like. This is all ... Trying to figure out the pieces, find another meaning to believe in. Look at ... And explain to me that I don't need a hand to hold a dream ... Listen to Grieves songs, ad-free.
CATTLE DECAPITATION LYRICS - "Monolith Of Inhumanity" (2012 ...
Life less meaning ... a monstrous mold of cells resembling jellied meat assembly. A living, breathing piece ... Why would you even let this happen to me!" Shut up ...
NEKROGOBLIKON LYRICS - "Stench" (2011) album
Don't make a sound, don't break a twig. Many ways you can die, ... Breaking free ( Rip all the ... The god-damned muck kills me twice out of spite, DIE IN THE .... Mold is growing on the dead. Ovens burn the ... Bend before my will! You have no  ...
SKINLESS LYRICS - "From Sacrifice To Survival" (2003) album
Where your life falls means nothing to me. I've come to cut your ... The code cannot break, we will only hate. What we can't attain is an ... Billions of combinations to make them be, a billion more to set them free ... Sectioned lies end, truth be told as lines bend ... Which grinds your mind to oblivion until it fits the mold. Don't risk ...

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