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Fabolous - Been Around The World (Remix) (Freestyle) Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'Been Around The World (Remix) (Freestyle)' by Fabolous. Look I talk it ' cause I live it, stand on my own pivot / I don't need your credit, and you.
T.Knight - Been Around The World (remix) Lyrics
Been Around The World (remix) lyrics performed by T.Knight: I've been around the world I've been with different girls I've been around the world Out of all the ...
YING YANG TWINS LYRICS - Wait (The Whisper Song) (Remix)
Lyrics to "Wait (The Whisper Song) (Remix)" song by YING YANG TWINS: Remix, Free ... Remix, Busa Bus ... Been a around the world I been seen plenty dicks,
Puff Daddy Lyrics
Bad Boy For Life (Remix Ft. Busta Rhymes & M.O.P.) · Puff Daddy · Ballin Out ... Been Around The World (Remix) · Puff Daddy .... Puff Daddy And Ma$E Freestyle
They've been wondering why?) In case you wonderin'! Hah! (Hey Mr. Carter) I am him! (Tell me where have you been?) Around the world now I'm back again!
KENDRICK LAMAR LYRICS - Backseat Freestyle
Lyrics to "Backseat Freestyle" song by Kendrick Lamar: Martin had a dream Martin had a dream Kendrick have a dream All ... So I can fuck the world for 72 hours
FABOLOUS LYRICS - The World Is Yours Freestyle
Lyrics to "The World Is Yours Freestyle" song by FABOLOUS: (Whose world is this?) The world is yours, the world is yours (It's mine, it's mine, it's mine Whose...
I been around the world I'm such a bad, bad girl. I got the Austin Power flow I'm groovy bitches. And no you're no match for my oozie bitches. I dumb my raps ...
It's been a long time, but it's go time right now [Jermaine ... I'm just tryin to get it, get, no time to play around ... Been all over around the world, been laid over
FABOLOUS LYRICS - Quiet Storm Freestyle
Niggas wanna' freestyle. Y'all better get your bar work together. I'm tellin' you right now. Friday night freestyles. CLUMINATIIII!! We done seen it all, been thru it ...
SWAY LYRICS - Blow The Whistle (Freestyle)
Lyrics to "Blow The Whistle (Freestyle)" song by SWAY: I'm going in (he's going in ) I'm going in (we're going in) I'm about to put some ... I wake the whole world up ( hello) ... I never tag along and I've been around Scars like my name's Savalon
So stroke my big, (hahaha), Ego, I like to joke around a little bit but here we go, Welcome to the wonderful world, Of go play the earl cause, Everything I throw up,  ...
Me and R. been around the world. And we'll give it to you just how you like it girrrrl [R. Kelly] Girl you on a mission. Up in the club, shuttin down competition
ROYCE DA 5'9" LYRICS - Airplanes (Freestyle)
Lyrics to "Airplanes (Freestyle)" song by ROYCE DA 5'9": Since '99 I've been dope in this ... 'Bout to turn around and write a book about both of them bitches
FABOLOUS LYRICS - Shook Ones Freestyle
Lyrics to "Shook Ones Freestyle" song by FABOLOUS: Yeah, DJ Clue? To all the killers ... The world is yours plan, but, man, I need that Nas Lex SC 400, that's ...
I love ma little nasty girl. All the ladies if u hear me. Grab Ur titties for B.I.G. I love ma little nasty girl. All ma women from around the world. I love ma little nasty girl
LIL' WAYNE LYRICS - Marvin's Room
Hello, world, I'm the dope dealer. I love it when ... Yeah, we gonna fuck around like we fucking in a circle ... Giddiup baby, it's your world, ain't trying to interrupt
WALE LYRICS - Hold Yuh Freestyle
Lyrics to "Hold Yuh Freestyle" song by WALE: Ok I'm Wale but you can call me nada My momma old G ... They stop the whole game everytime I come around
Yea, been around the world rep the same thang. Been around the world its the same gang. B's up B's up flame gang braa braa braaa braaa bang bang. I told my  ...
DREEZY LYRICS - Chiraq (Remix)
Lyrics to "Chiraq (Remix)" song by DREEZY: Hit up Harolds on 87th Get a 5 piece with some mild sauce Thot top while I'm hitting blocks I feel l... ... Out of this world, I'm a star like astrology ... Come around, don't apologize ... I've been one
Women, weed and weather. For the women, weed and weather. From all around the world for the. Women, weed and weather. Women, weed and weather
MONTANA OF 300 LYRICS - Chiraq (Remix)
Lyrics to "Chiraq (Remix)" song by MONTANA OF 300: Any nigga that ever looked at me wrong, (ha!) hey man ... Like Percy Miller I've been bout it. Come find ...
All around the world,same song. All all around the world same song ... It's just a freestyle, meanwhile, we keep the beat kickin sweat drippin, girlies in the limo ...
Lyrics to "Fuck Da World" song by ACE HOOD: Dear heavenly father I come to you today To ... The funny thing is, it could've been me, it could've been you
LOGIC LYRICS - Super Mario World
Lyrics to "Super Mario World" song by LOGIC: Lemme shout out Bobby cause, 6ix in there like "Oh ... Acting like I ain't been in it, like I ain't been pushing my limit
DRAKE LYRICS - Back To Back (Freestyle)
Lyrics to "Back To Back (Freestyle)" song by Drake: Oh man, oh man, oh man, not again Yeah, I learned the ... You love her, then you gotta give her a world tour
KID INK LYRICS - Hell & Back (Remix)
[Chorus 2x:] You can tell them that. I've been from hell & back. When the heat is on, I fire back. In this cold world, where your lighters at. Let's burn it down, f-f-fire ...
Lyrics to "B.A.S Freestyle" song by FABOLOUS: Oh, I like this, this made me feel like '98 That ... Them niggas in my comments ain't been hatin' long enough
FABOLOUS LYRICS - Black Girl Lost Freestyle
Lyrics to "Black Girl Lost Freestyle" song by FABOLOUS: Hello? What's up, girl? Ain't nothin', this nigga in here stressin' Talkin' that old off-the-wall ba...
DA BRAT LYRICS - Look At Me Now (Remix)
Lyrics to "Look At Me Now (Remix)" song by DA BRAT: Chi-Town to the A-Town Worldwide, whattup to my girl ... This is a, So So Def, world premier ... Cause I'm free I ain't gotta walk around as an inmate. And I been off the scene for a minute
Lyrics to "Lost In The World" song by KANYE WEST: I'm up in the woods, I'm down on my mind ... I'm lost in the world, been down for my whole life, ... whose legs were then spread around the world and a rapist known as freedom, free doom.
R. Kelly - Ignition Lyrics
Go head' on and break 'em off wit a lil' preview of the remix. No I'm ... Around about 4 you gotta (clear the lobby) ... R. Kelly - The World's Greatest Music Video.
In the trap, I work wonders, get around, I do compass ... Section, Breezy, got the whole world going nuts ... We team, no cream, shook ones and they've been on edge ... All around the world, everybody got a bando ... Faded To Sade (Remix)
J. COLE LYRICS - Black Friday
"Black Friday" (remix of Kendrick Lamar's "Alright") ... Ain't no way around it, I'm the coldest nigga. Do a nigga ... Cole world you should stay off this dick. I sold out  ...
TREY SONGZ LYRICS - She Will (Remix)
Lyrics to "She Will (Remix)" song by Trey Songz: Yeah (Bitch Nigggaaaaaaaaaa) Still saying I can't rap well ... It's such a crazy world you just somebody baby girl
Been sonning niggas for so long ... Thats my kind of girl, kinda of world I want to live in ... But the world know the girl though ... Asshole, yo I don't play around
FABOLOUS LYRICS - Diced Pineapples
Shawty cleaned up nice, never been a mess. ... But I ain't try to hurt her, 'cause I' ve always been the best, At making my shawty ... Bad bitch good girl around the Christmas, though. ... Back to my baby girl, though, I just need you in my world, yo .
CASSIDY LYRICS - Control (Freestyle)
Lyrics to "Control (Freestyle)" song by CASSIDY: The same thing that make you laugh, you gon' cry from ... Don't imitate a nigga that been a fake, he a gimmick
DEJ LOAF LYRICS - Try Me (Wiz Khalifa Remix)
Lyrics to "Try Me (Wiz Khalifa Remix)" song by Dej Loaf: Let a nigga try me, try me I'm a get his whole motherfuckin' family ... Fuck around and I'm a catch a body ... I been out my mind since they killed my cousin ... More world shows, more ooze
Craig David - Recovery (Remix) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Recovery (Remix)' by Craig David. I was checking this girl next door / When her parents went out / She phoned said, 'hey boy, come on right around' / ... Said you'd been queuing for a Taxi ... Now i feel its time the whole world knows

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