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Coverin up everything that's defective. Anything to be cool. A burning heart could be so cool. Won't you be my fashion victim. Come on I'm an April fool for you
SODOM LYRICS - "Epitome Of Torture" (2013) album
... Of Torture" (2013) album, including "Water Boarding", "Tracing The Victim", " Into The Skies Of War"... ... A SPOT ON MY SOUL THERE SINCE ANCIENT TIMES
CARNAL FORGE LYRICS - "Testify For My Victims" (2007) album
CARNAL FORGE lyrics - "Testify For My Victims" (2007) album, including ... Confess your sins try to save your blackened soul ... My demons overtake my soul
MYSTIC PROPHECY LYRICS - "Savage Souls" (2006) album
Savage Souls 5. In The Darkness 6. Deception Of Hate 7. Sins And Sorrows 8. Best Days Of My Life 9. Nightmares Of Demon 10. Victim Of Fate 11. Into The Fire  ...
TIGER ARMY LYRICS - Cupid's Victim
Lyrics to "Cupid's Victim" song by TIGER ARMY: Without a warning it comes flying - ... and its to late to resist it for my fate is sealed ... A scarlet fever burns my soul
AVENGED SEVENFOLD LYRICS - The Art Of Subconscious Illusion
Use my abilities. Art of Illusion. My razor sharp knife's edge, pierces my victim's body. But I cannot take their soul. Punching through jello, stabbing not killing.
MORRIGAN LYRICS - "Enter The Sea Of Flames" (2002) album
Come On Bitch, Be My Victim 6. To Honour ... Trying the death to a eternal last breath revive and enchanted my soul ... In fire I give back my flesh and my sword
Souls of my victims within me, entombed. Palette wet with atrocity. I relish the last look in your eyes. Clutching your intestines, your scream echoes through me
Mortician - Be My Victim Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Be My Victim' by Mortician. Innocent man, sentenced to death / Mutilated , covered with bees / Beaten and burned, hand is severed / A hundred years.
Karliene - Dreams of Fire lyrics and translation
Dec 12, 2013 He burnt my body, he saved my soul and he burnt my body He saved ... dragon) I use the flames to fuel my soul (I'm not a victim) And when I fall ...
Soul Asylum - April Fool Lyrics
Coverin' up everything that's defective. Anything to be cool. A burning heart could be so cool. Won't you be my fashion victim. Come on, I'm an April Fool for you.
SYLOSIS LYRICS - "Dormant Heart" (2015) album
Victims And Pawns 3. Dormant ... Innocent souls moulded by complete. Misery ... My throat. They will creep into. Your thoughts. Deconstruct your moral code
Lyrics to "Ab-Soul's Outro" song by KENDRICK LAMAR: What's your life about? Enlighten me Is you gon' ... On the brink of my career while my peers struggle for employment. Can you hear ... We're not victors, we're victims. The bigger picture ...
MORTEM LYRICS - "Corpsophagia" (2005) album
MORTEM lyrics - "Corpsophagia" (2005) album, including "Soul Fly", "Long Sharp ... My first victim was my mother ... I take my knife and cut your flesh to pieces
Charles Bradley feat. Menahan Street Band - Victim of Love lyrics ...
May 14, 2015 I felt your love layin' beside my soul You told me that you loved me baby I, oh I love you baby I love you so doggone much (Victim of love) ...
CAROLE KING LYRICS - Victim Of Circumstance
Lyrics to "Victim Of Circumstance" song by CAROLE KING: Out in the woods and I 'm lost ... Oh, I am a simple soul ... Out on the street with my doubts and my plan
LIL' WAYNE LYRICS - Pray To The Lord
Lyrics to "Pray To The Lord" song by LIL' WAYNE: Before I sleep I pray to the lord my soul to keep And if I shall die ... Will I be the next victim of a gun crime?
Tiger Army - Cupid's Victim Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Cupid's Victim' by Tiger Army. Without a warning it comes flying- / And when it strikes my world changes, / all reason left ... A scarlet fever burns my soul
once you were calling now I got you under control you can't deny me. I am living deep in your soul now you are my victim and I do as I please now you are ...
Lyrics to "Victim" song by AVENGED SEVENFOLD: House full of roses A letter on the ... And I've lost my power to feel tonight. We're all just victims of a crime
Lyrics to "Victim" song by GREYSON CHANCE: Blank souls coming your way What ... The way you touch my lips ... Yea I never, I never thought I'd be your victim
SIX FEET UNDER LYRICS - "Undead" (2012) album
Blood On My Hands 6. Missing Victims ... The brutal hacking motion of my knife blade. Your young wife is ... My soul is a bottomless pit of darkness. And hallow ...
JOSS STONE LYRICS - Victim Of A Foolish Heart
Lyrics to "Victim Of A Foolish Heart" song by JOSS STONE: Your scars where still showing when I first met you, baby From all the wrong she had done to you A...
EVERGREY LYRICS - "Recreation Day" (2003) album
Madness Caught Another Victim 10. Darkest Hour 11. ... My promise not kept & I' m sorry. I have emptied .... Will I grow when my soul falters? I am here, I am lost, ...
ALAS, TYRANNY LYRICS - "Domination Liberation Purification ...
To inhabit a host, a soul in my command. The victim I seek is a mask for my hate. I have found a soul, the perfect host. A creature of comfort, afraid of his future
Is looking for a victim tonight. With an angry soul. And a wicked design. Your will cannot endure ... If my heart is torn away [Chorus] Now that I've been torn apart
He catches his victims and let. Them fall into decay ... I saw him with my own two eyes. He was coming from ... Spirit commands the victim's soul. To return in his ...
And vowed no woman on my path would have to walk the same. Travel like ... Took me by the soul. Hunger for the ... So the potential victim. Can take a left and  ...
DESERT LYRICS - "Star Of Delusive Hopes" (2011) album
Soul Of A Wanderer 7. Whispers 8. ... My crime is the truth you are trying to hide. Knowledge is poison ... Victim of ignorance, I'm paying the price. For the triumph  ...
DOMINUS LYRICS - "The First Nine" (1996) album
5. Ancient Emporer. [CHAPTER SEVEN] Evolution was teasing my soul. Me and the wolf were climbing on clouds above. All of our victims did try to believe
GRAVE LYRICS - "Soulless" (1994) album
In my dominion I tear their soul apart. Pure eternal hate run through my soulless heart. I'm soulless to ... Released by victims of my bullet rain. Kill, killing is my ...
AB-SOUL LYRICS - Can Anybody Hear Me
Lyrics to "Can Anybody Hear Me" song by AB-SOUL: I've tried to do right Seems ... Seems as though the only way is selling my soul ... Victim of a media stakeout
Lyrics to "On That Level" song by BOOSIE BADAZZ: I got that liquor in my system, somebody gonna be my victim Got me a turned up shawty, man this girl...
Sandra - (I'll Never Be) Maria Magdalena Lyrics
... by Sandra. You Take My Love / You Want My Soul / I Would Be Crazy To Share Your Life / Why Can't You See What I Am / ... (You're A Victim Of The Fight
And we runnin' the streets so suck my dick [J-Dog:] Six deep ... Or you're gonna lose your soul out here. This is how ... Our victim, forced into a sixsome. And ain't  ...
Voivod - Slaughter In A Grave: Lyrics
It's a victim who fixes the man with hate. A dead man ... Spirit commands the victim's soul. To return in his ... Voivod - Clouds In My House Music Video. Clouds In ...
THINE EYES BLEED LYRICS - "In The Wake Of Separation" (2005 ...
Release my soul of misery. Ever lost love infects with ease. Now tears of blood left rising for you. Challenge the soul of the dead. Cold victim caught in your head
[2x] It's called addiction. Caught up in the system. The friction of feeling constructed. Oh I'm lost, I'm lost, I'm lost. Without a depiction. My soul's a victim afflicted
THE HAUNTED LYRICS - "The Haunted" (1998) album
Useless fucking mind trip drains your soul. Faceless names ... Should I lay my soul to waste? No one lives .... I have an urge to rise above my victim. To see their ...
She stole my soul from me. Her heart is cold and empty. Turn around and run away. Get out alive before she goes and makes another victim of the love crime ( of ...

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