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GUCCI MANE LYRICS - All My Bitches Love Me
Lyrics to "All My Bitches Love Me" song by GUCCI MANE: She loves me, She loves me not ... Shawty fine as hell but she thick as hell. ... Frenchie got a bad bitch,
J. COLE LYRICS - Crooked Smile
I got smart, I got rich, and I got bitches still. And they all look like my eyebrows: thick as hell. Love yourself, girl, or nobody will. Though you're a woman, I don't ...
MADEINTYO LYRICS - Uber Everywhere
And I need a thick Redbone shorty where I lay. Bad bihh in LA ... Shorty bad as hell, yeah, with them Kylie Jenner lips ... Canada jawn, yeah I think that bitch from the 6 ... Pre-roll shorty light it up you know you fine ... "You Are Forgiven" (2016).
2 PISTOLS - Hot Damn lyrics
Chorus: , I'll be like damn , she got a body i ain't never seen , how the hell she get in them ... Er'body in this bitch like damn damn, damn, damn, damn, damn, damn in this bitch like ... But shawty you thick damn you thick 34 24 36 ... That fine ass keep a couple hundred grand in them rubber bands ... Bad And Boujee lyrics.
TOO $HORT LYRICS - Broke Bitch
Lyrics to "Broke Bitch" song by TOO $HORT: Whassup baby? Damn like that? ... But you broke as hell and ain't got no whip. I ain't yo' type, ... I don't give a fuck ' bout your bad attitude. It's in me ... You hella fine, but I don't wanna keep in touch
She leaned over like I love you, I'm just like bitch stop. You done fucked ... Hell yeah it's our one night anniversary bitch [Hook: Lil Boosie ... Thick thighs, nice legs, soul food. My D.C. chick ... She like to see another bad chick eat Boosie And my ...
Make me throw my diamonds up, bitch my life was hard knock ... Got a bad bitch from the U.K. (Okay!) ... Switch gears like stick shifts, fresh as hell, I'm Big Gipp
You know the three digits, BITCH you better dial 'em [First chorus ... Fuck a fine loca by the name of Jueta Stackin' mo ... I got sacks for sale in the land of Hell, ... Would you fuck a thick bitch even though she wasn't pretty? (wiggy, wiggy, wiggy, wiggy, wiggy, wiggy) If I was doin' bad would you smoke a blunt with me? (wiggy  ...
TRAVIS SCOTT LYRICS - Uber Everywhere (Remix)
Pick your DJ and we got that bitch on smash, yeah yeah yeah. Play that shit that make em ... Shawty bad as hell yea with them Kylie Jenner lips. Uber every ...
And you're so fine, you make my blood boil. I have to go and ... 'Cause her ass thick as a pumpkin ... And if I'm up in this bitch then I'm probably with the owner
DJ King City - Uber Everywhere lyrics
Feb 21, 2016 And I need a thick Redbone shorty where I lay Bad bihh in LA tell me ... trip Shorty bad as hell, yeah, with them Kylie Jenner lips Uber every ... in my VIP Canada jawn, yeah I think that bitch from the 6 Shorty wanna ... some time (skrr skrr) Pre-roll shorty light it up you know you fine Lil 5 ... February 21, 2016.
So he fucking bitches while he sitting lonely in a cell. Thinking well, what the hell I been on. They gave a ... When the tention gets thick than there's nothing to do
Federation - College Girl Lyrics
She's a bad dame, she doin' her thang. That girl ... She was thick as hell, never went to Yale ... Bitch just get in my car ... She fine as wine [Incomprehensible]
Lyrics to "The Set Up" song by OBIE TRICE: Bitch I see you, cause you know I know you Yeah I know ... Thick thighs but she full of surprises ... Showed us what his shit hit her, hell of a lick BUT! ... Got my friend zipped up in the bag, it's all bad
This bitch just a snake so i nick named her Culvert (Yep) She wonder why I ... be ma baby mama. Wanna do too much, raise hell and cause drama (drama) ... I've done my evaluation and I find that you guys are perfectly fine.. These hoes ain't ...
LIL' WYTE LYRICS - Smoke & Get High
J Ceaz & Hell Rell). [Pre-Hook:] Where I'm ... And we like our women thick. And she know how ... Ask around town bitch, we just smoke and get high [Pre-Hook:]
Lyrics to "Warning" song by NICKI MINAJ: Who da hell is this? Callin' me at 12: 47 in ... Tellin me that my man with some bitch in a Camry Car seat in the back ...
ATTILA LYRICS - "About That Life" (2013) album
Hell yeah. Listen up- you can do anything you want In life. Just DONT BE A .... I like a bad bitch ... a fine ass bitch is always gonna suck it (thug life bitch)
THE GAME LYRICS - 300 Bars & Runnin'
Bring hell to niggaz when Dre producing a track. Take it to the streets, put ... Bitch ass nigga need a rhyme dictionary, to rehearse his lines. Sound like Oscar the ...
My bitches, they bad, thats probably why y'all mad. My cars ... And the ones I drive, what a hell of a ride. Built for a ... It was 2, 3, 4, then 5, tall short thick and fine
Bitches smiling at ya, it must be happy hour. They put the cloth across ... You wont feel me til you want it so bad you tell yourself you're in it. And tell the World ...
JAY-Z LYRICS - Girls, Girls, Girls
I got this black chick, she don't know how to act. Always talkin ... Merci, you fine as fuck but you givin me hell ... She look right in that tight blue dress, she's thick
Lyrics to "Fast Lane" song by BAD MEETS EVIL: First verse, uh I'm armed 'til I'm on a island My life's ridin' on the Autobahn on autopilot Before... ... And he came to the club tonight with' 5'9″ to hold this bitch down ... "Hell: The Sequel" (2011).
E-40 LYRICS - Dump Truck
I don't give a fuck bitch toot it up [Hook: x2] ... And shawty stupid bad but her man a mart' Gon' tell his ... Shawty said I'm crazy as hell and she's scared. But she ...
Your hand u down that bitch like a fifth of hen we wild alike we smile alike dey be ... Like son we hit the streets lil nigga u gon be jus like me hell yea im a good dad but i dont. Know if its good or bad so many niggas dont like my ass i wouldnt be ...
But who the hell else is, is gonna hold me down? I gotta be out my mind. To think it's ... Should I grab his cell, call this chick up. Start some shh, then hang up?
Man, I must have went to sleep with a hell of a buzz. Get twisted with Twiztid It was ridiculous. Went to sleep with a thick bitch. And woke up with syphilis
LORDI LYRICS - "Scare Force One" (2014) album
Hell Sent In The Clowns 5. House Of Ghosts ... Pissed off at your bitch ... How can love be a bad thing ... The air is thick with the anticipation ... Boy that's just fine
LIL' WAYNE LYRICS - She Will (Remix)
I'm in hell's kitchen with an apron and a hair net. Devil on my ... Karma is a bitch? Well just make sure that bitch is beautiful. Life on the edge, I'm ... And she bad, so maybe she won't. Uh, but shit ... I like my girl thick, not just kinda fine. Eat her til ...
We taking trips, on the islands My bitch bad, she from the islands Whe... ... I just met a bad lightskin bitch on Highland ... How the hell you don't know Benjamin?
Problem - Rap Monument Lyrics
Both fucked the same bitch, just not the same night. You just took ... These bad hoes is gruntin', their booties is pokin' Out them ... All of hell's kitchen praying he don't stick from the stove. God got ..... While I'm fine dining on YouTube ..... Hot boxer, hot sauna, car full, thick .... What 2016 Song Is Officially Your Karaoke Jam ?
EMINEM - Loud Noises lyrics
Jun 14, 2011 ... Royce da 5'9's collaborative project "Hell: The Sequel" released on June 14th, 2011. ... The other day me and your thick bitch had a great day and we ate cake And ... not just any old homeboy Sitting in a lab picking up a pad I be spitting bad, ... Made in New York, Amsterdam & Madrid since 2005 — 2016.
KING 810 LYRICS - "Memoirs Of A Murderer" (2014) album
My skins full of bad dead men ... My dead ones are just fine those were good men ... And I've been to hell and back confined .... and the devil is a bitch who just keeps trying to fuck me .... She was as thick as I am sick ..... Copyright © 2001- 2016 - --- All lyrics are the property and copyright of their respective ...
Lil Scrappy - She Bad Lyrics
Lyrics to 'She Bad' by Lil Scrappy. / That's her ... She throwed the old one, nigga like HELL YEA Look ... Man I love that bitch, because she got her own. [Chorus:]
Her pussy got hotter than flames in hell. I geed this ... I met this girl, thick as hell. Only sixteen ... Thick ass bitch, said her name was Grace She walked in ... She was so fine I went to get her early .... SONGLYRICS Presents: The Top 15 Lyric Videos of 2016 ... (example of bad selection): This is bold text and this is normal text.
Juice - Bubble Gum Lyrics
[Hook:] My bitch bad she stay groovy like an auston powers movie coogi on her booty Best believe my ... A doggy and the purse and the purse say coogi she fine as hell. And no much to more to say she a thick bone diva that can drop it to the face ... - Copyright © 2016 - All Rights Reserved Privacy Policy.
Young Jeezy - Leave You Alone Lyrics
I, she said, I know you bad, but I want you bad. She said, she ... Had them other bitches mad when they seen us. Had to ... Go ahead do whatever the hell I want
EXODUS LYRICS - "Force Of Habit" (1992) album
3. Force Of Habit 4. Bitch 5. Fuel For The Fire 6. One Foot In The Grave 7. Count Your Blessings ... I, me, mine suits me just fine. I won't even .... Each tale black as pitch dressed in the colors of hell. Your dreams ... But this was only the beginning to a real bad day, it wasn't gonna .... We serve it up, thick and raw. We only cater ...
Plies - Thick Lyrics
Plies Thick Lyrics. Thick lyrics performed by Plies: Say guys, but I see I hung that base Say guys, but I see I hung that base Don't you got air for that Y hell of a shape, it don't matter to me. ... Only stack that giving she's fine, fine with cigarettes ... She bad and she swells, She desire the ... I like them T-H-I-C-K bitch! Turn the  ...
I like my weed in the cheese, roll that that a little thick ... Percocet ten and a soma twist on the moon getting higher than a bitch and I'm doing my dance [Chorus].

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