Back at it yeah im back at it, im addicted to this life now, got me feeling like a crack addic lyrics

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2 CHAINZ LYRICS - I'm Different
Lyrics to "I'm Different" song by 2 CHAINZ: I'm different, yeah I'm different Pull up to the scene with ... 2 Chainz but I got me a few on ... I am so high like an addict
Rhema Soul, Gawvi, SPZRKT, Rey king & Social Club - P.Y.I.T.F. ...
But now I am turned up for the gospel, I know you've heard of the apostle. ... god is wonderful Feel the poetry in your chest And get a stomach full Yeah this life is ... me feeling like a crack addict My receipts got me feeling like I'm back at it Yeah  ...
Stop fucking calling me Macklemore That's not my name ... Yeah, so I sold the mansion and moved to my mom's attic. Life was a blockbuster but now it's a cult classic ... I love like a folk singer but fuck like a crack addict ... Stop what you're doing and put 'em back in the doghouse. I wasn't human, I'm feeling like I'm a god now
Yeah! It's Mike Stud and Kinetics One Love on the track, let's go. We got another one [Kinetics] ... Cause most the time's I'm wrong, at least I'm startin' to admit it ... See this is me, same dude, different tendancies ... Now this is my apology ... Bad habits, feel like a crack addict. It's black magic – here, you can take it back, have it
Yeah Trice Statik Selektah [Verse 1: Obie Trice] O back around the corner. Got the crack, put in your orders. We 'bout ... I'm back at it, the rap addict, by any means. We gon ... 'Bout to get my Ike on, I come with a life supply ... Lookin' fly tonight, feel like I might die from a spider bite ... I said just call me Richard, cause I 'm a dick
Young nigga all I know is get money give a fuck how they feel (On my soul) ... Came straight from the block now I'm on the mic ... My niggas real guaranteed they gon' clap for me so when I get them bills ... And bro's shit goin' nuts for the crack addicts ... Lil' nigga get the top, push back on my block everyday nigga I'm good
FUTURE LYRICS - Codeine Crazy
Lyrics to "Codeine Crazy" song by FUTURE: Codeine crazy, yeah Pour that bubbly, pour that ... I'm going crazy bout it, I'm going codeine crazy. Thats how I'm living it, I'm feeling lovely ... Looking at me like a triple threat, everytime a nigga talk a check. Smoke the kush up like a cigarette, Run it back you hear my intellect
BOW WOW LYRICS - Let Me Hold You
Lyrics to "Let Me Hold You" song by BOW WOW: Y'all know what this is This what you need to do girl... So ... In life girl you need me in it, I'm determined to win it ... When you cry I wanna feel your pain; no secrets, no games ... TV's in the back, how you gon say no to that? ... I just gotta work at it like a crack addict up in rehab
LECRAE LYRICS - Indwelling Sin
Lyrics to "Indwelling Sin" song by LECRAE: Aye look what's good fam it's me again. ... [Crae:] Oh yeah you always get me caught in sin. ... Have me feeling sick like I'm coming down off a crack high ... Let's take it back. ... I'll mess around and lose my life man tryna walk in you ... BET tonight becomes addiction to pornography
We get dough Stay getting money fr... ... But it still feels like these motherfuckers is still biting ... What's up my name is Spigg I live the ghetto life ... Yo bring me back home the tracks and the cash flow ... Yeah you heard we in the lab again while most of y'all babbling ... Now if these tracks was a drug well I'm a crack addict
DISBELIEF LYRICS - "Spreading The Rage" (2003) album
... Who Dare 9. Addiction 10. It's God Given 11. Drown 12. Democracy 13. Back To Life ... sudden a crack is waiting for me the dream ... lies dictated, lies going on and on and on and on. ... feel like a wreck ... now you see that i am real my whole .... again, yeah... I'M BACK I'M BACK TO LIFE I'M COMING BACK TO LIFE BACK  ...
Now that I got your attention, I feel I should really mention. Don't come around here ... I am on my get rich or die tryin' like when Em was signin' Curtis Cause I am ...
Lyrics to "Out Of This World" song by ASAP ROCKY: Get money addict I'm a get " money" tatted Money in the attics Money in the stashes Money in the cab...
Nose bloody from that sniffin', your heroin addiction ... Purple sippin', finger twistin ', teeth glisten like it's Memphis A bunch of hypocritic ... Now my soul is feeling empty, tell the reaper come and get me ... Of course, I'm living forever I'll ... Now stay in line, don't step on cracks. So you break her back I'm talking 'bout your mom
ATTILA LYRICS - "Guilty Pleasure" (2014) album
Hate Me 3. Rebel 4. Guilty Pleasure 5. I've Got Your Back 6. Proving ... I Am Satan 8. Break My Addiction ... You wanna break the rules and eat pizza skip school, fuck yeah that's the ... Yeah life is motherfucking awesome, thank you for buying this CD I want to kiss ... You'll never do it like I do cause you're a boohoo ass bitch
BO BURNHAM LYRICS - Rehab Centre For Fictional Characters
Uhm, alright, let's just get right to it. Who wants to start us off, how 'bout you Kris? Uhm, alright. Hey, I'm, uh, Kris Kringle, I'm a sex addict. Hey, I'm Santa ... She used to please me everyday, ... Yeah, I'm not doing so good. I had a wonderful life, ... I'm the Easter bunny, hey, I'm back, Used to be funny, now I'm hooked on crack.
MONTANA OF 300 LYRICS - Chiraq (Remix)
hey man, go that way B Hey, man, I'm done holdin' back. ... Yeah the game foul and the ref dirty ... Fuck niggas I never like 'em, got no problem with killin' one ... dad was a killer, my mom was an addict, a nigga grew up in a slaughterhouse ... That money be callin', I'm almost stopped ballin', now I am up next like Jabari now
And I swear I'm a fiend, dope fiend, I'm an addict. Crack music going hard, Odd Future got a bag it. Yeah, make it stretch like bubble gum. Eh, all the ... I'm cooler than your cooler, got these hoes, now where's my garden tool ... And push me until I beat the pussy up like it was ugly ... I feel like I can fly without wings on my back
2PAC LYRICS - Fuck Em All
Bad Boy Killaz (That's right bitch, Fuck em' all) Hahaha yeah nigga, fuck em' all... ... Fuck a misdemeanor I'm raisin hell like felonies ... Then got a drop top jag for these bitches that's on my dick. Go to a ... I'm smokin' bud in the back ... Now mama raised me as a thug nigga ... World mob figga addicted to these fucking streets
You see, me and niggas like this have never been equal. I don't project my ... So now he had a choice between going back to his life. Or making money with ...
Eminem - Halie's Song Lyrics
'Cause I'm happy, yeah, I'm happy, ha ha. I got ... 'Cause sometimes it feels like the world's on my shoulders ... But then she comes back to me ... To show her how I feel about her, how proud I am that I got her ... That I'ma pistol packin' drug addict who bags on his mama ... Now look, I love my daughter more than life in itself
And wrote the threat of addiction off with the same sip ... I'm on that shit again and I don't wanna come back down ... Me? I got my own way to get up, Starts with a rocks glass and ends with a ... I built a life off of mishaps ... At least a little bit, I smile like a lit candle ... And I don't know if I'm addicted to the feeling or the fact
Let me jump in this shit like back to back. Stay real for life, roll down south ... Deep south, my hood got more slack ... I'm Dope House stout, fuck a set up and no hear though ... Now mix me up some zip but baby don't put too much Sprite .... [Pain:] Yeah, everybody is already done their rap that's the whole Dope House family
So when he says "catch up, nigga" it looks like an accident ... Nigga I'm tryin' to smoke, bitch get higher ... Now I'm all grown, sing songs just to give 'em watts ... On the song, cut and you could sample the feel ... Catch me in the back with Miley on my lap ... Yeah, fuck that ... As an addict I let percocets and xannies relax me
KANYE WEST LYRICS - Diamonds From Sierra Leone (Remix)
If you feel the vibe "Diamonds are ... These ain't conflict diamonds, is they Jacob? don't lie to me mayne ... People askin' me is I'm gon' give my chain back (uh)
Mmm, yeah. Keep ya head up.Yeah. [Verse One: 2Pac] Our lifestyles be close captioned addicted to fatal attractions. Pictures of actions be played back
LOGIC LYRICS - Growing Pains II
Lyrics to "Growing Pains II" song by LOGIC: I'm on the come up Anything that ... (I' m trying to write my wrongs, but it's funny these same wrongs helped me write this song) ... Got a taste now you a fiend ... Yeah he nice so all his friends say he gon' blow like Hiroshim ... Cause I know that I wasn't destined to live a life of crime
Lyrics to "502 Come Up" song by BRYSON TILLER: Yeah-yeah-eah-eah For real though, it's so wild now This shit crazy yeah Woke up in the hills this... ... Feeling like there's a medal I should get. All these haters getting ... How the fuck can people back home say I shook on my niggas ... I said I'm back and I'm so much better
ENTOMBED LYRICS - "Same Difference" (1998) album
the past died painlessly with me the incident was ... but I can't get it out of my mind ... a slave to the addiction king the state I ... life's a kick in the head it's so easy to crack. I'm dying in ... yeah, you better know my name ... play it back clean ... now that is what a nice guy I am ... even the toughest feel like a pulverised bone now ...
HOPSIN LYRICS - Ill Mind Six: Old Friend
So I keep my distance cause you always got this blank expression, Like ... But you ain't listen till the fire burned yo ass now you understand! [Chorus:] You always look like you don't know me, And I'm mad at the world cause the meth took away my homie, ... But back then I had felt like that was too bold, ... (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Lyrics to "SayDatThen" song by SLAUGHTERHOUSE: You got something on your mind nigga? Say dat then Well let me say it without worrying if my label...
Lyrics to "Eazy-Duz-It" song by EAZY-E: Well I'm Eazy-E, I got bitches galore You may have a lot of bitches ... You may have a lot of bitches but I got much more ... And wit a homie like Dre just supplying the beats ... Call my bitch to get me out ' cause I was down for mine ... Now back on the streets and my records are clean
Whippin the chevy, still gettin my tipped licked, When I'm ready I still fall up in the. ... Tell em I'm a rhyme, told em that this sing got me signed, ... And now I cut the porch lights on just to let em know their foresight's wrong, ... Hop up out the passenger and help me back the phantom in ... And this is what my life outro sound like
She wants that old thing back. Uh- uh- uh- ... If i didn't when we cuttin' the feeling would be too strong. In any form, I'm ... me in vein. Now that feelin' got you trippin' ... I know what you like, i am your prescription. I'm your physician, I'm your addiction. And I Know ... Don't ever let 'em tell you that you'll never need me. My China ...
Lyrics to "Let Me Hit That" song by AUGUST ALSINA: You're looking so good right now And I would if I could, pull you right now But I know that you're t... ... Feel like Superman, cause I'm super fly. I need that super loud, super strong, super green, got me super gone. I'm on that's super ... Yeah, you do things to me... [ Hook:]
And she open minded, just the way I like that. I like the way ... Bet I can make her lust me, I'm a hundred percent sure. And even ... Yeah she 'bout that life though, baby 'bout that action. That's what I ... If she was Bonnie, I be Clyde, we been down since way back. Swear them lips will be illegal, they addictive like crack ( haha)
2PAC LYRICS - Blasphemy
Makaveli, the new breed -- and I remember what my pops told me. The new word ... We got addicted had to leave the burbs, back in the ghetto doin wild shit ...
J. COLE LYRICS - Breakdown
Look, I just shed tears homie and now I ain't too proud to admit it. Just seen my ... I feel like you barely know me ... That shit these rappers kick is nothin' like real life . You made a milli off of servin' hard white, yeah right. My mama tell you what addicted to that pipe feel like ... Can't get no jobs, but they still recruitin' niggas
Lloyd - Pusha Lyrics
Yeah It's the Lloyds own killer. She's my pusha. She's my dealer. [Verse 1 - Lil Wayne] and this is your ... But she got that crack and I got that pipe. Now if shes the pusha and I'm the hustla ... And only when the drugs are done I feel like dying ... She gon' make me push it ... I'm addicted to you. Keep coming back for more
Drake - Overdoes On Life Lyrics
And imma leave on one more note / One more motherfuckin note / Its like this. ... Yeah Look.. I said I used to cut the porch lights on and now I cut the porches lights on just to let ... where this rapper going with that obscure ice on he a lame Im just tryna get my mature life on ... Oh me Oh my them girls love me like Seth Cohen,

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