Baby girl is a rider she holds me down lyrics

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Jadakiss - Hold Me Down Lyrics
No girls will ride, like you do for me baby. That's why I hold you down, that's why I hold you down. Them girls on the side ain't got what I need baby, that's why I ...
Lyrics to "Rider" song by ACE HOOD: If I call my baby She pick up the phone every time At the the drop of a dime That rider Your girl... ... That rider [Hook: Chris Brown] Your girl don't need any kind of lover. Be the right kind of ... If you show me your ambitions of a rider ... Would you still be the woman who gon' hold it down
Lyrics to "Rivals" song by USHER: She got me throwing Spades Ace with that ... Holding me down cause you're my rider ... Baby girl you know you're my rider
Lyrics to "Baby Girl" song by NB RIDAZ: I just wanna let you know that this one's for my baby, baby, baby girl This is for my baby girl ... Because you never let me down ... Cause I'm a rider, you my rider ... Atm and cash she would let me hold
... Business" song by HONEY COCAINE: That girl's a rider, yeah She hold a nigga down She tell me she don't ... Cause baby I know getting rich with you'd be fun
K CAMP LYRICS - Money Baby
Lyrics to "Money Baby" song by K CAMP: I like smoking weed, I like getting fly I like having sex, ... And a rider thats gon hold me down no matter what (stay down )
DJ KHALED LYRICS - Hold You Down (Remix)
Lyrics to "Hold You Down (Remix)" song by DJ KHALED: I'll hold you remix (this ... My mama told me (you are) make sure you got a rider beside you ... Black bottle, boy, baller hood billionaire ... We fucked the game, she said she knew that I would never change ... You gotta know your work, baby, don't give 'em no discount
USHER - Rivals lyrics
She got me throwin' Spades Ace with that mouth. I guess only time could tell. You gotta give me dirty love. I guess I'm ... Holdin' me down cause you're my rider ... There's nothin' in this world I hold tighter ... Baby girl you know you're my rider
She more than my lady, she my homie. My baby a rider, she would lay it down for me. Oh and I'm ridin in my drop. Shorty to the right, holding down her spot
2PAC LYRICS - Me And My Girlfriend
Lost in the whirlwind, ninety-six, Bonnie and Clyde Me and my girlfriend, do one- eighty-five when we ride. Trapped in this world of sin, born as a ghetto child
J. COLE LYRICS - Hold It Down
Lyrics to "Hold It Down" song by J. COLE: If my heart stop pumping tomorrow don' t feel no sorrow 'Cause life is hard mentally And ... If you need to holla at me don't hesitate to call. It ain't a problem. I can be there. I ride for ... Yo she's still the baddest ... These is tough times baby ... And girl I ain't 'gon lie and say I won't
Lyrics to "Girl" song by NB RIDAZ: you're my lady always been so true this is why , I sing this song ... and I wanna thank you , for being down to ride, ... Remenise on what we had hold me tight ... Never ever let me down , ... I could neva take for granted what she's done for me, ... If you ever need me baby for you I give my life
ACE HOOD LYRICS - Ride (Remix)
Lyrics to "Ride (Remix)" song by ACE HOOD: Even though I'm in the streets, you know exactly ... Baby just hold it down, I need a chick that'll ride for me, ... cause my girl roll harder then some niggas I know, and I know, that she know, I'm by her  ...
Lyrics to "Ride" song by ACE HOOD: Chea Ace Hood See mama, all I want you ... See mama, all I want you to do is hold it down for me ... While I go get this money, I promise im get us out the hood baby ... Cuz I ride or die girl we gon be good
Lyrics to "Rider" song by FUTURE: Whatchu lookin for I'm lookin for a bitch That'll stay down ... Can you hold me down, knowin my profession ... Baby its the truth
When the D's came she was down to hold the BARETTA I got a thing for baby girl. It's me and her against the world [Justin Timberlake] You were my sun, you ...
Jacquees - Hold It Down Lyrics
Apr 8, 2016 She hold me down (Rich game, rich game) She love my ways Ooh we've been ... Sitting my drop and see the stars, Baby no, Jacquess is a star Baby no, ... I go She down, to ride bruh she gonna roll she down to ride and she gonna ... girl I'm on my way I'm on my way She the one gone hold me down She ...
Lyrics to "Ride" song by TREY SONGZ: Chea Ace Hood See mama, all I want you to do is ... See mama, all I want you to do is hold it down for me ... Cause I ride or die girl we gon be good ... Baby look, just ride with me ... Murder She wrote
Hang, with me down this old road. Only God knows where ... Another voice calling me baby. On the other end of the phone. A new girl puttin' on her makeup ... No other shotgun rider, beside me, singin' to the radio, Whoa Oh, Oh Oh Slide, slide ...
... "I Love My Chick" song by BUSTA RHYMES: I love my Chick I love my baby My lady never lets me down thats why i never let her go she... ... when i fall down and hit the floor ... i love my girl cause she knows the shit ... i know you wish your Chick was a rider like mine ... and if i had to skip town she's hold the stash for a fella
Oh lover, don't you dare slow down. Go longer ... And when we're done, I just wanna feel your hands all over me, baby but you ... Uh, girl I turn that thing into a rainforest. Rain on ... Cause I let her ride, while I drive her crazy. Then I just keep going going like I'm racing. When I'm done she hold me like a conversation. Weezy ...
NB RIDAZ LYRICS - Special Girl
Lyrics to "Special Girl" song by NB RIDAZ: Its the ridaz yea... I'm looking ... is she really out there. I need to ... the one to hold tight when your days are down if you need a ... baby I want you so bad 'cause real ... someone whos gonna ride for me
You my what you call when you wanna take ya time, settle down, and share it all. ... You my baby girl. the way i feel, if you ever disappear I swear my heart will just stop. Even if I never ever make it to the top, you here to make me feel good you ... Cause shawty know she lookin like… woah. ... I know you feel it when I hold ya.
Baby Girl Lyrics - Jay Tee
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Baby Girl" from "Jay Tee": Verse 2 Gemini, You my joy and my pain when I'm with you I'm high, ... This is for my Baby Girl, because you'll never let me down. She's my only girl, you are my world, you are my world ... Cause I'm a rider and you my rider ... ATM and cash you would let me hold
Lyrics to "I.M.Y (Miss You)" song by KODAK BLACK: Damn girl, You so fine, I had missed you I thought I was never gon see you, nah Shit ... Tell my baby, you my lady, I just wanna please ya ... Hold me down when I'm gone, I got in a lil trouble
Lyrics to "Down Bitch" song by PLIES: I don't even know where she get that shit She really did a lot of these niggas I met You can tell an... ... This one bitch you can count on she down with a nigga she ride for him ... Remind me of me and my brother cause shawty is one-thousand ... Hold a nigga down to the very end. If she ...
NB RIDAZ LYRICS - Best Friends
And I wanna thank you for being down to ride. Forever yours, Forever ... Is reminess on what we had, Hold me tight and don't let go girl [Chorus:] Girl, your ... Girl, I have to thank you baby, ... I can never take for granted what she's done for me
BUN-B LYRICS - Hold You Down
Trey Songz, Mike Jones, Baby). Hey, Hey, we ... be a love hustla whatever you need girl ima hold you down [Bun B] ... (hold up) take mo then a average nigga to check me Ima rider till the wheels go balling they blow out ... girl nigga loving the G keep the work under the seat she do it for me take a trip to port her off to the
Lyrics to "Hold Me Down" song by ROCKIE FRESH: Say it get lonely ridin' round the town A lot of phony ... Say you stay down like them girls from around the way
LIL BOOSIE LYRICS - Greenlight Special
When I leave she say she love me (Love me) I love u too, she say nobody do it like I do. On top of dat I feel her juices comin down when she on top of dat ... Jump in the drop top baby let ya hair blow ... You like the fish girl I can take you down to Boeuf River put you on a ... But I hold ma nigga down no matter what the test
Lil D - Down for Me Lyrics
Aug 3, 2015 Lyrics for Down for Me by Lil D. When I need Lil mama 'round and I'm ... I'm down and I'm out going through it man I know that she gone ride for me ... her smile anytime that im with her Your girl keep it real but my girl keep it realer. ... right for you all you gotta do is hold on When I need Lil mama 'round and ...
50 Cent - The World Lyrics
When the D's came she was down to hold the Beretta I got a thing for baby girls, me and her against the world. [Governor - singing] ... Your lips, your thighs, got me hypnotized ... She a rider, I'm in heaven when I'm inside her. Workin' up a ...
Kandi - Keep It Gangsta Lyrics
[lil scrappy] she gon keep it gangsta ... just name your fantasy baby i'll put it on you i'm your gurl boy i'm your rider ... you always hold me down so i thank ya
[Hook - Jacquees:] Ain't nobody got me like you do my partners be like. That's your soldier your lil soldier girl ... She hold it down and I pick it up. We balling like a ...
Lyrics to "My PYT" song by WALE: She a couple couple, couple years younger But she badder than a motherfucker Ass fatter ... I'm sayin' hold up what's up what it do ... Say you want a rider ... And thank god I never had a baby mother either ... Pretty young girl ... When she put it down on me I put them numbers up (facts)
Jay-Z - Bonnie And Clyde Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Bonnie And Clyde' by Jay-Z: All I need in this life of sin is me and my girlfriend ... But today I got my thoroughest girl with me ... She rides with me, the new Bobby and Whitney ... Down the ride till the very end, it's me and my boyfriend
CIARA LYRICS - Lookin' At You
I'll hold it down if you let me. Baby, I'ma rider (ohh, baby) And I'ma good girl. And I' m rollin' You can't live without it. Now let me break it down. I'ma nice girl. She ...
Lyrics to "There Goes My Baby" song by ENRIQUE IGLESIAS: There is only one ... one Rida (one love one love) Enrique She came from nowhere and she stole. ... That girl you will always be mine ... Hold me down if my whole world went crazy
... you and me. Have I ever told you baby ... You say you love me pretty lady and you're down for me ... And let me show you girl these feelings that I hold inside
That Girl Lyrics - R-Swift
Full and accurate LYRICS for "That Girl" from "R-Swift": That girl don't walk like the rest of them, She don't step out of line because she's reppin' Him, ... ... Cause sister holds it down, In and out of town, There's something ... He's taught me hoy to pray, Bea a pillar in my home. Yo, my baby girl is coming. So I gotta let then ...

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