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"Uh Huh". Yeah Hey yo trick. How you gonna come up w/ something like this man ? Yeah When this come on. They'll be like "uh-huh" haha. Red Zone Yo B2k Yo ...
(I said uh) Hey DJ spin dis shit (uh!) Hey DJ spin dis shit. Till the amps start to clip . And yo records start to skip (so uh) Hey DJ play this song (uh huh! I said uh) ...
Bound to fall in love (Uh-huh, honey) [Bridge:] ... When a real nigga hold you down, you supposed to drown ... Hey, you remember where we first met? Okay ...
AUGUST ALSINA LYRICS - I Luv This Shit (Remix)
Ay (whoa-ohh) uh-huh (whoa-ohhhhh-ohhh) Man I luv ... Yo' bitch choosin' on a real nigga, let her chill nigga ... You luv it (ay), better make you luv it girl (uh-huh)
Lyrics to "Hey Papi" song by JAY-Z: All my mamis bounce, uh (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, ... Ay yo I got a resolution ... And I'll make her remind me, uh-huh
Popcaan - Fresh Jordan Lyrics
[Intro 1] Woii yoii. You know. Yo, Anju Blaxx. [Intro 2] Uh huh (Uh huh) Uh huh (Uh huh) Aye (Aye) You know, woii. Uh huh (Uh huh) Uh huh (Uh huh) Aye (Aye)
Guy - We're Comin' Lyrics
Bomp bomp, yeah, uh huh. It's the G, yo. Uh huh, uh. [Brett] Aye yo, everybody. Can I have your attention. I got something to say y'all lame-ass small-change cats
LIL JON LYRICS - Ms. Chocolate
Lyrics to "Ms. Chocolate" song by LIL JON: Aye Uh huh Uh Huh (Let's go ladies) Lil ... Aye Oh oh. Aye Let me hear the chocolate ladies say. Aye Yo! (Aye Yo...)
Oh (what you got player) Oh (ah, uh) Oh (ah, uh huh) Hey yo Loon Yo, when these chicks see a nigga with some hot shit. I'ma help yo ass out on what a bitch  ...
Hey, hey mama, said the way you move, Gonna make you sweat, gonna make you groove. Uh uh child, way you shake ... Hey, hey, baby, when you walk that way, Watch your honey drip, ... I can really do you, huh? Ooh, wew, you do it, baby.
Yo, yo, yo, Let me hear ya say. Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh. Put your hands in the air everybody, c'mon. Where them dogs at [Verse One: Erick Sermon] Hey yo, I'm ...
Travis Porter - Uh Huh Lyrics
if you know you do it bigg; and you a bad bitch clap yo hands, clap yo hands . if yo ... aye aye, you should be a model; the way you walkin in my heels girl you ...
RAY J LYRICS - Wait A Minute (Remix)
Lyrics to "Wait A Minute (Remix)" song by RAY J: Oh uh oh uh yea I dont think yall ready for this one The ... Oh wait a minute (oh wait a minute hey hey hey) ... Yo you know the words say it (wait a minute) ... Blaw tadow, watch out now, uh-huh
(HED) P.E. LYRICS - Hey Now
Hey Now Yo Ray Yeah wasup dogg? You see that fine little school girl right there ? ... Uh-huh yeah Ok ... If ya lookin' for trouble son you came to the right place
PUFF DADDY LYRICS - Fake Thugs Dedication
Yeah, yeah uh huh. Yo, when you say you thuggin', it doesn't matter. It goes into my ... Hey yo bitch, you know what I want when I bring my crew (We go Uptown ...
Yeah Let's go. Girl, I know when I see you all in my timeline, yeah, yeah ... Follow me and I'll follow you (uh huh) Wherever you ... Bae-ae-ae-ae (hey) Ohhhh aye ...
Lyrics to "Damien III" song by DMX: Hey yo D, it's your nigga D Uh-huh What the fuck, you forgot about me? You've been eatin real goo...
Baby you could be my Valentine. More than just sex exchanged, baby you my Boo Thang. Hey, girl, so glad that I've found ya! Uh huh! Tell your friends, they're leaving without ya! ... Can't get enough, I love yo stuff! Let's turn it up, you get what ...
DOM KENNEDY LYRICS - The 5 Year Theory (Real Shit Last)
A nigga probably took her out once, uh huh, that's wassup. I'll have her ... Keep a Dom Kennedy shirt in yo' gym bag. Aye Girl you fine with yo thick ass. Girl you ...
[Chorus (x2)] Aye yo Mac, what it is? We wanna know what you sound like kid. ... Cause good things don't come around twice. (uh-huh) I sound like feathers,
J. HOLIDAY LYRICS - Bed (Trey Songz Remix)
... Holiday And Songz Ay-ay-ay, Ay, Ay-ay-ay, Ay, Ay-ay-ay, Ay) Put you to bed, bed, bed... ... Right there (uh huh) right there (uh) ... Love you till yo eyes roll back
Seventeen - Adore U lyrics
15 explanations, 1 meaning to Adore U lyrics by Seventeen: [S.Coups] Aye yo aye yo, yup! / [Vernon] Uh-Huh, You Know What? / [Jun] Yojeum.
NE-YO LYRICS - She Knows
[Intro - Juicy J:] Yeah, uh-huh. Mmm, yeah (Ya) [Verse 1 - Ne-Yo:] You know, from the moment she turn around, ay. She know, how to back it up and drop it down ...
... Yeaaah Come on Its mister steal yo girl Ay girl Let's go Bottoms up bottoms up ( up) Ay whats in... ... Girl you know I love the way you shake it in them jeans
Lyrics to "We Ride" song by R KELLY: Uh huh, hey, I remember when I back in the days When I ain't hot ... R. Kelly yo, I'm right from the belly, you know the soul
Hey Boy Lyrics - Fan 3
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Hey Boy" from "Fan 3": Hey Boy wanna ride wit me (YEAH), Play Boy like what you see (uh huh), but first you gotta shake ... SHAKE what yo momma gave ya! SHAKE Hey Boy Play boy. Hey Boy You a play boy.
Trey Songz - Un Huh Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Un Huh' by Trey Songz. all ive got is 5,10 20's in my pocket / and im giving 5,10,20's when she ... uh huh (shake yo ass) ... aye oh aye oh aye oh aye oh.
Lyrics to "Right Thurr" song by CHINGY: Uh, hey dirty, (what?) Look at that ... Switch your hips when you're walkin', let down you're hurr (let down your hurr) I like the way ... Her man, he's so whacked girl can i taste yo cat ... I like that (uh- huh)
Come and see me in yo' city cause when I leave girl I'm gone! (Uh Huh!) [Hook: x2] ... Sold Out [x7] (Heeeey! Ay Ay Ay Ay Ay Ay Ay Ay Ay Ay) Ha! Uh Yes sir! [x5]
Bo$$ Lyrics - Fifth Harmony
... you's a volvo. This convo's beat like Dre-aye, I already know whatcha tryna say hey! ... I'm on my Michelle Obama shhhhhhhhh, shut yo mouth. Boy I think ... Uh huh uh huh. Hey hey. Fifth Harmony: Ooooooo Camila: Daladadadada I see you
B2K LYRICS - Hey Little Lady
Lyrics to "Hey Little Lady" song by B2K: Ha haaaa uh Hmmm mmmm Ya'll gon feel this one... ... Hey little Lady please tell me yo name ... Huh, whhaat, b2K ya'll
HEAVY D LYRICS - Like Dat Dhere
Lyrics to "Like Dat Dhere" song by HEAVY D: Yo yo, what happened, how was it? Pssh, it was ... When I come through throw yo' hands in the ay-ir. And wave 'em ... Cause when you do dat dhere, I wanna be right dhere (uh-huh) (Heavy get ...
Lud Foe - Cuttin Up Lyrics
May 12, 2016 You know how we rockin nigga Get yo' guns up get yo funds up You On That ... Aye Aye She said she like my swag, I be cuttin' up He can't hang with ... she wanna fuck, Ima' charge the bitch (huh) Ten thousand for thirty mins, ...
JAY-Z LYRICS - Show Me What You Got
[Intro] This is State Of Emergency What you want me to do? I'm sorry! I'm back.. hehehe. UH, huh uh, lets go get 'em Just [Chorus] HEY HEY HEY HEY HEY HEY
Young Dolph - 3 Way Lyrics
Apr 8, 2015 Aye these bitches ain't shit and these niggas ain't either Fuck em Paper ... nigga so I keep real niggas wid me (Uh huh) nie Ian trippin throwin money ... my pistol Aye you to li mama to yo crib you a stupid ass nigga I can't trust ...
Nicki Minaj - Itty Bitty Piggy Lyrics
uh huhuh huh yo a yo ... When you was in New York, you was fuckin' a yankee ... you know make sure-you could be my personal shopper -Laughter- Aye yo!
Amber - Shake That Brass Lyrics
[All] Hey yo! (Taeyeon~ Yeah! ) [All] Hey yo! (Taeyeon~ Uh huh) [All] Hey yo [ Amber] Shake that brass~ [All] Hey yo! (Taeyeon~ Yeah! ) [All] Hey yo! (Taeyeon~  ...
Uh huh. Yeah New Monica [Monica] Its funny how the tables turn now its you ... [ Missy:] Aye yo Mo pick up the phone man, this old raggedy cellular phone sound  ...
CHINGY LYRICS - All Aboard (Ride It)
Lyrics to "All Aboard (Ride It)" song by CHINGY: Uh huh huh (ridin') uh huh huh ... I can see yo A** for evidence and I can prove it. ... Aye, I got nothing to say.
KANYE WEST - Bound To lyrics
Bound to fall in love (Uh-huh, honey) [Bridge] ... When a real nigga hold you down, you supposed to drown [Hook] ... So hey, maybe we can make it to Christmas

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