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Lyrics to "Gal A Weh Me Do You" song by VYBZ KARTEL: Whe yaah seh Suppose mi sleep wid yuh best fren ... Gyal a weh mi do yuh mek yuh do mi dat ... Everyting yuh do mi mi a do yuh back ... You still deh wid di brown gyal up a stanpipe
Alkaline - Badness It Name Lyrics
Dec 27, 2016 (murda, murda mi ting deh) yuh hear dat (kmt ...yow dawg yuh nah nuh ... dis 5 years in a d hole magazine full a story weh neva be told aye lef dem a ... ting deh watch yah di man a bawl like a big pussy gyal go wash yuh face ...
GYPTIAN LYRICS - Hold Yuh (Remix)
Lyrics to "Hold Yuh (Remix)" song by GYPTIAN: Ooooooohhhhh ... Gal yuh give mi di tightest hold mi ever yet seen inna my life (This one's for Queens!!!!) Gal mi waan fi just squeeze yuh, put mi ting right around yuh ... See dem gal deh, contradiction ... Mi waan a girl who will tek care a mi, mi waan a gal dat can wine pon mi
POPCAAN LYRICS - Nuh Ordinary Girl
... dat gyal deh inna mi arm Gyal mi love how yuh gwan When yuh roll it me see... ... That ting weh we call ramp ruff. You have di needle and I mi have thread nuff. So yuh know seh yuh belly must puff. Ay baby. Mi notice seh you can handle di ...
VYBZ KARTEL LYRICS - Never See A Gyal Weh Mi Love So Much
Lyrics to "Never See A Gyal Weh Mi Love So Much" song by VYBZ KARTEL: Nuff gyal me fuck ... A mi baby dat ... Mi seh skin out yuh pussy, mi a come in deh
ELEPHANT MAN LYRICS - Jook Gal (Wine, Wine)
Lyrics to "Jook Gal (Wine, Wine)" song by ELEPHANT MAN: Elephant (Hey!) Lil' Jon ... One ting deh pon yuh mind (Wine wine) bend over and wine (Wine wine) Di Jamaican girls ... Mi see di down south girls dem a (Wine wine) ([Lil' Jon:] Hey !)
Girl I can see it pon your face. Seh yo body a ball out ... Mi would a eat yuh like a burger king combo [Verse 1] Gyal yo si da body deh, yo si da body deh. Yo si da  ...
Dat Bad Ehh Lyrics - Busy Signal
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Dat Bad Ehh" from "Busy Signal": (Intro), Mi ah talk bout' all ah di bad tune dem yuh hear dat?, Listen Keenly Youth At leasy ... ... BUSY diamondz are foreva sound it dah Kanye West tune deh soun bad eeh an di video bad eeh ... Gwaan do u ting gyal ice inna mi video dat bad eeh. Mr Peppa ...
Lyrics to "Jook Gal (Remix)" song by ELEPHANT MAN: It's the Elephant Man ( that's me) and the Twista with another ... One ting deh pon yuh mind (Wine wine) bend over and wine (Wine wine) ... Mi see di down south girls dem a (Wine wine)
Vybz Kartel - Mi Beat Up Di Pussy Lyrics
... Vybz Kartel. Gyal / Me love yuh style / Me love the way yuh wine / Ah u dey pon meh mind / U could be a friend of mine / Cock. ... Cock up yuh foot like clothes dey pon the line cuz dis ah not no love song. Aye gyal me ah fuck. Like say ... Me say baby anu me do u dat ... When yuh run an ah go bathe my girl watch yuh step
VYBZ KARTEL LYRICS - Faggot Correction
Dis a da settlement ta all confrontation (Faggot Correction) Cause from dem ... Assassin (aye), tell your friend say are idiot. A idiot tune dat [1] ... A straight inna the gal batty hole (inna) ... Then sir, how you are mix up the ting ... Eeeee up to the crime yuh know. Me nah know, blacka Kartel Mi see dem all afee deh wash dem
Lyrics to "Get Gal Anywhere" song by VYBZ KARTEL: Adidjah di world boss Tarik di russian mafia, heh heh heh One ting bout we an di youte dem whey wi... ... Gal a seh mi love di extension inna yuh hair [Russian] ... [Kartel] Gal a watch mi till har neck crick, young gal, ... Gal a seh, dem love da white youte deh [Kartel]
Bun up everyting from here to Mo B-ay. Cool yuh perform nuh bodda wid di lay l- ay. Bun up di whole T Dot ... Let me see somethin gal (Wine gal wine) Look yuh own gal nuh ... Brush dat bwoy deh if him caan stop stare. Throw out yuh Pumas  ...
Konshens - Big People Ting lyrics
Aye put dung yuh drinks too Aye mek sure yuh can manage Ready fi dis, ready fi ... di cockey deh yah fi she to Wi no freak, yuh no food so mi naw eat yuh If yuh ... left yuh mi still a keep yuh Da one yah name xrated No nothing fi no likkle gyal ...
Vybz Kartel - Come Yah Nuh Mi Gal Lyrics
Yuh pussy good gal suh mi haffi / Say hello mi gal hello mi gal hello mi gal wol on nuh / Hey gal mi have supm. ... Hey gal mi have supm mi waan say mi waan touch u pan da pussy. Jaw deh it sound fiesty but do nuh walk weh a u me want inna my life. Baby, come ... Wen me come enuh a u me want see fi gi me love enuh.
BUSY SIGNAL LYRICS - I Love Girl That Love Girls
Love girls yeahh ay [Verse 1:] ... Da gal deh a go hard she nuh Christian muss a sinner gal (guess wah) She like off ... She have a coca-cola plus har ting gal ... When you see girls with dem girlfriend ... And it nuh mek nuh sense yuh curse dem
Lyrics to "Fi Di Gal Dem" song by VYBZ KARTEL: Gaza the girl dem say innuh don So weh mi fi do? (wah?) Supm fi ... Da wine deh so bright it dim di bright light ... Yuh celebrity status higha dan a satellite. Aye Girl! [Hook:] You mi waan fi my wife ... You ah everyting inna my life ... Mi nuh see nuh gal out deh weh a wine like u
Doh Tell Me Dat lyrics and translation - Flipo
Jul 18, 2014 Lyrics and translation for Doh Tell Me Dat by Flipo. Aye, Sweden gyal jus whine fuh me Bubble up yuh waist, gyal jus Grind on ... now, now Like every ting stop when ah jamming some ting But me an de Dj ... gyal if yuh feel it Man ah run from gyal, gyal ah run down gyals Cause deh know am dah baddest.
KRANIUM LYRICS - Nobody Has To Know
(Mhmm) Set da way deh suh Bend da way deh suh You know mi have... ... Nobody haffi know seh yuh a give it up. Nobody haffi know seh yo ... But from mi look inna your eyes mi see di freakiness. Baby girl ... Hey gyal mi a go shift your womb
Mr. Killa - Rolly Polly lyrics
Roll it, roll it, roll it, Roll it, roll it, roll it, All ah de boss gyal deh Tell dem the party start. ... Years gone by, only maga gyal Gettin the play So den meh see it and meh ... God dat make you So tell dem doh touch yuh size When you dress yup sexy Tell ... yuh can do Any ting slim gyal do, tell dem you can do it too Aye Meh want to ...
ALKALINE LYRICS - No Regular (Lilly)
Lyrics to "No Regular (Lilly)" song by ALKALINE: A wa happen to some bloodclaat scabby No fool cyaa spar wid me A bare vendetta gyal deh yah Bare gun...
Aye notnice Yo pimpin She seh you kno I love you boy Don't you take mi for a clown Cau... ... Mi seh mi give you everyting you need. Plus mi love you till di end. You nuh fi listen to nobody. Stop tek talk from yuh friends ... Wen you see sey dat mi leavin ... You will never find a better man out deh ... Gal A Weh Me Do You
SEAN PAUL LYRICS - Give It Up To Me (Remix)
From yuh look inna mi eye gal I see seh yuh want me ... So rev it up deh gal gwaan try you luck deh cause when you stir it up you know me haffi measure up ...
Mr Killa - Rolly Polly Lyrics
Mar 14, 2014 Years gone by, only maga gyal Gettin de bly lawd So den me see it and me ... Ah want ah fat gyal, Ah want ah Rolly Polly Ah want ah big gyal, Yuh mek me ... just roll fat gyal roll it God dat make you So tell dem doh touch yuh size ... dem wah yuh can do Any ting slim gyal do, tell dem you can do it too Aye ...
Lady Saw - Stab Out The Meat Lyrics
... Meat' by Lady Saw. Intro: Worldwide yu see from yu a good fucka man mi want unno big up / Unno hood cah mi catash deh ya a wait fi unno. ... Verse 1: Watch yah, yu ol time gal dem siddun pon you name. Seh di fuck weh you ... But I won't suck it. Mi seh di fur burger ting mi no inna yu hear mi. Watch dis. Pose mi anyway ...
{Eeeh, So badly, da one ya name Sesame Street inna colors, a ting name cartoon character} ... From yuh can dweet do di sesame street ... Watch mi, mek mi show dem di, Ay! ... Ova di wall, gyal put unno brand up ... So wha dem a seh deh
Let me see you get, a get low (You Scared!) Turn your body yo ... Gal shake up yuh booty, when yuh shake it up yuh get mi rudey. Wouldn't ... yuh movey. Dem gal deh can wine trust me and dem waistline groovy ... Just fi get yuh ting dem a promise yuh peso. Dem a seh ... Give dem di dance a dat di girls want. Give dem di ...
A wah happen to uno, uno do uno own ting ... Ya nah see di whole ah dem ah parasite dem a leech ... Dem a fish inna di sea, Gaza deh pon di beach ... Tru mi do Gyal ah weh mi do u mek u do mi dat ... Dumpa Truck / That Sweet Yuh
Murder she wrote (Na na na) Murder she wrote. Watch yuh now stand still. Yuh no pay me light bill. If yuh tes di ragamuffin. Gal ya gwan get kill. Gal keep 'way
VYBZ KARTEL LYRICS - Tightest Punani
Lyrics to "Tightest Punani" song by VYBZ KARTEL: Gal get up(pum) whine up til you ... Yuh punnany b-b-bless up(pum) your hole tight, weh mi sey mi waan yuh do, ... Fling dat phat pussy pon it you have di tightest punnany ... Gi away your punnany phat, mi see it ... Mi don't waan si no gal deh ya with nuh stretch out pokey
After mi tell you seh mi love you gyal. Cyaa buy a benz or ... When you deh a Base High [Repeat Chorus] ... But mi know supn deh in a yo phone. More while mi ...
SEAN PAUL LYRICS - Gimme The Light (Remix)
Lyrics to "Gimme The Light (Remix)" song by SEAN PAUL: Ay yo Sean Paul!!! Yo yo A Busta Rhymes this yuh know Wah gwaan Pass me the blow torch let me l... ... Gal dem inna mi sight and I got to know (Yeah, yeah) Which one ... Tell dem nuh ready fi di level weh di Dutty deh pon ... Yeah, di dro dat a di ting weh we need
Kranium - Nobody Has To Know (Remix) Lyrics
... Set da way deh suh / Bend da way deh suh / Yo know mi have a fat c-k fi yuh ... Nobody no haffi know seh yuh a give it up ... Hey gyal mi a go shift yo womb
Pitbull - Toma (Dj Buddha Remix) Lyrics
Mi baby modda waan know weh mi deh, she tink mi next gal a mi deh ... Everybody just gwaan do yuh ting, watch di people dem a Willie Bouncin ... You ain't no nun girl I ain't no monk, so shake dat ass wid di dancehall crunked .... Ay Chico lyrics · Give Me Everything (Tonight) lyrics · Ai Se Eu Te Pego (Worldwide Remix) ...
Beenie Man - Chacka Dance Lyrics
3 Jamaican Ting · 4 My World ... John hype, who dat ah run, who dat ah ball. True yuh put yuh ak ova di wall. Harder dem ... Dem ova deh suh keep tings steady. We ova yere suh ... We ago remix di dance, everybody watch di. Ay, chaka belly chaka belly. Have a new ... John ah call down di rain pon di gal dem. But if ah rain ...
Beenie Man - Bitter Mi Blood Lyrics
Intro: / Play somethin Sweet Deh.... / Zagga zeh ... Well, Di gal dem waan bitter mi ,bitter mi,bitter mi,bitter mi blood. Bitter mi ... Hey I will (I Will) mek ah gal kiss me pon mi spa. But mi nah ... Yuh mad,if you think di rasta nuh reckon. Mi nuh play two cause dat wi only come second. Dem di likkle ting mek mi draw fi mi weopen
Beenie Man - Nuff Gal Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Nuff Gal' by Beenie Man. ... Cause yuh haffi have the stamina fi service them. When mi talk bout 'nough ... But dat naw go stop mi from have gal abroad
Kiprich - Zebra & Tiger lyrics
[Intro:] Yow kipo(yeh) You nuh see seh 2 good artist down ina di buisness again( dat mi ah seh) One slash off a bike and out deh a jail. Mek weh sort it out
... Stop Chat Lyrics. Aye JJ, ah wham to dem gyal ya* Ah di twin sister dem Dem never know say Lisa Hype deh pon fire Hott, de whole a dem career mi ah wire Aye. ... You nah ready fi de ting your career is lame. Ishawna de ... Batty face style it big shit flush yuh dung ... Anywhere weh me a see you mi ah ready. Dat me she
Mr Eazi feat. Efya - Skin Tight Lyrics
Feb 17, 2016 ... na na sh))milogo sh))milogo sh)) sh)) sh))milogo sh))milogo baby now put it on me girl make i see sh))milogo sh))milogo sh)) sh)) sh))milogo ...

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