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Atrocity - Atlantean Empire Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Atlantean Empire' by Atrocity. Eleven thousand and five hundred years ago / The realm of the golden age ruling the world / Thousands of warships, ten.
ATROCITY LYRICS - "Atlantis" (2004) album
2. Superior Race 3. Gods Of Nations 4. Ichor 5. Enigma 6. Morbid Mind 7. Omen 8. Cold Black Days 9. Atlantean Empire 10. Clash Of The Titans 11. Apocalypse
Atrocity Lyrics
A Prison Called Earth · Atrocity · Abyss Of Addiction · Atrocity · Antediluvian World · Atrocity · Apocalypse · Atrocity · Archangel · Atrocity · Atlantean Empire
ATLANTEAN KODEX LYRICS - "The Golden Bough" (2010) album
ATLANTEAN KODEX lyrics - "The Golden Bough" (2010) album, including "The Golden ... The Atlantean Kodex 8. ... Their empire is dying, their culture will fall
STEELPREACHER LYRICS - "Devilution" (2015) album
STEELPREACHER lyrics - "Devilution" (2015) album, including "Atlantean ... 10. Atlantean Dawn (Ballad Version) .... The ocean empire thrones – forever more
STEELPREACHER LYRICS - "Hellraiser" (2011) album
Locked And Loaded 8. Atlantean Dawn .... A city of silver and gold - Atlantean dawn. Keeper of power ... The ocean empire thrones - for evermore. All hopes and ...
Atlantean Kodex - Temple Of Katholic Magick lyrics
Temple Of Katholic Magick lyrics by Atlantean Kodex: A black wind of pain is cleansing the land / Crushing the sons ... Their empire is dying, their culture will fall
Bal-sagoth - The Splendour Of A Thousand Swords Gleaming ...
[XERXES:] I see a land far to the north... a vast empire of dark endless moors ... beneath the northern seas by an ancient Atlantean wizard. And the sword.
Bal-Sagoth - Draconis Albionensis lyrics
The descendants of the Atlantean mages had fallen before the New Praesidium, and the wolves were baying at the Empire's door. An oppressive new faith was ...
the great empire unreachale top. Oh, glory for the fallen ... Silent steps behind and Atlantean shadow. Fragments of light ... The last days of the empire are told
"Atlanteans... once blessed children of the light, now a corrupt, tyrannical empire* Legends tell us of the last days of Atlantis, when the Athenian army took up ...
EXCOMMUNION LYRICS - "Superion" (2002) album
await the empire of unholy night a dread kingdom of the final age await the chant ... descending, this atlantean storm awaken vile ancient beast for too long have ...
Atrocity Atlantis Lyrics
Clash Of The Titans lyrics · Atlantean Empire lyrics · Cold Black Days lyrics · Morbid Mind lyrics · Omen lyrics · Enigma lyrics · Ichor lyrics · Gods Of Nations lyrics ...
49, Atlantean Empire. 50, Haunted by Demons. 51, Fatal Step. 52, I´M In Darkness. 53, Pandæmonium. 54, Murder by Assasination. 55, Hallucinations.
SPIRIT CARAVAN LYRICS - "Jug Fulla Sun" (1999) album
Empire's Forged On Cold Deceit The Few Choices Are Pre-Ordained ... Climbing Through The Sea In My Side Car Rides My Atlantean Queen Trick It Out!!
IRONSWORD LYRICS - "Ironsword" (2002) album
From distant Empire of Rome With promises and words of peace. Yet showing their ... Hiss the Atlantean rhymes. Bestowed I now realise. That this sword afterall ...
BAL-SAGOTH LYRICS - "The Chthonic Chronicles" (2006) album
... tongue which the transcription cryptically notes as being Old High Atlantean. .... At length, the mightiest of the Empire's iron-hooded battering rams, dubbed ...
Man's atlantean origin from the dawning golden ages ... Atlanteans diluted and enslaved. Reptoid traits like ... from civilisation to terror empire. Ruled by gods of  ...
bilskirnir - as snow covered the hyperborean soil lyrics
In the ancient empire. In the time as snow covered the hyperboream ... 2, Reconquering Atlantean Supremacy. 3, Night's Fall II. 4, Final Winter War. 5, Autumn ...

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