And i love her cause she trippen on another bitch lyrics

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YG LYRICS - Police
Lyrics to "Police" song by YG: Damn Bitch Fuck off, always on my head bout some bullshit So what man, you nothing to me Yeah that... ... Yeah that's my other bitch, she be trippin when I say im with another bitch. Sold her a dream that wont come true but she hope it is ... Cuz im in love with this girl but I love the other bitch
Lyrics to "Trippin On Her" song by KIRKO BANGZ: Shit, I've been a player I ain't ever had a girl before And there ain't ever been a ... I automatically think that she don't love me no more ... I'm trippin' like a bitch ... Cause this is just the beginning
Trill Youngins - One Bitch Lyrics
May 31, 2015 Lyrics for One Bitch by Trill Youngins. i gotta bitch thats always talking bout she rich i gotta bitch thatll fight another bitch . ... i got a bitch in san leandro when her moms be trippen she let me fuck her ... "rich" bitch once and ill never fuck her twice cause i found out she was .... Made with love & passion in Italy.
TOO $HORT LYRICS - Cocktales
I fucked her with my finger, she tried to cum. Pussy so ... I'm trying to get freaky cause I love the funk. My dick ... She's like another bitch named Christine Bitch so  ...
I admit that you almost had me. I admit I was almost crazy. Had me thinkin' 'bout callin' that bitch that night. And let her know where she can come and meet me
THE RANGERS LYRICS - Ego Trippin Ya Know
Now she feel like she the shit, old friends looking at her sideways. Her new friends, all the bad bitch clear. Got drop tops in ... Cause she always at my house, breaking sweat. So while her ... She love me like I'm her fucking man. She ride me ...
I will have a model wife, your bitch is as hot as ice. Every time you see ... But I could never love her 'cause to her I'm just a rapper. And soon she'll have met another. That's why me ... Fuck it I ain't trippin, I know Drizzy gon' kill em' I'm sticking to ...
[Girl :] You lookin' at me like you want another bitch to jump out my face [Gates :] Well ... Shawty tell me she love me, I don't tell her I love her back. Niggas in the ...
Lyrics to "4 Lit" song by DJ MLK: Should be two lit, should be four lit Pick me up before six Got a bitch, with another bitch We ain't... ... We ain't trippin' cause we all here. Ya we all ... Reefer got me so she got my eyes glued ... Don't wanna see her with a telescope, tell 'em go ... All the bad bitches love the young roadrunner
AUGUST ALSINA LYRICS - I Luv This Shit (Remix)
Girl, ain't no bitch nigga, no rich nigga, no snitch nigga ... I'm way to high to be trippin' like this ... Bitches been missin' me lately (ohh), they love it when I talk to ' em crazy (ohh) ... I'mma keep her bussin' cause she luv this dick (whoa-ohh) I' mma ... All we doin' is lickin' and fuckin' and touchin' your booty be speakin' another ...
Lyrics to "Gutta Bitch" song by WEBBIE: Look hop in my ride Stash this, Hold that, Be cool turn ... No trippin, ... This some gutta ass G, shit girl I can't tell ya I love ya but you ain't just some other ho I ... Let me beat it Cause I don't know when I'm gonna be leaving again ... I wanna fuck her too so don't even tell your best friend
B.o.B feat. T.I. & Ty Dolla $ign - 4 Lit Lyrics
Nov 3, 2016 Should be two lit, should be four lit Pick me up before six Got a bitch, with another bitch. We ain't trippin' cause we all here Yeah we all with the function Yeah ... six Got a bitch, with another bitch We ain't trippin' cause we all here Yeah ... she know Dolla gettin' money now Uh, I'mma pass her like Cam, yeah ...
YO GOTTI LYRICS - Fuck Your Bestfriend
Never on no sucka shit make a fuck another bitch name Kesha, thats my cousin ... kind of mistress bitch i always wondered what she do cause she had all kind of shit. ... Some how she always fuck with me and I don't give her no dick. ... my partner end up cuffing her but I can still fuck the bitch even though he in love wit her.
Cause baby I know getting rich with you'd be fun. But right ... You with a bitch, that ain't my business. I seen all ... If she fuck with another nigga, love with another nigga ... So don't be trippin' when you see me with some bitches ... I told her. If she got a side nigga. That ain't none of my business, that ain't none of my business
JOE BUDDEN LYRICS - She Don't Put It Down (Remix)
Lyrics to "She Don't Put It Down (Remix)" song by JOE BUDDEN: Huh-uh, uhh Shorty old news ... And I love it when we argue cause eventually we make up
Z-RO LYRICS - Lonely
Lyrics to "Lonely" song by Z-RO: I use to be a sucker for love But I'm alright ... Even my baby mama trippin ... Cause I'm a christain but I ain't livin like a christian ... Ain't got no time to play no game I be damn if I let another bitch drive me insane
JOE - Don't Wanna Be a Player Lyrics
... me Why you really mad My bitch look like a good girl And she so fucking bad Throw ... making up stories Say anything They just mad cause my ass gon' be famous ... wanna fuck a nigga They chasin money nigga They dont really love a nigga I ... Be trippen off my other bitch And that other bitch be trippen Off another Bitch ...
Lyrics to "Bad Bitch" song by WEBBIE: The girl be cooking and cleaning and cleaning and cooking She be ... She be constantly douching and cleaning her pussy ... Cuz you a bad bitch ... Man I love them bad bitches with them sexy ass tattoos
FABOLOUS LYRICS - Diced Pineapples
But I ain't try to hurt her, 'cause I've always been the best, At making my shawty feel it till she feel it in her chest. Sex, excellent ... Bitch so bad know her parents went through hell, Smart mouth ... another joint, Miami on the yacht, she pulling on my pistol saying how she love my cock. ... I leave niggas here, all in another year,
I'm barely getting time to see my son and then she heard of me. Baby momma trippin out, I tell her to work with me. I'm on probabtion ... And all these bitches wanna fuck me cause a nigga made it ... Bad bitch with me trying blow me like a fuse
T. MILLS LYRICS - Other Bitch Callin'
Lyrics to "Other Bitch Callin'" song by T. MILLS: Oh no, not today I can't fuck with you I'm ... A-B-C, another bitch is callin', sorry gotta click over. So just say whatcha gotta say. Cause I don't got all day. Cause music's getting loud and the blunts comin' my way ... She do everything I want 'er to and love everything you hate
ASH KARDASH LYRICS - Diced Pineapples
You see' something 'bout this dude got me trippin' Cause I'm willing to give up all that I've got, All to have what I've been ... And than you gave him all your love n' And in the end that ... And being worried about another bitch. Then maybe you ...
Cause shawty know she lookin like… woah. ... Sometimes you be trippin. ... gotta real ass bitch that you in love with, holla “right chea”. hoes, I can't love ya but I'll ...
Something 'bout this dude got me trippin' 'Cause I'm ... And then you gave him all your love. And in the end that ... And you tell me to stop crying 'cause you ain't doing shit. You tellin' me to ... And being worried about another bitch. Then maybe ...
YG LYRICS - Me & My Bitch
I was claiming her when we was fucking. My bitch, wasn't using condoms no nothing. I was in love, she came first before my homies. Like fuck it, I'm 'bout to get ...
TOO $HORT LYRICS - All My Bitches Are Gone
Ain't got no kids but them bitches love daddy. They had to ... Get out her pocket, bitch you gettin' beat up. You see ... Cause all she ever got was some good dick
Man I put that bitch up on her feet, she cut a nigga deep. Damn... bitch! ... Ain't trippin cause you got a nigga, I just think you rushin. But leavin him to be with me  ...
But 2nite when she go home I'ma keep callin her phone. Til she let me lay ... Another bitch done hit me up boosie wat do it do. She ... [Verse 3] Now lately er' body been trippin me you & dem children ... We gotta go baby cause on my way ho.
KEVIN GATES LYRICS - Perfect Imperfection
Man she tap! [Hook:] ... But always talking cause the dope nigga ever had heart ache. Ever lost ... And that bitch that you love don't pick up when you call her
E-40 LYRICS - Bitch
Lyrics to "Bitch" song by E-40: Nigga don't act like a (BITCH!) That's why I don't got love for a (BITCH!) Oh that's why Too $hort a... ... Cause if I'm in her life, it's a problem. A real player's at your ... She got a lot of bitch in her but not more than you ... and these musty mouth broads they be trippin (they be trippin) I mean the bitch ...
Too $hort - I Know You Love Her Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Know You Love Her' by Too $hort. Yo / Was on your ... It's true love cause she's da only one your thinkin of. You don't care ... Well now you got a bitch that's like to lick your ass. Take you out ... If you had another girl, you knew she wouldn't care. But ain't tryin ... Too $hort - I Ain't Trippin' Music Video. I Ain't Trippin'.
KEVIN GATES LYRICS - Cut Her Off (Freestyle)
Lyrics to "Cut Her Off (Freestyle)" song by KEVIN GATES: Starin' at me like the damsel in distress ... Dickmatized her, dick amazing, now she blowing up my phone (won't leave me alone) ... Would we get in trouble for fucking each other cause I use to fuck with your sister ... Oooooooohhh it ain't nothin' to fuck yo' bitch dog
YG LYRICS - This Girl
But I ain't trippin cuz I like her anyways she got a ... ya anyways girl I love yo smile and and even tho ... and she be on me even more cuz I'm not no bitch and she ...
I walked into her bedroom. I put it down that's ... See I ain't no bitch nigga no rich nigga. No snitch nigga Ima ... She tell me keep fucking cause she luv this shit. And I luv it ... You refuse to believe that my love is true (God damn) So I use all I got ...
TECH N9NE LYRICS - Psycho Bitch II
Lyrics to "Psycho Bitch II" song by TECH N9NE: I think your amazing I think your ... Then you wanna say you love me on Monday ... Sad cause you never wanna kiss her now ... If she take her seroquel, and selects ... Trippin with strippers you think I'm digging out. Me sayin that "I'll never be taken by the hands of another man"
Now my mama high, cause she ate my weed brownies. Now she ... Never love a bitch cause I just don't trust her ... Caught another case so I got to call my lawyer
TRAE LYRICS - Gutta Chick
No trippin' cause she know we just fuckin' That's my gutta ... Show me that you love me, girl come and suck me. If I let you in my ... So I turnt up with this hood bitch. Late night on ... Crack her ass open then throw in a couple chicks. You never ...
Lyrics to "Lucky Ass Bitch" song by MAC MILLER: Ol' ratchet ass bitch (Fuck me) tryna get your hustle on Ain't no nigga gunna pay your muthafuckin' ... Leave a hand print on her butt cheek, she give me head while I puff trees ... Go ahead and hate her, cause everybody does ... She in love with drugs, that pussy get licked up
She like her ass tooted up and her face down. She like ... But I don't say shit cause she too sweet. She ride ... She leaned over like I love you, I'm just like bitch stop ... I ain't trippin', she like tricks ... She like to see another bad chick eat Boosie
Lyrics to "Trippin" song by MIGOS: My bitches, bad And she ain't going for that Got every colour burkin bag Just to make them bitches m... ... I am my brothers keeper told them bye Felica cause a nigga don't need em' ... Pimpin' this bitch she gon bring me the money and dick and the perc what I feed her ... Hate It Or Love It

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