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AMORPHIS LYRICS - "Under The Red Cloud" (2015) album
Under The Red Cloud. I retired a towering mountain. Laid down in a circle of stones. For three days and for three nights. I listened to the skull of a bear. The sun ...
AMORPHIS LYRICS - "Skyforger" (2009) album
AMORPHIS lyrics - "Skyforger" (2009) album, including "Godlike Machine", "From Earth I Rose", "Course Of Fate"...
AMORPHIS LYRICS - "Am Universum" (2001) album
AMORPHIS lyrics - "Am Universum" (2001) album, including "Grieve Stricken Heart", "Captured State", "Veil Of Sin"...
AMORPHIS LYRICS - "Silent Waters" (2007) album
AMORPHIS lyrics - "Silent Waters" (2007) album, including "Sign", "Black River", " The White Swan"...
AMORPHIS LYRICS - "Eclipse" (2006) album
AMORPHIS lyrics - "Eclipse" (2006) album, including "Stone Woman", "Empty Opening", "Brother Moon"...
Amorphis - Silent Waters Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Silent Waters' by Amorphis. A day's light told me of my son's fate / The sun showed the way, grim and severe / Pulled under the raging waters, my.
AMORPHIS LYRICS - "Tuonela" (1999) album
AMORPHIS lyrics - "Tuonela" (1999) album, including "Summer's End", "Rusty Moon", "Withered"...
Lyrics to "Bad Blood" song by AMORPHIS: Break down the weirs on the brooks Crush the bulwarks of my soul Let the rapids run white and foamin...
Amorphis - House Of Sleep Lyrics
Lyrics to 'House Of Sleep' by Amorphis: (You don't know) You don't know nothing yet About the dreams I have I will make you sleep (You don't know) You don't.
Lyrics to "Sacrifice" song by AMORPHIS: I have brought this treasure of berries red and apples fallen from the soil, from these grounds woul...
AMORPHIS LYRICS - "Circle" (2013) album
AMORPHIS lyrics - "Circle" (2013) album, including "My Future", "New Song", " Dead Man's Dream"...
Amorphis - Shades Of Gray Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Shades Of Gray' by Amorphis. Mountain tops and red, red clouds / Aflame with flaring gold / Silhouetted against the eastern sky like a God / The.
AMORPHIS LYRICS - "Elegy" (1996) album
AMORPHIS lyrics - "Elegy" (1996) album, including "My Kantele (Acoustic Reprise)", "Elegy", "Weeper On The Shore"...
AMORPHIS LYRICS - "The Beginning Of Times" (2011) album
AMORPHIS lyrics - "The Beginning Of Times" (2011) album, including "Heart's Song", "Beginning Of Time", "Crack In A Stone"...
Lyrics to "Dark Path" song by AMORPHIS: In the twilight when he steps forth In the bend of the dark path When he catches up with you You won...
Lyrics to "The Skull" song by AMORPHIS: Carried by restless winds Under the crimson cloud I sailed the purple waves Aboard my comely ship Th...
AMORPHIS LYRICS - Under The Red Cloud
Lyrics to "Under The Red Cloud" song by AMORPHIS: I retired a towering mountain Laid down in a circle of stones For three days and for three nights I...
Amorphis - The Smoke Lyrics
In my dream smoke followed me. As on fire the whole world had been. To the yard I walked in. Up the frontstep and opened the door. Cranes flew over to the ...
AMORPHIS LYRICS - "Tales From The Thousand Lakes" (1994 ...
AMORPHIS lyrics - "Tales From The Thousand Lakes" (1994) album, including " Magic And Mayhem", "To Fathers Cabin", "Forgotten Sunrise"...
Amorphis - Silver Bride Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Silver Bride' by Amorphis. From the misty dreams of nighttime / I sought the clarity of my days / From the gates of longing / Looked for the familiar.
Lyrics to "The Wanderer" song by AMORPHIS: Behold this man on the road The burden that he holds He lost it all but still he carries on The dead...
Amorphis - Same Flesh Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Same Flesh' by Amorphis. That's what my sister says / And during that day / Came spring and summer / Oh, when did you fly here? / It was you I found.
Lyrics to "Death Of A King" song by AMORPHIS: When the dawn is bright and new And the day is full of hope It's easy to continue your journey Like...
Lyrics to "Divinity" song by AMORPHIS: Last day brings the grace For bearers of forbidden name Step into five fold mace As son as father in...
Amorphis - Majestic Beast Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Majestic Beast' by Amorphis. In the bowels of rocky mountain / A fiery bird I forged / Forged from iron, from molten steel / A flaming eagle,
AMORPHIS LYRICS - "Far From The Sun" (2003) album
Day Of Your Beliefs. I can hear your yearnings your anguished cries let the nourishment pass you by as it leaves you without without a trace it leaves you without ...
Amorphis - Drowned Maid Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Drowned Maid' by Amorphis: So much blood of mine.
Amorphis - Alone Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Alone' by Amorphis. Tear dimmed remembrance / In a womb of time / Breath upon me / Possessed by the passion / Fate will set you free / Infertile /
Amorphis - The Orphan Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Orphan' by Amorphis. The calloo's spirits are low / Swimming on the chill water / But the orphan's are lower / Walking down the village street /
Amorphis - Sky Is Mine Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sky Is Mine' by Amorphis: From my world the sun faded And the moon from my sky was gone with stars.
Amorphis - Black Winter Day Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Black Winter Day' by Amorphis: An autumn night.
Lyrics to "Alone" song by AMORPHIS: Tear dimmed remembrance In a womb of time Breath upon me Possessed by the passion Fate will set you...
Amorphis - On Rich And Poor Lyrics
Lyrics to 'On Rich And Poor' by Amorphis. Old folk remember / And those today learn / How before their time / Life was different here / Without the sun people.
Amorphis - In The Beginning Lyrics
Lyrics to 'In The Beginning' by Amorphis. I have a good mind / Take into my head / To start of singing / Began reciting / We seldom get together / And meet each.
Amorphis - Empty Opening Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Empty Opening' by Amorphis. A beautiful day when it's over / Clouds high up in the sky / A beautiful day when it's over / Nobody will bury me / In.
AMORPHIS LYRICS - The Four Wise Ones
Lyrics to "The Four Wise Ones" song by AMORPHIS: The nations search for treasure And beasts rise from their tombs Kings revel in triumph All succumb...
Amorphis - Veil Of Sin Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Veil of Sin' by Amorphis. For the cold pale women / I leave some of my goodness / I leave the veil of sin / And let go my dreams / Eternity follows.
Lyrics to "Escape" song by AMORPHIS: Therein lie the nets of iron Snares of copper made They offered drinks that lull to sleep Of everlas...
Lyrics to "Hopeless Days" song by AMORPHIS: I never wanted I never wanted to be born Into this cruel world Into this cruel world I was torn Lef...
Amorphis - Better Unborn Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Better Unborn' by Amorphis: Be for me And better it would.

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