All these girls up in my phone but your the only one i want pnb rock lyrics

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I know I got all of these girls up in my phone, yeah. But on the real, you the only one I want, yeah 'Cause I don't wanna be a playa no more. Shawty I don't wanna  ...
PNB ROCK LYRICS - Who Changed?
song by PNB ROCK: Me and you we just don't get along You make me feel like I did you ... Ever since your boy got on, you on some new shit ... It's fucked up cause I only trust you bitch, damn. I got all these bitches on my phone. I can't even lie girl you the only one I want. But you know I'm petty so I'm gon' act like I don't
PNB ROCK LYRICS - I Just Wanna Come Back
Lyrics to "I Just Wanna Come Back" song by PNB ROCK: I just wanna come back How did things get so bad Man I swear it feel like last week That you the one... ... Now all these different women in my face. Now all ... When you screaming cause it's all up in your guts. But you say don't stop cause you was bout to nut damn
PnB Rock - Who Changed? lyrics
Mar 1, 2016 Lyrics for Who Changed? by PnB Rock. ... I Got All These Bitches Hittin My Phone I Can't Even Lie Girl You The Only One I Want Butchu- But ...
Lyrics to "There She Go" song by PNB ROCK: There she go, there she go There she go, ... She don't even know, she don't even know she the only one I want
Lyrics to "You The One" song by PNB ROCK: When I first met you shawty you was rolling up Had a couple bad bitches with some lean up in your cu... ... I thought that you was just washing the dishes. Found out that you was ... You ain't like these other bitches yea ... When I'm swimming all in that pussy feel like I'm dreaming
Lyrics to "Alone" song by PNB ROCK: Who am I to say no? To all these bad bitches on my timeline Telling me that they in love And they al... ... Cause I'm just like every other nigga. Thinkin' with the wrong head. But I remember. Ooh girl. You used to fuck with me. I used to fuck with you ... And I don't ever cross your mind
Lyrics to "High" song by PNB ROCK: Girl I love it when we (high) Do it turn you on ... With you shawty you know you my boo I got all this weed for you girl ... I just got your text, that said where you at ... I pull up to your place, see that smile on your face ... With me, shawty I got what you need me, backwoods and hella weed
Lyrics to "I Know" song by PNB ROCK: I did you wrong and babygirl I can't change that But I wrote this song cause girl I don't want your...
In my condo, it just me and you, bout to take off, let's go to the mall. Shawty what you want? Let a nigga know. I got all these drugs, I can sneak in some. Rollin up  ...
I want you all to myself. Now that I gotcha. Aye girl. I ain't gon play witchu ... Have my chef cook up a dinner. Girl you know you ... But just know that I'm selfish
Lyrics to "No Time" song by PNB ROCK: Is you fucking with me? ... I don't want you to leave. But ... But girl you been on my mind ... Just know I can buy you all them things you asking for ... I'm a real one ... Visit for these lyrics.
PNB ROCK LYRICS - Really Really
[PnB Rock:] All my diamonds shine cause they really diamonds. Killin' all these niggas, I ain't even tryin' They ask me if I'm strapped, I say really really. They ask ...
PNB Rock - Hanging Up My Jersey Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hanging Up My Jersey' by PNB Rock . / Right now / I'm right down my side of town / I'm high as hell / You fly as hell / You ... [Verse 1 : PnB Rock] ... I need a bad bitch who loyal and ain't too mixy for me ... But they all be with the shits ... Tired of all these bitches in my face ... Fuck your ex I could do more for you girl
PNB ROCK LYRICS - Spend The Night
Lyrics to "Spend The Night" song by PNB ROCK: Oh you can spend the night Oh I 'm a hit it right now ... [Verse 1 - Fetty Wap:] I beat it like, ooh. She know how I do. It's only me and you ... Beat it up like you stole something ... Better seats in my Rarri girl ... I'm dicking all up in your walls ... Visit for these lyrics.
PNB Rock - There She Go Lyrics
Lyrics to 'There She Go' by PNB Rock . / Every time ... [Verse 1] I be like there she go. She can't stand these hoes. She don't even know, she don't even know she the only one I want. She don't ... So put your number in my phone. I hit you up ... We can break up three times a week but ain't never gon' leave girl. Never ever ...
PnB Rock). [Hook - PnB Rock:] ... [Verse 1 - Kodak Black:] I told my mama we gon' be fine. So I'm up all night way after sleep time. I'm just thinkin' 'bout Lil Kuda, gave my dog a dime. He put a ... But I think that's where I need to be ... 1K 'til the death of me, don't put your life in jeopardy ... Visit for these lyrics.
It's Fucked Up Cause I Only Trust You Bitch DAMN I Got All These Bitches Hittin My Phone I Can't Even Lie Girl You The Only One I Want Butchu- But You Know ...
PNB Rock - Gang Lyrics
Pussy you cant hang dont fuck with the gang / all my niggas bang / gang ... in your lane gang gang gang gang gang pussy you cant hang bitch stay in your ... put up in 20 ubers, wit trappers rappers and a couple shooters ... now these new niggas wanna kick it but ... 23 One Hit Wonders You Still Can't Get Out Of Your Head.
PnB Rock - Roll My Weed lyrics
Aug 25, 2016 I just need a bitch to roll my weed I been in the trap all week I been filling up these packs all week I been making all these racks all week Now I need a bitch to roll my ... girl, I'm PnB Rock I might slide thru your hood Pick you up in a drop ... my feet up Man, if she can do that then she a keeper But if she can't ...
Lyrics to "Therapy" song by DOUGHBOYZ CASHOUT: Good evening Mr. 4-1 Payroll What up ... I ain't got no issues wit these bitches ... But askin me to be your man you soundin like a fool to me (BITCH) My last girl wasnt shit, I'll do for a bum before I give that hoe a cent ... Is that why you dog hoes, not just one, but all hoes ?
Lyrics to "Alright" song by SNOW THA PRODUCT: Then I hit you back like ... Then you texting me like "Something's on your mind" You be calling me up anytime. Why, you be all up in my timeline ... [Snow That Product & PnB Rock:] ... And then it's right back one more time ... You swear I be letting go, I'm always waiting girl
PnB Rock feat. Fetty Wap - Jealous lyrics
Jan 12, 2016 Lyrics for Jealous by PnB Rock feat. ... I'm hurting these suckas feelings I'm allergic to broke niggas cause all we know is get it, ayy What do you ...
Misunderstood Lyrics - PnB Rock
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Misunderstood" from "PnB Rock": Hook, Cuz I told you what it was I let you know, I kept it all way real cuz I been here ... ... [Verse 1] Tryna figure out what you tweeking for. Everything was all good just a week ago. Now you tryna ... Shorty you trippin, I'm busy you always want to fuck up my zone
PnB Rock - Ballin lyrics
Jan 28, 2016 Lyrics for Ballin by PnB Rock. ... cate me So all they can do is hate me (verse 1 pnb rock) All this bands busting out my pocket i can't hide it Fuck ...
PnB Rock - Alone lyrics
Oct 31, 2015 To all these bad bitches on my timeline Telling me that they in love And ... a girl at home But that shit ain't mean nothin' to me Cause I'm just like ...
PNB ROCK LYRICS - Free Da Real, Pt. 2
Lyrics to "Free Da Real, Pt. 2" song by PNB ROCK: My homie booked he said he going through ... The stress is building up sometimes he wishing he was dead
PNB Rock - Rollin Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Rollin' by PNB Rock . These hoes keep callin' / All these hoes keep callin', callin' / I got all these hoes and they always fall in ... Soon as I get it I fuck up the money ... You keep sayin' she your girl ... 'Cause I just passed her to my brother. That ain't your baby, you need Maury ... Listen to 1+ million songs, ad- free.
PnB Rock feat. Ty Dolla $ign - Hanging Up My Jersey lyrics ...
Jan 13, 2017 Lyrics for Hanging Up My Jersey by PnB Rock feat. ... of girls But now I'm in a different space Tired of all these bitches in my face So shawty will ...
THE GAME LYRICS - 300 Bars & Runnin'
Lyrics to "300 Bars & Runnin'" song by THE GAME: My mama took me to Sam Goody's ... You can hate me or love me, but now the cops the only homies he got ... Then call up the pigs, tell them the rooster's back ... That's the wrong nigga, when you need help with your rhymes. All he gon' tell you is say G-Unit one more time
I don't even be remembering these bitches names the next day. ... You my baby girl. the way i feel, if you ever disappear I swear my heart will ... Just like I told ya, after all of this over. when the smoke clear from the doja ... Sometimes this shit get annoying I know you tired of hearing I'm sorry but I am. ... Yo birthday coming up.
Girl I told you what it was, I let you know I kept it all the way real, 'cause I been here before I ... Shawty, you tripping, I'm busy, you always wanna fuck up my zone
Fetty Wap & PNB Rock - Fine Wine Lyrics. Girl you as bad as it gets Fuck ya ex, every nigga you was with Street nigga, I been ... SONGLYRICS just got interactive. ... I might wife you up and make you my baby mama ... I got all this cash, that's why these haters mad ... I could make your dreams come true, ayy ... 1, Addicted.
SOMO LYRICS - We Can Make Love
Baby, let me rock your body, ride your body ... I just want it all, but no rush. So we can make love. Or we can just fuck ... Feel my hands until the sun comes up
All my niggas wanna do is pop style, pop style. Turn my birthday ... Man you boys just got to Hollywood, you boys just started. You don't know ... But you know I always handle that one my way. Girl let me rock, rock, rock, rock, rock your body ... Throne is back up in it, aye. In the field ... Visit for these lyrics .
Lyrics to "Bad Bitch" song by WEBBIE: The girl be cooking and cleaning and cleaning and ... But she only want players who far from rookie ... Then freak it up and beat it up and that's my style. You get alot of head when your bread in piles ... Which one is the baddest ... Thanks to yoniababy07 for correcting these lyrics.
LIL BOOSIE LYRICS - Going Thru Some Thangs
but they burnin' my CD's (thats fucked up) niggas and bitches please won't you get me help get your ass up off the computer and buy this ... just like the others ... And these niggas wanna rap about you ... I met him one week ... I want rock candy man ... I'm all G they got a niggas signin a deal but they can't talk like I be talkin'
Montana of 300 - Wifin You lyrics
May 25, 2016 I cut off all my bitches, only thing on my mind is you And whenever I'm hittin' it, ... but I still make time for you You're sweeter than honey, and these other ... girl let's stack this cake up I feel on your booty while you do your makeup I ... cause I think you worthy Like, James up the game, and I hung up my jersey ...
TYGA LYRICS - Jumpin Like Jordan
Pull up in a brand new foreign 300 hundred on ... Got the trap house jumping like Jordan, trap, trap house jumping like Jordan Got the trap ... [Verse 1: Quavo] Yeah ... Your bitch whipping in the early morning ... My nigga came with some white girl ... All these niggas acting like soldiers, make a phone call and it's over ( Bitch!!)
Lyrics to "One Night Stand" song by LIL JON & THE EAST SIDE BOYZ: I'm seeing me on top of you Doing things that lovers do But I don't belong to you Whats a girl su... ... I only need one night with you. To make all our dreams come true ... You can be my one night stand ... [Lil Jon:] Shawty,let me know whats up wit it (wit it)

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