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Lyrics to "Savages" song by YOUNG PAPPY: Flexing done turned a nigga savage, ... fuck cause she not that your average designer logos be on all of my fabrics
DuRu Tha King - New Charlotte Lyrics
Jun 23, 2015 All of my youngin's some savages Run in your trap, hit you up for them ... Lay you on the floor and take all of your pounds Got love for my niggas, ... Run with them choppas, cookin' up beef with that China I'm a young nigga ...
Young Savage pull up fucking on your mother. (your mother) Young Savage, bitch I'm hanging with my brothers. (brother) Slaughter Gang savages yeah them  ...
21 Savage - I'm A Savage Lyrics
Stacking my money, nigga run it up. Now I can ... You laid out with your bitch, you light the hood. I know that ... Cause all of my young niggas Savages And all of ...
Lyrics to "My Savages" song by FUTURE: (Esko!) ... Ya got me thinkin' all these bitches artificial ... And this a letter fo' my dog, how we let the $ get between us
Jim Capaldi - Young Savages Lyrics
Young savages running down the road. Young savages ... So I come down your street 'round about Sloane Square. ... If you see me coming then get out my way.
KING LOUIE LYRICS - That's How We Move
... that's how we move, My young boys got the tool, that's how we move. ... And my old homie just get three, just let all my niggas free. Been round and round ... Fake shots on the back block, try to run, get your back pop, Ak make it messed up, ...
MAC DRE LYRICS - Life's a Bitch
It's not often young niggas get a chance. To enjoy ... So everybody got a gun but when we was younger. Our only ... That's dead that run all the way down my arm. So If you see ... Love those who love you but don't never let it fuck up your vision
Lyrics to "Savages" song by MARINA & THE DIAMONDS: Murder lives forever And so does war It's ... Another run a race ... Is it running in our blood ... Underneath it all, we're just savages ... Are you killing for yourself, or killing for your savior?
LIL' WAYNE LYRICS - Back On My Grizzy
Tell the Dj run it back, Bitch im back ... Im so young but im a Giant like Fe-Fi-Fo- Fum, Just bought ... I go out the country to get all my clothes and my hoes, And i go out ... Snipers at your porch, Rifles by ... I be wit savages and im above average,
Ya'll know me, the still same OG, young T-Y-G. Hated on by most these ... I should run for mayor. Been runnin' shit, you barely maintain your bitch. No, this ain't no lets say ... All my niggas is savages, better loc up. Damn ,it's a tragedy, all of ...
Lyrics to "No Heart" song by 21 SAVAGE: Young Savage, why you trappin' so hard? Why these ... Yeah, nigga, fuck all that, ask your bitch how my dick tastes
... stacking all that. Bands on my dick, tell them bitches fall back ... Came from the streets, young nigga keep it real. Hustle in the ... Peep your [?], glass bullets, running from the ceiling. All my niggas savage, when I leave they coming with me
RUN THE JEWELS LYRICS - A Christmas Fucking Miracle
Lyrics to "A Christmas Fucking Miracle" song by RUN THE JEWELS: That was me in BK on ... Keep your canines embedded in my knuckles as a keepsake
Lyrics to "Freedom" song by YOUNG PAPPY: I'm a young nigga tryna come up, remember them days I was fucked up I ain't have shit, but a couple... ... That's how I pulled a lot of my hoes, they was all asking me for the answers ... Felt like I was running out of luck with niggas ... I don't know why you fronting your move
21 Savage - Dip Dip Lyrics
Apr 23, 2016 (your mother) Young Savage, bitch im hanging with my brothers. (brother) Slaughter Gang savages yeah them my brothers. (yeah them my ...
Hot Nigga (Freestyle) Lyrics - JusBlow
Nah I ain't fuck your bitch she gave me top nigga. Then she slid ... All my niggas savages, fuck a loose screw. When we pop out ... Try to run, and watch them bullets follow. Don't get your ... Young savages, since 10 we was reckless. Nowadays ...
MONTANA OF 300 LYRICS - Chiraq (Remix)
Y'all niggas better to go watch Montana 300 1 through 14 or something man, this 15 ... And you mad at your main bitch cause that bitch bumpin my new shit ... And if this nigga run and this nigga done, I'ma soak a nigga like he in the tub
Lyrics to "Oldie" song by ODD FUTURE WOLF GANG KILL THEM ALL: Yo, shout out to everybody that worked on the album You feel me, son? Yo, shouts ... Get your baby mommy popped with my other snobby bop ... Get at me with savages, have a pack of Apache ... Shredding down 'Fax, Wolf Gang run the fuckin' block
Lyrics to "No Flockin'" song by KODAK BLACK: Young nigga, I got old cash, spazzin' on they ass I got Prada on my hoe ass, got ... I ain't talking 'bout my niggas, dammit, but y'all tripping, too ... I will run around your whole board like Monopoly
I live in a zoo I run scandals with savages. All my niggaz get together to gather loot. Bodyguard ... Kill you shoot the funeral up and Harlem Shake at your wake
Young rich nigga shit nigga, some of you nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga, s... ... everybody, fuck the preacher nigga, fuck suck my dick and die nigga, fuck your auntie that's gon' die next year anyways. ... We let it run ... All my young niggas savages
Dominoes Lyrics - clipping.
my lyricsbox. [Verse 1: ... Young blood, cuz cuz, game is to be sold. No pillow ... Always your first mind, don't get caught slipping ... No regrets, youngin' run to the store for some cigarettes [Hook] ... Coating her slurring like y'all don't even know anything about ... Savages with them karats making this ratchet shit look lavish
And We Keep them 9 millis on my block, nigga. And Monte ... Try to run down and you can catch a shot, nigga. Running ... Your shorty gave me neck 'til I pass out ... Free Greezy though, let all of my dogs out ... Niggas got me on that young shit
[Verse:] Huh, young prince with the soul of Napoleon I see art, like I know the custodian. At the Gagosian and my ho is Cambodian ... For all the lame niggas throwing sodium, on my name, no Utopian My fans ... Don't make my partner kill your dog with that Cruella chopper ... As humble as a dove but I run with some savages
RAEKWON LYRICS - Verbal Intercourse
[Rae] Keep your eyes open and your wallet in your front pocket [Ghf] All types of shit, yo son [Rae] Rock it, RZA Chef ... to conquer peace leaving savages to roam in the streets. Live on the run, police paying me to give in my gun. Trick my Wisdom ... By the way young blood, hit me off with that Green Bay hat. Watch your back ...
YO GOTTI LYRICS - The Art Of Hustle
A word to the wise watch your guys niggas snakes in disguise. Meeting ... I'm the same still running with the gang. Still down to ... We savages we all live the same. And it's the art ... They gave my patna 30 years for talking on the phone. I had to ...
Young Savage you can catch me (catch me) Fresh kicks, fresh bows, and a fresh tee (fresh... ... Say Boosie chill wit all that swervin' too much dope in here. Nigga slow down you ... And my rims way bigger than yours ... Tell me this when you stop do your rims stop or they keep goin ... But that's the 415 shit I run with the 412
T.I. LYRICS - Peanut Butter Jelly
Young Thug & Young Dro). [Young Thug:] Peanut ... [Hook - Young Thug:] I don't have a ... Now that your ho, don't tell all the secrets. I don't give no ... Run up that check, give a fuck bout that shit. I guess I go to ... Tell your boss I said where my phone call, that's it ... And both of 'em squish me, God damn we savages. I do this  ...
MIGOS LYRICS - Bad And Boujee
Lyrics to "Bad And Boujee" song by MIGOS: You know young rich niggas You know so we never really had no ... Fuckin' on your bitch she a thot, thot, thot (thot) ... My bitch is bad and boujee (bad) ... Run with that sack, call me Boobie (run with it) ... I gave her 10 racks, I told her go shoppin' and spend it all at the pop up ( ten)
clear my path and come get your captain hung. Trying to breath like black'll collapse your lungs. Young chump you could choke off the web I spun ... The way Thought put it down be confusin' some of y'all ... Give you something to run from
NICKY ROMERO LYRICS - Legacy (Save My Life)
Lyrics to "Legacy (Save My Life)" song by NICKY ROMERO: Roses in the sun ... And I found my heart inside your hands ... Hearts on the run. Wasted and young
All my niggas so hungry, man they just eat what they kill ... Tell the young high school kids keep dreamin' ... My squad'll kick in your door where that safe at
Lyrics to "I Remember" song by YOUNG PAPPY: I don't think these niggas ... And if you riding with your niggas, we gon' roll on em ... I'm strapped up so what the fuck I'm running from [?] ... Doing all these drugs popping so much pills got my heart racing ... Savages · Fuck Nigga · Homicide · I Remember · Freedom · Faneto
RICK ROSS LYRICS - No Games (Remix)
Three rich young niggas, and Future - RICH YOUNG NIGGAS (And I go hard ... If you step on my toes, I write your name on my wall (Boss!) He claim that he a ... Ain't nowhere to run, already sold out the seats (HUH!) We been them ... Let get it, get it) I put all that on ery'thang (get it, get it), my niggas is some savages (WHOO!
Lyrics to "Shooters" song by YOUNG PAPPY: Hundred rounds in them drums, lil' nigga Beef with us, get a gun, lil' nigga A pump fake? Just run,... ... Got a whole lot of shooters on my squad. Bitch ... Was acting tough worth losing your life? ... "2 Cups: Pt. 2 — Everything" (2015). Acapella · After Life Part 3 · Killa · Savages
TOO $HORT LYRICS - Get In Where You Fit In
Dangerous Music got some mack shit for your ass, boy. Fuck him up, $hort ... Like the other young bitches that try to get with me. I run all up in it but this ain't no race . I pull it out and ... You outta pocket trying to hang with my crew. You might of ...
Lyrics to "Damn Shame" song by FREDO SANTANA: My trap house booming it's a God damn shame Booming off the chain Serving all these J's My trap hous... ... Only savages in my squad. Boy, we don't fuck with lames. Young boss nigga. Put some change on ... in my clip. Got your bitch with the shit ... And if you try to run
RICH THE KID LYRICS - Jumpin' Like Jordan (Remix)
Savages savages savages, trickin off to a bitch I ain't having it 100 p's I ... Turn your bitch to a fan now she starting, dope smoke got the dope smelling rotten ... No seatbelt but a nigga stay strap, I'm straight in the city running laps ... I went to the jeweler, cashed out on a new piece, now my diamonds dancing ... All I Do Is Juug
Jonathan Young feat. Caleb Hyles - Wolf in Sheep's Clothing Lyrics ...
Oct 7, 2016 Lyrics for Wolf in Sheep's Clothing by Jonathan Young feat. ... me how you justify Telling all your lies like second nature Listen, mark my words: one day (one day) ... the problem Fee-fi-fo-fum, you better run and hide I smell the blood of a petty little coward Jack, ... Savages. Jonathan Young feat. Caleb Hyles.

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