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Lyrics to "Weh Yuh Have" song by ALKALINE: All who a style mi fi just the career weh unuh have Wa kind a asset, wa career unuh have? Look paw m...
ALKALINE LYRICS - Block & Delete
Lyrics to "Block & Delete" song by ALKALINE: Jordan, if a gyal ah gwan like she too stubborn Ah instant block and delete Tell her go ... If mi want mi tek di place and tun it inna club ... Now yuh lose di likkle life weh mi did ah gi yuh (Yeah, yeah )
Alkaline - One Life Lyrics
Apr 1, 2016 Mi feel so amazing Weh dem a hype over, a everyday ting Yuh haffi ... Nuh badda crumble now when trouble tek yuh Cuz diamonds mek under ...
Alkaline - Wul De Claffy Dem Lyrics
Yo straydee dem fi kno dem nah fuckin play with we alkaline mi name some ... nuh tek chat nuh tel mi bout weh yuh ago do when yuh know yuh cant defend that  ...
Alkaline - Ready Lyrics
Feb 15, 2016 Alkaline mi name. some $#$$hole fi know seh mi nuh tek chat nuh tel mi bout weh yuh ago do when yuh know yuh cant defend that anything a ...
Alkaline - Weh You Did Deh Lyrics
Lyrics for Weh You Did Deh by Alkaline has been translated in 1 languages ... Fi tek dem friendship mi nuh need none Yo never deh, deh, when the thing a build ...
Alkaline - Tom Taam Lyrics
Apr 3, 2016 Dem betta nuh reply to every gyal weh DM dem Dem betta lowe di 2 o' clock and di 3pm dem We knock dem dung, den tek di gun dem weh ...
Alkaline - Told U I Was Right Lyrics
Apr 21, 2016 Ohh, tell Yuh me right. Seh me did a guh mek it pass the fight. Told you I was right . Yea me did right. Your bwoy deh, him get weh tonight.
Lyrics to "Told U I Was Right" song by ALKALINE: Portsmouth, only we know Loca Man, only we know A fool ... Wish me cudda tek back some fuck me a tell yuh
ALKALINE LYRICS - Somebody Great
Lyrics to "Somebody Great" song by ALKALINE: Day and day me a lose offa humans, you know? No, big man thing Me ... Him seh gwan do yuh thing youth and nuh listen weh nobody seh straight ... Me stop tek care a me health now. Who else ...
Lyrics to "Hard Work" song by ALKALINE: Everybody waan supn in a life To a higher level whole a wi a strive Dung to the ... Nuh walk foot man nuh like tek bus ... If yuh a work gwaan work hard ... Stay focus and remember weh yuh come from
Lyrics to "Baby" song by ALKALINE: Mi love yo gyal and everybody know Love how yuh meck mi happy so Mi would a marry yo Anything weh a... ... Pulcadot cyaa tek weh fi yo spot. Mi put yuh first place and mi other gyal a back. Mi wrong wa ...
Weh dem a hype over, a everyday ting. Yuh haffi experience it fi know the feeling, oh God Just rise and a bere bad vibes. Somebody gimme me a light, I gone
Alkaline - Side Chick Lyrics
So many things baby I wanna tell you Like yuh pussy suh tight baby I got to tell yuh Got to tell you, baby a me fi tell you Weh da a fuck weh da money Tell mi weh  ...
Alkaline - Somebody Great Lyrics
Apr 20, 2016 Lyrics for Somebody Great by Alkaline. Day and day me a lose offa ... Him seh gwan do yuh thing youth and nuh listen weh nobody seh straight. If Yuh Neva mek the ... Me stop tek care a me health now. Who else me a guh ...
Alkaline - Spoil You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Spoil You' by Alkaline: If you drop me pick you up Me back you up and stick you up. ... Tek it off draw it down fi me nuh ... Better yet, weh yuh love?
ALKALINE LYRICS - Only Thing Mi Want
Lyrics to "Only Thing Mi Want" song by ALKALINE: Spice mi a gi yo buddy fi yo buddon now If mi fuck yo, yo pussy inna trouble now Alkaline a fi ... Alkaline a fi yo buddy inna trouble ... Turn di pussy back way yuh fi run it harder ... Then after yo tek a ride pon di cockey stan ... Fi bruk yo buddy head a supn weh mi do wid ease
Alkaline - The Pill Song lyrics
Lyrics for The Pill Song by Alkaline. ... soon link mi Claim seh yuh mother dead what a wicked fucky yuh Well if a suh then and a true weh yuh talk Tek a picture a  ...
Lyrics to "Ready" song by ALKALINE: Bomboclaat, mi ready when you ready Fi line gunshot ... So a no nothing fi mi tek weh couple like with mi under the ground
ALKALINE LYRICS - Ride On Me (Remix)
Lyrics to "Ride On Me (Remix)" song by ALKALINE: Mi waan tek out mi dick and push it in a you And yo ... And the voice weh you meck screaming on mi name
Lyrics to "ScumBag" song by ALKALINE: Notnice yo no si seh dem a poppyshow Dis wi and still a moggle pon the ... Anyweh yo tek it yuh a go dead set speed
Bomboclaat murderer nice to yuh alone. Some things weh yo seh to mi meck mi haffi laugh. Like when yo vex and mi hey yo seh f–k off. Yuh look suh sexy wid ...
Alkaline - Nice Suh (Mildew Riddim) Lyrics
Mi gyal how u do weh u please If you is a freak den be, mmhm, So do what you ... jenny jenny but mumma Nuttn' nuh suh nice suh, Seh yuh grace and be free, ...
Alkaline - Touch You lyrics and translation
Me nah haffi touch you Loving go up in a yuh soul and mi nuh waan fi tek it out Me love fi touch you baby Me love fi touch you If you fi ever give weh mi property  ...
Alkaline - Move Mountains Lyrics
Oct 4, 2015 Lyrics for Move Mountains by Alkaline. ... holy Whole a mi frenz know you a mi only If yuh nuh believe ask Dj Kenny Or ask Sunshine weh mi tell ...
Lyrics to "Living It Up" song by ALKALINE: Yow vendetta living it Mi living it Wi living it up Deh pon a ... Bagga badmind pussy hole weh wish dem could afraid mi
Own convenience everything a weh yo got. Well except with dining yuh and the worm dem work out that. A place where all a yo problem and worries stop
Lyrics to "Champion Boy" song by ALKALINE: One bag a gold medal pon mi eno Champion ... Mi cyaa tek this life. Dem artist yah rate mi too much. Every song weh dem sing mi name in a the title ... Yuh nuh see seh a mi a di champion bwoy
Lyrics to "One More Time" song by ALKALINE: You're beautiful Lawd gyal good don't good like you ... Why every time when mi tell you seh fi tek you draws off
Lyrics to "Things Mi Love" song by ALKALINE: You do the things, to the things mi like Mi never si a gyal weh mi love so much Tek off fi yo black...
Alkaline - Murda lyrics
Tek some pussy hole out a da world yah Murder who fi get murder And send dead ... Meck wi murder who fi get murder Baddest bombohole weh yuh ever herd a ...
Alkaline - On and On Lyrics
Aug 19, 2014 A fk u a fk mak u wa ansa yuh bloodclaat phone. ... yuh ah sleep or wah Buh jus call meh wen you get da message you see weh me ah seh.
The gangster life a weh mi love. Nuff germs and money nuff. Mi try fi PP cent but john crow in a mi blood. Mi no forgive, mi no forget. Straight cash mi no tek ...
Alkaline - Fast Lyrics
Mar 14, 2017 Lyrics for Fast by Alkaline. everything ago mek sense soon get a band-aid and put it ova di wound tell dem yellow moon . ... push start and it tek off no gi mi no talk want it fast pistol inna mi waist yuh betta gi mi weh mi ask no gi ...
Alkaline - Champion Boy Lyrics
One bag a gold medal pon mi enuh Champion boy yuh know how the damn thing ... sometime mi cyah tek this life Dem artist yah rate mi no fuck every song weh ...
Alkaline - Direction Lyrics
Apr 4, 2016 (give mi the direction, give mi direction yeah) tek mi to a place I've ... mi gud wid u ... yow listen listen any gal weh mi chat to affi gud lay to... u lie ...
Lyrics to "Direction" song by ALKALINE: Me want aneda spliff! (Yes G!) ... Listen, listen any gyal weh me chat to. Haffi guh good ... Just tek a puff and pass it on. And know a ... Sittin inna the envelope you and yuh squaddy woulda like. Drive off ...
Alkaline - Death To Microwave Lyrics
Jan 25, 2017 Bawl to di sky say lord tek him please Find microwave dead inna cane ... Pussy yuh dead Vendetta seh queng and heng Weh him a talk bout.
Lyrics to "Obeah" song by ALKALINE: Bomboclaat mussi obeah yo obeah me to rassclaat Meck mi in a ... Yo big batty and yo fat, fat, pum pum, a weh mi like si
Alkaline - Bedroom Fantasy (Radio) lyrics and translation
Mar 18, 2015 Lyrics and translation for Bedroom Fantasy (Radio) by Alkaline. ... like when cockey stroke yo Shi seh Alka send cock in a mi chocho Tek . ... up pon the dresser Mi could a fuck any gyal in a the galaxy weh mi waan But mi nuh ...

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