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J. COLE LYRICS - Split You Up
'Fore I lay his ass out, then I take your ass home. I ain't even gone front man a nigga tryna cut. I ain't tryna take his place, I just wanna hit you up. When that nigga ...
Real as I can be with you. I just want to creep with you. I ain't trying to be your man. Girl I hope you understand. When you. Wanna get broken off girl
Lyrics to "Manager" song by YUNG BERG: I ain't tryna be ya boyfriend, lemme manage ya Yeah, these girls like me 'Cause I show 'em ... Collipark on the drums, I know you gon' like it ... Take it to tha flow 'cause I know how to handle ya ... Forget about your boyfriend, mami, he's a amateur ... I hope you understand that
J. COLE LYRICS - Lost Ones
Now I aint tryna pick a fight with you, I'm tryna talk. Now I aint ... I refuse to bring my boy or my girl in this world. When I aint ... [Chorus] And I ain't too proud to tell ya that I cry sometimes ... See my momma raised me without no muthafucking help from a man. But I still ... Bout your father and you told me that you hate that nigga
KYLE LYRICS - Don't Wanna Fall In Love
Aww dammit baby you bad Yeah yeah yeah, heard you got a boyfriend That's cool ... Tell em' they'll get fucking Jackie Chan-ed. Honestly I'm better as your boy. I'd be kinda shitty as your man. Let's go back to only being friends. Sorry girl I hope you understand ... But I'm trying to let go ... Nigga she ain't even leave me notes
Lyrics to "Before You Go" song by STEVIE HOANG: Damn hey I know you ain't tryna hear me out but There's a couple of things I wanna get off my ches... ... All I wanted was... all I wanted was to be your man. Baby understand I never meant to hurt you. And I realized the way ... I just hope you hear the song and believe me
KEVIN GATES LYRICS - Perfect Imperfection
I've always been like that, my whole life, man. If I fuck with you, ... I ain't tryna hit your cup, nigga, do you ... No one understand me and everybody can't be slow
I understand you have some issues with women ... I ain't got no issues wit these bitches ... They catch feelings, They get ugly. ... But askin me to be your man you soundin like a fool to me (BITCH) ... Tryna hit that shit, I ain't got time to chill.
LOGIC LYRICS - Under Pressure
Man, the devil tryna get me ... Positive that life ain't mine, bitch you can take that shit to Maury [Hook] ... Cause lately you feel like I'm just not your sister at all, all
Lyrics to "Cut Her Off" song by K CAMP: It ain't nothing to cut that bitch off It ain't ... Hope he understand, though. You ain't nothing but a creeper, baby I'm just saying , though ... Gotta get my partner some, she on me like Adidas Baby, you can't hold , bet stop flexing like you might. Your man tryna patrol then I guess he is a cop
OMARION LYRICS - He Ain't Gotta Know
Lyrics to "He Ain't Gotta Know" song by OMARION: Greatness plus greatness Equals great greatness Uh, see I know you got a man ma ... But understand he can't do you like I can ma ... Cause when it's summer time I can take you where it snow ... I ain't tryna be rude, yea I know you gotta dude, but ... He can be your man
Lyrics to "Your Man" song by JOSH TURNER: Baby lock the door and turn the ... Baby we ain't got no place to go. I hope you understand ... We can take our time
2PAC LYRICS - Can U Get Away
Lyrics to "Can U Get Away" song by 2PAC: Whassup? It's 2Pac. Can you ... I know you got a man but he ain't gon' mind if I take you out. ... It's like your man don't understand, all he does is stress ya. I can see your ... I hope you see that I'm sincere, and even if you stay with him ... I ain't tryin to put you in a position where you ...
Lyrics to "Aye Girl" song by LOGIC: Aye girl Aye girl It's obvious you fine I just want to know what's deep inside your mind ... I just want to know what's deep inside your mind. Maybe we can play girl. I hope you ain't got no man. If you do I understand ... If I said I wasn't tryna make you mine ... Take it slow like one video render
BIZZLE LYRICS - This Ain't Love
Do you understand that love is not when they come to you in daft but over a stack put a slug through you ... Now how you say it's love when you pass your man a ratchet and ' ... Trying to reason with you so I hope you accept this poem
Lyrics to "Chuuch" song by SLIM THUG: I want to talk to you today about the right ... Who you spend your time with will have a great impact on what kind of life you live. ... eagles can't chill with none of you chickens I'm tryna get rich with my people. Too high to see you haters to blessed to pay y'all mind ain't got nothing to be ...
It's like I don't think you fully understand who I am, y'know? I'm just ... And if you can't respect that, your whole perspective is wack. Check it ... I'm working on my hooks my nigga, I ain't tryna battle you ... Hope no one pay you no mind ... How long this gon' take nigga? ... Listen to my nouns and verbs (man I wanna be heard)
I wanna lose myself between your legs. I wanna make your ... I'm just trying to take you home without a word. Girl I'm just ... I'll never understand what you're going through. But your ... Cause baby, I ain't cuffing, girl I hope you knew. There ain't ...
Lyrics to "Back On My Feet" song by KODAK BLACK: They ain't really fuckin with me They be showing fake love They just ... So homie I ain't tryna take no chances tryna fuck with you ... Why your girl be on my Twitter ... I just hope I get a deal
Wande Coal - Plan B lyrics
Aug 3, 2015 Baby girl I understand You already gat a man But the things aint ... oh Girl I hope you understand Just trying to be your friend And if things aint ...
Dave Hollister - Real Talk Lyrics
Baby, I'm the wrong for that. Real as I can be with you. I just wanna creep with you. I ain't tryin' to be your man. Girl, I hope you understand. When you wanna get  ...
2PAC LYRICS - Ratha Be Ya Nigga
and you ain't going back [PAC] Nah nah nah ... I don't want to be her man, I want to be her nigga. You feel me? ... me til you sure. I ain't beggin just trying to relocate between ya legs ... You can ride out the spoke coke, to get your lobster and crab. Cause all I got is ... I'll be your nigga, as long as we can understand that I's the ...
I ain't tryna buy your time I can't afford it ... N as a man I understand we can't force it ... I'm tryna take u back home to my fortress ... I hope your cool with that
DEJ LOAF LYRICS - Been On My Grind
Man I put that on the bible ... Get them squares out your circle, leave them pussy boys alone ... Niggas with hidden agendas, I hope you offended ... You ain't gotta be a killer to get my respect, pussy nigga ... (We tryna fuckin' win man).
I'm on my grown man flow band up flow, ... In the streets niggas look up to gotti and I understand why. Ain't on this ... I'm trying to stop from clicking out ... Record label can't get it right, they pushed the date back ... And if you talking foul I hope its ain't in my direction homie ... Put your hands on a real nigga then its 1st degree
And if you disagree I hope you bleed hypocrisy! ... I ain't gotta spell out the offers ... Over being there for your sons and daughters ... That's just throwing up behind shit, blowing up, but nigga I ain't throwing up ... Understand, it don't get no realer .... I'm just a grown ass man tryna feed my family through the talent God gave me
eric roberson - i'm not trying to keep score no more lyrics
I'm ain't gon' lie, this might be the most important song I ever wrote So take note Yeah ... I ain't trying to win ... I hope you understand I just wanna be your man
J. COLE LYRICS - Losing My Balance
Your make up like a mask, tryna hide yourself. It seems on the ... Hoping this will reach you when you understand. That your value ain't determined by another man. Cause right now you let them brothers get the upper hand. And you just tell  ...
... I ain't tryna know your business I ain't tryna fall in love with you See maybe he could love you dif... ... Had to take off the gloves, tryna feel it under the covers
Lyrics to "You Got It" song by J. COLE: Hey, one time Hey, one time One time Throw your hands to the sky tonight ... God damn your ex man is a dumb ass ... Hold up for these other niggas roll up and try and get you ... I'm tryna vibe with you so wont you throw me your phone number ... You dig it, this shit ain't for beginners
Lyrics to "Satisfy You" song by PUFF DADDY: All I want is somebody who's gonna love me for me Somebody I can love for them All ... He don't understand you like I do ... Get them worries off your brain girl, I'm in your corner ... Be that voice of reason when you ain't tryna hear it ... Touch you right, do it like a man's suppose to
WALE LYRICS - The Number Won (Competition)
Or maybe its they fault that we aint holla since June, Fuck it we on the move, none of use tryna lose, I am out of this world and you a man on the moon, I'll meet  ...
Gucci's my absolute state of mind, like Waka's man. Chopper's ... Get in the whip but you ain't turning, this frog into a prince. Why you tryna keep convincing me for ? [Hook:] ... [Eminem:] Now you in my whip just long as you understand that I can't be whipped ... Hope you bi, in the mean time your name is Sharon Slow the flow  ...
Josh Turner - Your Man Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Your Man' by Josh Turner: Baby, lock the doors and turn the lights down low Put some music on that's soft and slow Baby, we ain't got no place to go. ... I hope you understand. I've been thinking 'bout ... Get More. Listen to Josh Turner songs, ad-free. Try Prime Music for free Listen to Josh Turner Radio on
LIL HERB LYRICS - 4 Minutes Of Hell Pt. 3
Cause I been feelin' like you pussy niggas tryna plot on me. That's why I keep ... take a rest but. Smoke told me, "Bro it ain't no let ups" ... Hope nobody don't get blammed up ... And she don't never really understand nothin' ... Write Your Name
Lyrics to "Happy Birthday" song by JOYNER LUCAS: Don't you stare me down ... I ain't trying to educate you ... Man shut the fuck up! ... I hope you get your heart broken for dear life ... Cause you won't understand even if I told you my thoughts
Lyrics to "MYB" song by KEVIN GATES: Dear Heavenly Father, I come to you seeking ... You ain't scratched, ... I have respect for every man that demand your respect, ... It's getting had to be humble tryna get this bad karma off me, Starlito!!
TORY LANEZ LYRICS - Know Whats Up / The Take
Lyrics to "Know Whats Up / The Take" song by TORY LANEZ: She drop that dang thing on me I stand up throwing bands ... But I know your body know what's up ... Say you ain't got a man sure enough ... Me I'm really tryna go now that I got you
Girl I don't understand what you... Want, but I'm ... South Beach, I hope you don't bring sand with you ... I'm just sayin' I'm the mothafuckin' man, nigga ... I ain't tryna be forgettin' names no more, no ... She said, "Quavo I hope your mind is right
She ain't just have us natural, the doctors they had to cut her (I love you ma) C section but ... They tryna knock me and it's funny cause they doing they best ... But I'ma keep shitting, on 'em I hope you don't mind ... Man, they gotta understand this is just some road shit ... Just don't let the devil take your good spirits from you

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