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Aidonia - Hundred Stab Lyrics
{intro} Ah sittn fi di gal dem sit down pon , my cocky demand the. Gal dem me come pon, gal if you think you bad , just like dungeon. Me fuck you so hard like ah ...
AIDONIA LYRICS - From Yuh Can Fuck
Lyrics to "From Yuh Can Fuck" song by AIDONIA: If yuh a fuck gyal fuck me good, Good pussy gyal nuh haffi suck nuh hood, Wine pon di cocky and bruk...
Aidonia - Touch Yuh Tonight (Raw) Lyrics
Apr 5, 2014 Yuh see dat Whoaaaaaaa I-i-i-i-it's the Genius Girls mi hav sup'n fa unuh Mmm see dat Watch yah Gal a mi fuck u tonite Ben ova yuh bumpa ...
Aidonia - Sweat Up Yuh Body Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sweat Up Yuh Body' by Aidonia. ah di good pussy gyal dem time ... When yuh wine fi mi di wine me get wicked. yuh bumper fi di-dig bike a nuh stick head. Cock it mi fren, position different, di fuck mi a defend, mi tough like cement,  ...
Lyrics to "Hold Yuh" song by AIDONIA: Mi a bun a next gyal and a think bout you That mean seh yo punanny must better Yo pussy meck mi writ... ... Girl you fuck me good. Hi feel like heaven. Whoo baby, yo pussy meck mi whatsapp you daily
AIDONIA LYRICS - Sick Nuh Fuck (Freestyle)
Lyrics to "Sick Nuh Fuck (Freestyle)" song by AIDONIA: Yow, fucking L Mad nuh ras ... Knife buss throat like goat, mi nuh lef me 3 star, sharpen file and ratchet
Aidonia - Pon Di Cocky Lyrics
Jan 18, 2014 Girl you are the one, whoa me baby Girl you are the one The cocky tough ... cocky Sit down pon the cocky Gyal you pussy good a me one fi fuck ...
AIDONIA LYRICS - Pretty Please
Lyrics to "Pretty Please" song by AIDONIA: The first time me and you fuck Fall inlove wid yo punanny baby Yo tight pussy grip mi You have mi gy...
Aidonia - Cyan Done (Raw) lyrics and translation
Jun 30, 2014 Lyrics and translation for Cyan Done (Raw) by Aidonia. ... Get wild pon di bed Fuck till di bed drop Bruk dung Me and har touch ground Di tough ...
Lyrics to "Tip Pon Yuh Toe" song by AIDONIA: Yow diddy Yow baby You know how long me have something fi tell you Me have a fat piece a fuck weh me...
AIDONIA LYRICS - Fuck A Hold Mi (Explicit Version)
Lyrics to "Fuck A Hold Mi (Explicit Version)" song by AIDONIA: Mi want yo fi send on the f Wine fi mi baby Bubble ... Waan married yo, me an you fi tie every not
Aidonia - Tek Time Lyrics
Jan 5, 2016 Lyrics for Tek Time by Aidonia. ... it save mi It a mi hero Sit down when the cockey tought You gi mi a wassy fuck Shi seh don't stop Same way ...
Aidonia - Dats Up Watz Up lyrics
Dats Up Watz Up lyrics by Aidonia: [Intro:] / 'Ey girl, I like those boobies / Let's go out let's go to di movies / Here girl, let's go in.
[Intro:] Gal! look how long I've been begging yuh please. Fi fuck yuh an massage yuh breast an squeeze. Backshot pon carpet rub out yuh knees. Me yuh a ramp ...
Aidonia - 630 (RAW) Lyrics
Nov 29, 2013 Fi di gal dem y'know Girl, you can fuck doh Position it pon di cocky ... mi buck it an ah send it Jack Hammer mi gi you girl me na have no time fi ...
Aidonia - Virgin Mary Lyrics
Jun 18, 2014 Gyal yuh a mi baby, tight like Virgin Mary, love it when we fuck Siddung pon di cocky fi me bruk di cocky lady Siddung pon di buddy gyal Gyal ...
Lyrics to "She Like Me" song by AIDONIA: Yea shi like mi, oh yeh shi like mi Yea shi like mi, oh yeh shi like mi Yea ... And seh dem still waan fi be one a my fuck
Lyrics to "Meet Again" song by AIDONIA: Yo pussy good mi f it better than a ... Fuck like we naw meet again ... Fuck already but gyal yuh gi me a vibes again
Aidonia - Stay In My Arms - Raw Lyrics
Jul 14, 2013 Lyrics for Stay In My Arms - Raw by Aidonia. ... mi love it when yuh whisper inna mi ears: Mi love di fuck ah ahhhhhhh Yeah yeah Come inna mi ...
Aidonia - No Boring Gyal Lyrics
Oct 4, 2015 Lyrics for No Boring Gyal by Aidonia. Nuh Boring gyal Boring gyal No man nuh want nuh boring gyal Caah fuck boring gyal Yuh si m...
Lyrics to "In Har Belly" song by AIDONIA: 4260148 No get no numba Wen u call me Wen u horny And waa cocky fi u punanny Call me From... ... U a go get a good fuck. Gal fix it up. Me nuh quick fi bruk [Chorus: x2] Me bruise up di pussy jaw
Lyrics to "Get It First" song by AIDONIA: It's Donia Girl you a lose yuh tightness You a fuck too hard Yeh, ... Gyal mek me select and pop like wen ah tek ih buss
Fuck mi till mi pussy burn bwoy. Fuck mi till yo meck mi come [Verse 1:] Gyal cock it up for the back shot f. Me shrub it up till hi stop and buck. You body mash up ...
AIDONIA LYRICS - Deadly Alliance (Alliance Diss)
Lyrics to "Deadly Alliance (Alliance Diss)" song by AIDONIA: Di di di di di di di Yow Idonia while some likkle ... [Aidonia:] Whey de fuck do dem. Bang! Boom! In dem. Adid mi daddy, whey yuh sey bang! ... Of one man dat watch me like Carib.
Aidonia - Wine & Bubble Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Wine & Bubble' by Aidonia: Bend over fi di backaz. ... So no gyal cyaa fuck yuh man from you. [Chorus:] She know fi wine and bubble pon buddy
Lyrics to "So Right" song by AIDONIA: Yo, She squeeze di sittin genst mi pants ... You weh mek me horny ... But yuh know how fi fuck pon cocky it mek yuh bawl
Lyrics to "Supm Fi You" song by AIDONIA: Mi have sup'm fi you Mi just puts har pon mi peg pon di bed Mek she bawl and beg Gyal you can fuc... ... She wine pon mi buddy mek me feel everything. She bend over. And har new waist a spin
Aidonia - Jack Hammer lyrics
Jack Hammer lyrics by Aidonia: Verse 1 / Di gyal a bawl whoi! / She a say it hot mi fi stop / Mi say top di noise, tek a sat pon di c***
Aidonia - Oh Oh Oh Lyrics
Back it up. Me mek yuh feel it. Brace me. Flexible fuck yuh nuh lazy. Inna bed you so crazy. Gyal yuh bad and wicked inna bed. Gimme di wine weh a mek man ...
... song lyrics collection. Browse 167 lyrics and 180 Aidonia albums. ... 11, She Like Me. 12, Dat a di Ting ... 88, Fuck U Tonite ... 99, Better Must Come (I've Seen ).
Aidonia - I Like Her Lyrics
Seh you bad pon buddy (ga long gyal!) Seh a fuck you a study (ga long gyal!) Wine up to di melody (ga long gyal!) Magnum me drink a nuh Chubby (ga long ...
Aidonia - Hundred Stab lyrics
A sitten fi gal dem siddung pon. My cocky mi wah di gal dem fi boom pon. Gal if yuh tink you bad and can dungeon. A fuck yuh so hard like a jail mi a come from
Lyrics to "Day & Night" song by AIDONIA: Yo... Aight... We smoke di ... Me clap it up and squeeze up. Dat beat up dat clap it ... Body get fuck up. Bone bruk up
Mek gal a bawl so a me dem a call she seh! oh yeah. Horniness peak horniness buck. And di only solution for horny is fuck [Verse 1:] Hey grab her nuh! hey stab ...
Lyrics to "Never Never" song by AIDONIA: Mi seh never, never, never, fuck a batty Yo mad? Never, never suck no pussy like the bwoy ... Me love the gyal dem
Lyrics to "When We Buss It" song by AIDONIA: Lawd Evil Trigga a squeeze And a Hand a release hamma Di ... Me jus rise up di rifles ... Fuck dem feel like seh
Aidonia - Empty lyrics
Empty lyrics by Aidonia: [Intro:] / Yo nuh nonsense nuh chat nuh pree / Think when mi bust my gun dem 16, fuck do dem, bust my gun dem 16. ... Dem vex through me and steven weh build some hit a link. How di fuck dem fi talk 'bout, big ship ...
Aidonia feat. Aisha Davis - In Your Eyes Lyrics
Nov 11, 2013 Lyrics for In Your Eyes by Aidonia feat. ... baby dont u worry Just di touch alone baby baby drive me crazy You're my baby, I'm your lady Gonna ...
Lyrics to "Beg You A Fuck" song by VYBZ KARTEL: Dima, me need your vagina Fat pussy girl sum boy don't kno wat me talk say Me ah talk bout, me...
Aidonia - So Good Lyrics. Sit down pon buddy when yo feel horny Cyaa 6: 30, go 3: 40 Touch me till yo get real naughty ... Mi a tell yo seh yo fuck hold yah bwoy

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