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Aidonia - Tan Tuddy Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Tan Tuddy' by Aidonia. Mek sure yuh nuh boring / When mi seh 630 yuh head fi ah touch knee an yuh finga ah touch toe ring / (gyal tip pon yuh toe, up.
Aidonia - Tek Time Lyrics
Jan 5, 2016 Lyrics for Tek Time by Aidonia. Mi love the way you tight Mi love the way you tight Gyal mi love the way you tight Cock up...
Aidonia - Fat 40 (Mavado Diss) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Fat 40 (Mavado Diss)' by Aidonia. / 17 shooter, Ruger full of pure steam / One mad walk man make and shot big man, all dog weh have rabies / Foota.
Aidonia - Hundred Stab Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hundred Stab' by Aidonia: Me f**k you so hard like ah jail me ah come from.. Yo dukes be clear.ah we say DAGGERIN fi di gal dem Any gal wey hype ,
Aidonia - 630 (RAW) Lyrics
Nov 29, 2013 Lyrics for 630 (RAW) by Aidonia. Fi di gal dem y'know Girl, you can fuck doh Position it pon di cocky gal, tick it an tok...
Aidonia - Chicken Head Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Chicken Head' by Aidonia. yuh know they hav in life some chicken Heads / You know it's Ai-di-di-di-di-di-di-donia / acting like dem a sick in head /
Aidonia - Deadline lyrics
Deadline lyrics by Aidonia: [Intro:] / Fucka Dem, Yo Dem Vex Tru Since Mi Arrival Mi Have De Fans Dem Hand / Ah Wave Like Tidal Dem Fi Know.
Aidonia - Like So Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Like So' by Aidonia. Hey gyal, / how yuh pussy fat suh / Yuh tightness buss di, / boots pon di cock suh / A true yuh kno yuh pussy, / mek yuh act suh.
Aidonia - Nuh Boring Gyal (Buddy Brukka) Lyrics
Lyrics for Nuh Boring Gyal (Buddy Brukka) by Aidonia. Nuh boring gyal, boring gyal No man nuh waan nuh boring gyal Cyah fuck boring gyal Yuh see...
Jah Vinci feat. Aidonia - Badmind Cyah Stop We Lyrics
Lyrics for Badmind Cyah Stop We by Jah Vinci feat. Aidonia. Clea-a-ar(mm mm) * Laugh* A Jah Vinci(Lord Evil) He-heeey(rh!) Badmine cyan stop wi Mi nuh...
Aidonia - Sweat Up Yuh Body Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sweat Up Yuh Body' by Aidonia. ah di good pussy gyal dem time / wiineeee / she's just that girl, girl / Mi waan you wine. wine pon di dick head,
Aidonia - No Boring Gyal Lyrics
Oct 4, 2015 Lyrics for No Boring Gyal by Aidonia. Nuh Boring gyal Boring gyal No man nuh want nuh boring gyal Caah fuck boring gyal Yuh si m...
Aidonia - Touch Yuh Tonight (Raw) Lyrics
Apr 5, 2014 Lyrics for Touch Yuh Tonight (Raw) by Aidonia. Baby Mek sure u know how fi touch u toe inu, 6 30 Sexy girl with flexibility Yuh see dat ...
Aidonia - Wine & Bubble Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Wine & Bubble' by Aidonia: Bend over fi di backaz.
Aidonia - Brace Whine Lyrics
Lyrics for Brace Whine by Aidonia. Yee Gal from yuh body right Yuh ratings high like the tower top Gi yuh love to mi, Mi wah ...
Aidonia - Jack Hammer lyrics
Jack Hammer lyrics by Aidonia: Verse 1 / Di gyal a bawl whoi! / She a say it hot mi fi stop / Mi say top di noise, tek a sat pon di c***
Aidonia - Stay In My Arms - Raw Lyrics
Jul 14, 2013 Lyrics for Stay In My Arms - Raw by Aidonia. Wine up for mi girl(girl) Wine up on mi girl(girl) Oh oo-oh Uuuh Yeah Oh Come bruk it off ...
Aidonia - Pon Di Cocky Lyrics
Jan 18, 2014 Lyrics for Pon Di Cocky by Aidonia. Girl you are the one, whoa me baby Girl you are the one The cocky tough gyal rid me sturdy...
AIDONIA LYRICS - Dem Badness Fraud
Lyrics to "Dem Badness Fraud" song by AIDONIA: You could a have one million rifle Pussy you a fraud You a nuh-nuh mad dog Know few killers suh you...
Aidonia - Day & Night Lyrics
Aidonia Day & Night Lyrics. Day & Night lyrics performed by Aidonia: [Intro:] [ Inhales weed] [Cough] Yo...
Aidonia - Deadly Alliance (Alliance Diss) lyrics
Deadly Alliance (Alliance Diss) lyrics by Aidonia: (feat. Vybz Kartel) / Di di di di di di di / [Vybz:] / Yow Idonia while some likkle fool.
[Intro:] Addi: ahh mia tell u star ah joke dis jahkno star. Yow ah di teacha inno weh diddy. Deh weh u seh diddy. Aidonia: weh mi do [Chorus:] Hahaha we laugh  ...
Yuh Waan Buss Lyrics - Aidonia
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Yuh Waan Buss" from "Aidonia": Intro, U waan bus head wi bus like a jelly fi bus, U have a rifle and u head swelly fi bus ...
Lyrics to "Funeral" song by AIDONIA: Mack 97.62 bus shot out yo eye ball People run out a dem yard and a shout o lord Funeral Funeral Rif...
Aidonia - La La Land lyrics
La La Land lyrics by Aidonia: Lamb bread / High up deh. / High grade herbs a me smoke an grabba. / Aa knock inna mi head like hamma. / Half.
Aidonia - Jook So (Raw) Lyrics
Lyrics for Jook So (Raw) by Aidonia. Ou sexy with those heals on Punanny tight back it up pon a real man In a the club wi a wi...
AIDONIA LYRICS - Pretty Please
Lyrics to "Pretty Please" song by AIDONIA: The first time me and you fuck Fall inlove wid yo punanny baby Yo tight pussy grip mi You have mi gy...
Bukkam Lyrics - Aidonia
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Bukkam" from "Aidonia": Intro, Yu know it's Iddddonia, Ah wah di f*ck do dem?, Gunshot to dem face dat buck duh dem, Bukam ...
Rass It Up (Gagagaga) Lyrics - Aidonia
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Rass It Up (Gagagaga)" from "Aidonia": Intro, Yow!! , Nuh cartoon ting, Yuh ting i tawt i taw di putty cat?, Ah di riffle wit ...
Aidonia - Dats Up Watz Up lyrics
Dats Up Watz Up lyrics by Aidonia: [Intro:] / 'Ey girl, I like those boobies / Let's go out let's go to di movies / Here girl, let's go in.
Aidonia - Nuh Trust Fren - Raw lyrics
Lyrics for Nuh Trust Fren - Raw by Aidonia. Dem cya use style and tek mi life Dem cya use style and tek mi life Hypocrite weh use smile and tek yuh life Nah gih ...
Aidonia 1V - Nuh Boring Gyal (Buddy Brukka) lyrics and translation ...
Lyrics and translation for Nuh Boring Gyal (Buddy Brukka) by Aidonia 1V. no boring gyal no boring gyal no man doh wah nonboring gyal . cah fuck boring gyal  ...
Antonis Remos - Akou T' Aidonia Lyrics
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Lyrics to "So Good" song by AIDONIA: Sit down pon buddy when yo feel horny Cyaa 6: 30, go 3: 40 Touch me till yo get real naughty Seh yo...
Lyrics to "Want See Me Fall" song by AIDONIA: Badmind people a pree fi si mi fall Selassie him a guide mi Jah, Jah, deh beside me Right beside me...
Aidonia - Fi Di Jockey Lyrics
Lyrics for Fi Di Jockey by Aidonia. Girl you are the one Hole me baby, girl you are the one You body hot so you want a sturdy ...
Aidonia - Summer Sun lyrics
Summer Sun lyrics by Aidonia: Intro: / Mmmmmm / Yes pappaa / Yuh kno seh wi just stick with dem gyal eazyyy / Like.
Aidonia - Joker Smoker Lyrics
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Aidonia - Meet Again lyrics
Lyrics for Meet Again by Aidonia. Yo pu–y good mi f it better than a miracle Shi fi just decide Skin it out wide, wide Fat pu–y pink, c–key black You want...
Aidonia - Want See Me Fall Lyrics
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