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Agnostic Front - Last Warning. Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Last Warning.' by Agnostic Front. When I try, to do the right / You always put me down / You're always on my back / Why do you hang around? / You.
Agnostic Front - Gotta Go Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Gotta Go' by Agnostic Front. From the east coast to the west coast / Gotta gotta gotta go / Two sounds of a revolution / Gotta gotta gotta go / In.
AGNOSTIC FRONT LYRICS - "The American Dream Died" (2015 ...
AGNOSTIC FRONT lyrics - "The American Dream Died" (2015) album, including " Just Like Yesterday", "A Wise Man", "Attack!"...
Agnostic Front - So Pure To Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'So Pure To Me' by Agnostic Front. The life we live, so pure to me / The strength we built through honesty / The life we live, so pure to me / The.
Agnostic Front - Crucified Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Crucified' by Agnostic Front. They ask why we dress this way / Live for now, stand today / See the kids but don't hear what they say / Close your.
AGNOSTIC FRONT LYRICS - "One Voice" (1992) album
New Jack. listen up here said a wise man to a fool. here unlike there there are no set rules. remember one thing you came here alone. thats how youll do this bid ...
Agnostic Front - The Blame Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Blame' by Agnostic Front. What are you gonna do? / When they all turn on you / Is it worth it for us to live / Their way? / It's their mistake.
Agnostic Front - United & Strong Lyrics
Lyrics to 'United & Strong' by Agnostic Front. A scene all divided, with no unity, we gotta stick together, and fight for what we believe. / There won't be a.
Agnostic Front - Victim In Pain Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Victim in Pain' by Agnostic Front. People say that I'm insane a victim of society just in pain society's rules has made me cruel I'm just the.
Agnostic Front - Anthem Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Anthem' by Agnostic Front. Changes that were hardly noticed / Until time itself became a chain / Once hot blood began to cool / My ever slowing heart.
Agnostic Front - Believe Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Believe' by Agnostic Front. I know I can trust myself cause I believe in what I say / I believe in my friends, because they're with me everyday /
Agnostic Front - Police State Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Police State' by Agnostic Front. New York police state / New York police state / New York police state / New York police state / New York we hate you.
Agnostic Front - All Is Not Forgotten Lyrics
Lyrics to 'All Is Not Forgotten' by Agnostic Front. Do you think, you could wash away your sins? / Did you believe, I would let you disgrace me? / What fucking.
Agnostic Front - Friend Or Foe Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Friend or Foe' by Agnostic Front. Hang out with me then you come and stab my back / Are you friend or foe? / See me on the streets you walk right by.
Agnostic Front - With Time Lyrics
Lyrics to 'With Time' by Agnostic Front. What have I done, why am I hated everything has just begun to be updated have I been aware of my friends or just unfair.
Agnostic Front - Power Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Power' by Agnostic Front. Power / Anti-social being / Human discharge / A fascist regime / We're fighting in the streets / Trying to be free / They.
Agnostic Front - Club Girl Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Club Girl' by Agnostic Front. Do you feel so betrayed like / To dance that beat away? / Hip-pop club guys look at / You feel so free what can / You.
Agnostic Front - Over The Edge Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Over The Edge' by Agnostic Front. Pure hatred burns deep in my soul because our bond has cracked in time. it's taken months for my cool to explode.
Agnostic Front - Time Will Come Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Time Will Come' by Agnostic Front. Time will come when we will pay / There'll be no choice for you to take / World War III won't be a fake / You just.
AGNOSTIC FRONT LYRICS - "Something's Gotta Give" (1998) album
Something's Gotta Give. It's me or you, and something's gotta give. You take from me all that is pure. A lesson I have learned. Now's your chance to turn and walk ...
Agnostic Front - Today, Tomorrow, Forever Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Today, Tomorrow, Forever' by Agnostic Front. Who said ol'glory's gone / The pride we still carry on / Remember those led astray / Power / Won't fade.
Agnostic Front - No Fear Lyrics
Lyrics to 'No Fear' by Agnostic Front. You've tried my patience to many times / You've got to much to say / Old soldiers never die / They just fade away /
Agnostic Front - Hardcore! (The Definition) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hardcore! (The Definition)' by Agnostic Front. I won't live your lies / And I won't follow- It's my life! / Dissident towards the world / Our.
Agnostic Front - Pauly The Dog Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Pauly The Dog' by Agnostic Front. Wellllll... / He's not very handsome to look at. / And he eats just like a hog. / And he's always drinkin' my beer.
Agnostic Front - Public Assistance Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Public Assistance' by Agnostic Front. You spend your life on welfare lines / Or looking for handouts why don't you go find a job / You birth more.
Agnostic Front - I Wanna Know Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Wanna Know' by Agnostic Front. In a world of made up hero's / Broken promises and zeros / I can't seem to see much worse than this / I want to.
Agnostic Front - Fight Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Fight' by Agnostic Front. Push around and stab each other / Fight around and kill each other / Fight fight fight / Riot riot beat him hard, / Beat.
Agnostic Front - Undertow Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Undertow' by Agnostic Front. Yesterday, my world crashed with a blast / That period I chose to bury my past / It tells of time, my back against the.
Agnostic Front - Before My Eyes Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Before My Eyes' by Agnostic Front. Right before my eyes I've been betrayed / I've worked so hard and everything / I fucking gave you haven't changed.
Agnostic Front - Riot, Riot Upstart Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Riot, Riot Upstart' by Agnostic Front. Say you got two friends / So tight with them / See them all running / They all want revenge / See them on the.
Agnostic Front - Pride, Faith, Respect Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Pride, Faith, Respect' by Agnostic Front. Pride, faith, respect, this is what we live for / This is dedicated to our fallen soldiers of the DMS Crew.
Agnostic Front - Crucial Changes Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Crucial Changes' by Agnostic Front. Now is the time to show what to do crucial change, it all starts with you you're not here to make this a better.
Agnostic Front - For My Family lyrics
For My Family lyrics by Agnostic Front: For my family for my friends / For those that we've lost I sing. / This is a message, this is for.
Agnostic Front - Bloodsucker Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Bloodsucker' by Agnostic Front. You hide behind our cause / Wave a flag for all to see / We know all your flaws / Your intent, always greed /
Agnostic Front - Rage Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Rage' by Agnostic Front. Look at me, look at you, nothing to say / Everything I've owned, you've taken away / All I ever wanted was to get by / Now.
Agnostic Front - Take Me Back Lyrics
Taking it back. New York Hardcore Agnostic Front Let's go! Take me there, take me back. To before my tomorrows died. To when it was so real and true. To when  ...
Agnostic Front - Society Suckers Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Society Suckers' by Agnostic Front. Spending your life dreaming of rich fantasies come back of your dreams and face reality you think you've got.
Agnostic Front - Peace Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Peace' by Agnostic Front. A choice must be made! / In these times of war today / A choice must be made that no one wants to make / The result is.
Agnostic Front - Do Or Die Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Do Or Die' by Agnostic Front. Talk about the problems today / Give me my freedom, give me my say / They wanna take away our choices / They try to.
Agnostic Front - United Blood Lyrics
Lyrics to 'United Blood' by Agnostic Front. Talk about unity talk abour conformity you don't want to support the scene why don't you get the fuck away from me.

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