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ABiCA - Blurry Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Blurry' by ABiCA. I sit and listen It's my addiction / Can't retort feelings cuz they're all missin / Self confliction just creates twitching / And.
ABiCA - My Song Lyrics
Lyrics to 'My Song' by ABiCA. Tell me what I got to do so I can make it alright / Tell me what I got to do so I can sleep through the night / I need a change.
ABiCA - Numb Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Numb' by ABiCA. And everything that mattered to me is now gone / This feeling is nothing yet it feels so strong / Now I've falling so fast i can't.
ABiCA - Never That Far Away Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Never That Far Away' by ABiCA. Ohhh, another one gone / Another one lost alone and along the way / To the place I stay / It's been a few years been a.
ABiCA - Beautiful Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Beautiful' by ABiCA. It began like any other day / Same mundane, same headache on the road for a show to play / Got to get up, gotta get going /
ABiCA - Turn Me On Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Turn Me On' by ABiCA. Walls around me they surround me / Leave me right here right where you found me / A spark in the dark is what I need to be ...
ABiCA - I Can Be Real Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Can Be Real' by ABiCA. Help me now and tell me what to do / I can't believe what was never true / I can't pretend that I wasn't fucking there / And.
ABiCA - What You See Lyrics
Lyrics to 'What You See' by ABiCA. Yea I'm getting older now what can I say / Everyone you know starts to go away / But you know that track that puts you back.
ABiCA - The Things You Think I Say Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Things You Think I Say' by ABiCA. Line em all up and we'll knock em down / Lost in the music in the sound / Now you're coming back to me but.
ABiCA - Just Another Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Just Another' by ABiCA. Just another mother fucker dead for the wrong reasons / He says he's coming back but he keeps on leaving / He's breathing.
ABiCA - Gave Em A Reason Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Gave Em A Reason' by ABiCA. I let it all in and I let it all out / People don 't understand what this is about / Now I know that everything they said.
ABiCA - Nothing Here Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Nothing Here' by ABiCA. I gotta rub my eyes to make sure that I see it / Yea I see the tats and I can't believe it / We were just two kids making.
ABiCA - Broken Walls Lyrics
Broken Walls lyrics performed by ABiCA: It's a fight everyday an it will never end I' ve had the world try to break me but I won't even bend You see the fire in my ...
ABiCA - My Demise Lyrics
My Demise lyrics performed by ABiCA: Keep an open mind for me, this ain't workin out You got me coward in a corner about to flip out The pressures creackin ...
ABiCA - All Day Everyday Lyrics
All Day Everyday lyrics performed by ABiCA: All day, everyday we try Write music an gettin high Livin life an gettin live That's what we do to get by.
Gorefest - I Walk My Way Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Walk My Way' by Gorefest. I won't run or hide / Nor apologize / Accepting defeat / Is so unlike me / Often tried but never succeded / I can't be.

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