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4Lyn - Lyn Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lyn' by 4Lyn. I lost my heart on a Monday and I'm still ripped off and passed out / Too much alcohol and weed shot my ass out / One of these girlies.
4Lyn - Nostalgia Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Nostalgia' by 4Lyn. I found a picture of you and me / from 1989 when we / shared the world together / happy as teens could be / Life's a whirlwind.
4Lyn - Whooo Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Whooo' by 4Lyn. Yo, I park my ride on the left side / I'm feeling kind a- ight 'cause I know / That my stupid ass is gonna get drunk tonight / A quick.
4Lyn - Pearls & Beauty Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Pearls & Beauty' by 4Lyn. every morning I wake up and I'm laying next to you / I wanna thank god and the devil for sending you / cause you're my.
4Lyn - Bahama Mama Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Bahama Mama' by 4Lyn. This is a tale about a man, his vision is blurred / And his world is spinning fast like fan / A brand new day means a brand new.
4Lyn - Quake Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Quake' by 4Lyn. common push me towards the edge / don't ask just push me, pussy ( pussy ) haha. / it'sjust you verses victim, victim verses edge, /
4Lyn - No Champagne Lyrics
Lyrics to 'No Champagne' by 4Lyn. (Are you ready or what?) / So here I come, save ya passengers / From this critical minded messenger / Right in front of ya.
4Lyn - Alina Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Alina' by 4Lyn. This one is going out to all our peeps out there / Who brought us to the next level, to da 4lyn level / And had our backs for mad.
4Lyn - One 2 Three Lyrics
Lyrics to 'One 2 Three' by 4Lyn. Make some muthafuckin' noise / For me and my team / First I come one time for ya mind / (First I come one time for ya mind) /
4Lyn - Feel Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Feel Me' by 4Lyn. brompton city bashin', car crashin', bong blastin' / it's the alcohol abusin' white trash kid. / with the mad vocalism, straight.
4Lyn - Wong Tsong Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Wong Tsong' by 4Lyn. Like a bullet to your idols / Just one word from me and it goes it's way / Like some gasoline into the fire / I burn your house.
4Lyn - Discohead Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Discohead' by 4Lyn. Hey, Mr.Bouncer, let me get me inside this club / I wanna dance my ass off tonight / (Tonight) / Kane, Dee and Chino are already.
4Lyn - No. 11 Lyrics
Lyrics to 'No. 11' by 4Lyn. So we got this far and you're still wonderin' / Why we do shit in our own kinda way / (Why? Why?) / First round knock out, get da.
4Lyn - Last Man Standing Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Last Man Standing' by 4Lyn. Party over here party over here / This time we bring it to an end just like we should / Too late for givin it up. I.
4Lyn - Down & Out I Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Down & Out I' by 4Lyn. have you ever tried 2 dig in a naked man's pocket? / yo,i got the need 4 liquid,but there's a hole in a bucket. / i would.
4Lyn - Down & Out II Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Down & Out II' by 4Lyn. welcome 2 the second chapter,my friend (my friend).. / i told you 3 songs before,how the story began. / believe me, bein'
4Lyn - Me Vs Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Me Vs Me' by 4Lyn. War! / You thought I let you get away with this little thing I call my soul? / You thought I tolerate your silent terror? NO! / I.
4Lyn - Nostalgia lyrics
Nostalgia lyrics by 4Lyn: I've found a picture of you and me / From 1989 when we / Shared the world together / Happy as teens could be.
4Lyn - Hello (For You I`M Dying) Lyrics. Hello, For you I'm dying Cuz I'm so tired of fighting Love starts with a smile And grows with a kiss It always ends up in ...
4Lyn - Pearls & Beauty lyrics
Pearls & Beauty lyrics by 4lyn: Every morning I wake Up / And I'm laying next to you / I wanna thank God / And the Devil, for sending you.
4Lyn - Frost Lyrics. I kiss your lips but there's no warmth I look for peace but I just find storm I stroke your heart but it just won't melt I know I'm seen by.
4Lyn - Cowboys lyrics
Cowboys lyrics by 4Lyn: The air is filled with dust / And the morning sun is burning. / Since eight years we keep riding / Through this no.
4Lyn - Knukkohed lyrics
Knukkohed lyrics by 4lyn: Barrelminded, sorry baby that's what I am. / A blindfolded fukker that just don't give a damn. / Ignorant, bad.
4Lyn - Husky lyrics
Husky lyrics by 4lyn: I sit here in my room all alone / And keep starin'at a picture of us both. / It's unbelievable til'now. / I got that.
4Lyn - Pure Lyrics. Keep it real, keep it right Follow your voice inside Keep it real, keep it right Follow your voice inside From a to izzard,come on che.
4Lyn - Alina lyrics
Alina lyrics by 4lyn: This one is goin out 2 all our peepz out there / Who brought us 2 tha next level,2 da 4lyn-level. / And had our backs.
4Lyn - Jewellery Store Lyrics. Me and the pack, up in the club 43 liqour and milk in the cup Twenty deep, clubowner thinks.
4Lyn - Realcuties Lyrics. what comes around goes around... and you fukkers gotta get yours. chekk this out... i never wanted this to happen,but it did. now i'll ...
"Sometimes it seems that straight forward is the only direction I know" They're so familiar, they're so well known. These railroad tracks will bring me back home
4Lyn - I Am a Phantom Lyrics. In a time of world confusion and darkness false idols, jackals ans perpetrators, hopeleessness and dispare the is this one last ...
4Lyn - Hello Planet Lyrics. ... 4Lyn - Hello Planet Lyrics. Artist: 4Lyn. Album: Quasar. We do not have the lyrics for Hello Planet yet. Submit new lyrics → ...
4Lyn - Neon Lyrics. [Instrumental:] ... Artist: 4Lyn. Album: Neon. Genre: Rock. Heyo! SONGLYRICS just got interactive. Highlight. Review: RIFF-it. RIFF-it good.
4Lyn - Someone's Got 2 Do It lyrics
Sep 21, 2012 Lyrics for Someone's Got 2 Do It by 4Lyn. My heart is a very strange place these days. Surrounded by zombies, blackout and cliches The media ...
4Lyn - Not Like You Lyrics. one, two... one, two, three let's go! yeah! come on! what are you lookin' at? do i look so different? okay,i don't look like you, but i thi.
4Lyn - Whooo Lyrics. Yo, I park my ride on the left side I'm feeling kind a-ight ' cause I know That my stupid ass is gonna get drunk tonight A quick view to the.
4Lyn - World`s Gone Crazy (Live) Lyrics. Every now and then I pick a paper and a pen And let you look into my deep inner self Call it a mental disorder Give me ...
4Lyn - Brompton-City Anthem Lyrics. this one for the individuals that surround me everyday, when im at home,smokin bones in the coo-coos-way. day in and day ...
4Lyn - Matilda, Matilda lyrics
Jul 6, 2010 Lyrics for Matilda, Matilda by 4Lyn. Hey Matilda Matilda Matilda She take my money and run Venezuela Five hundred dollars friends I lost Poor ...
4Lyn - Club Exploitation lyrics
Jul 1, 2012 Lyrics for Club Exploitation by 4Lyn. They say it's okay that you grind on a perfect day The sun locked away Tone in tone it's a perfect grey You ...
4Lyn - Angry Horns Lyrics. hey young man, tell me where you're going? tell me what's your mission? tell me what the fukk are you doin' on friday, the one i call ...

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