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E-40 LYRICS - 40 Water
Lyrics to "40 Water" song by E-40: Water, water, water, water Water, water, water, water I wish I was 40, I wish I was water I wish I...
Lyrics to "40 Water" song by MARC E. BASSY: I'm drinking Forty water Bands in my pockets I'm just a rebel baby Don't know what the cause is I be...
E-40 LYRICS - Bitch
Lyrics to "Bitch" song by E-40: Nigga don't act like a (BITCH!) That's why I ... Oh that's why Too $hort and E-40 say (BITCH!) So homey ... [40] 40 Water, 40 Water
E-40 LYRICS - The Ambassador
Lyrics to "The Ambassador" song by E-40: Sixty eight inches above sea level... ... they call me uncle 40 water... the ambassador... the top tomata... and to all u ...
E-40 LYRICS - Yay Area
Like that, tell the people that 40 Water is back [Verse 2] We be to rap, what key be to lock (Key be to lock) Cut a quarter or two and bend the block (Bend the ...
E-40 LYRICS - Pain No More
They say, 40 Water, I just wanna be on. I'm doing everything I can to get my buzz on. Trying not to feel this pain no more. That's why I'm popping these pills and ...
E-40 LYRICS - The Recipe
Hey, this is cooking with Brook On the cooking channel. Today we're gonna be making crack. First take 36 ounces of coke. Mixing it with water in a pot on the ...
E-40 LYRICS - Keep Pimpin'
Keep pimpin (40-Water) keep pimpin (yes your honor) Keep pimpin, keep pimpin (the bigger the pimp, the longer the bread) [E-40] She looked at her reflection ...
SNOOP DOGG LYRICS - Candy (Drippin' Like Water)
[Intro: features sample of an ice cream truck] You want 'em? I got 'em.. drippin like water [8X] [E-40] Uh! (the candy man!) E-40! [Snoop Dogg] Sticky icky! Snoop ...
E-40 - Mack Minister Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Mack Minister' by E-40. I'd like ... On the side of 40 Water and he won't just be a playa ... Well, if you wanna judge the 40 Water, bring him before 12 G's
E-40 LYRICS - Sprinkle Me
[Intro: E-40] (burrrp, burp) Yeah, hocus pocus, skiggedy skay. It ain't nuttin but me. That nigga E-40. Finna sprinkle some of you fools with some of this
E-40 LYRICS - Hot
Lyrics to "Hot" song by E-40: Uhh H2, 26 inch shoes Big boy toys, air traveller iceman shoes Straight fool, look at the way tha... ... 40 Water is (HOT!) Sic' Wid It ...
E-40 LYRICS - Takin' Em Back
Lyrics to "Takin' Em Back" song by E-40: Microphone check 1 2 1 2 Testing testing 40 Water in this bitch mayne, 40 in this thang brah Look, H...
E-40 LYRICS - Big Time
Lyrics to "Big Time" song by E-40: If I got rich one day, I won the lotto I'll be up in the club, drunk, poppin' ... Had to share the same bath water with my brother
E-40 LYRICS - Chitty Bang
Lyrics to "Chitty Bang" song by E-40: Ya baby momma love me, ya baby daddy hate me Ya bitch wanna fuck me, ... She said "40 Water, where you 'bout to be?"
E-40 LYRICS - I Can Sell It
Lyrics to "I Can Sell It" song by E-40: Man I can sell anything mane (anything mane) I got the mouth piece of a pimp Who want it Who... ... Water to a lake
Snoop Dogg feat. E-40, MC Eiht, Goldie Loc, Daz & Kurupt - Candy ...
Lyrics for Candy (Drippin' Like Water) by Snoop Dogg feat. E-40, MC Eiht, Goldie Loc, Daz & Kurupt. You want em' I got em' Drippin like water (uh, the candy ...
E-40 LYRICS - Northern Califoolya
E-40 Water held his ground. Kept my foot in the fast lane. Flew uppidy on mesmerized. Cuz I snuck up in up out the game. You makin' a 40 Water cd. And get ...
E-40 LYRICS - Borrow Yo' Broad
Lyrics to "Borrow Yo' Broad" song by E-40: Beeyatch! ... [E-40] I hear fetti (petty) callin (callin) Callin (callin) yeah the bitch subject again ... 40-Water put it in order
E-40 LYRICS - H.I. Double L.
creepin wit my nigga B-Legit and 40 water, ah shit [E-40] We're here-we're there- we're everywhere. Highly intox-icated but we don't care [B-Legit] I'm from the ...
E-40 LYRICS - Sick Wid It II
Lyrics to "Sick Wid It II" song by E-40: Damn nigga, ay where Mikey at mayne? Ay, ay Droop-E, ... Nigga this is big 40-Water motherfucker! The ambassador of the ...
Lyrics to "40 Days" song by MATT MAHER: Forty days to wander Forty days to die to self Forty days to grow ... Where springs of living water bind and break you
E-40 LYRICS - Alcoholism
[E-40] The fur fur is crazy. I have me a "desi" A designated driver. A rider. We in it heavy. We knocking 40 Water He foolish the boy gone. That's all they played ...
E-40 LYRICS - Ballaholic
Lyrics to "Ballaholic" song by E-40: You know my.. my whole def-a-nation is to spit straight ... Be on the lookout for the Hillside managler, 40-Water the Ballaholic
E-40 LYRICS - Zombie
Lyrics to "Zombie" song by E-40: If you're zombie, If you're zombie, monster, ... Send a hubba head to a sucka front door, Lynch n 40 water Nina in this hoe.
E-40 LYRICS - To Da Beat
Lyrics to "To Da Beat" song by E-40: Ooohhh... (To da beat!) Oooh ooh ... Sittin on somethin clever talkin about, "40 Water can you help me out? Can you give me ...
E-40 LYRICS - Clown Wit It
Lyrics to "Clown Wit It" song by E-40: Forty water and Mystikal What cha know about that nigga? Huh? What cha want girl? You inte...
E-40 LYRICS - It's On, On Sight
Lyrics to "It's On, On Sight" song by E-40: Yeah They want problems; soon them want me ... FOol, 40-Water never slip, saw the niggaz quick and then dipped
LUNIZ LYRICS - Highest Niggaz In The Industry
The highest niggaz in the industry, 40 Water, you drunk like me? (Numskull you numb like me?) Well lets get keyed. [Verse 1: E-40] I wish I had some half,
E-40 LYRICS - 'Cause I Can
Lyrics to "'Cause I Can" song by E-40: Forty-WADAHHHHHHHHH! Ehhh.. (ehh. ... With Billy Loco and 40-Water we take your life then we haul ass. Tall cash ...
E-40 LYRICS - Hood Boy
Lyrics to "Hood Boy" song by E-40: I bet you ain't never seen 26's on a range Iced out VVS stones and a chain She Want a Hood boy I... ... Mixed with 40 water
E-40 LYRICS - Circumstances
Lyrics to "Circumstances" song by E-40: Uhh, dry as the fuck, and I'm (?) one left with ... or maybe cause I'm with 40-Water and a jug of ethel. You can't love it, ...
Hey, this is cooking with Brook On the cooking channel. Today we're gonna be making crack. First take 36 ounces of coke. Mixing it with water in a pot on the ...
E-40 LYRICS - Whip It Up
So I'm up in her tummy [Hook: YV/E-40] [Verse 2: Gucci Mane] 40 Water, Gucci up . Hollywood, Cali love. Two-three bottles of some bud. I'm a fuck around, find a ...
E-40 LYRICS - Personal
[E-40] I gets a phone call about a neighbor. Daylight savings time seven o'clock at night. Three-way conversation 40-Water family member, cousin "Dude did you  ...
E-40 LYRICS - The Story
Lyrics to "The Story" song by E-40: Here's a little story I got to tell And this dis goes on, again and again Uh, ... Ya partner 40 water gotta story to tell (a story to tell)
Too Short & E-40). [Verse 1 - IamSu!:] I been waiting I been waiting I been ... Young Su, 40 water what's up. That's why they wanna be like us [Hook] [Verse 3 ...
E-40 LYRICS - Hope I Don't Go Back
Lyrics to "Hope I Don't Go Back" song by E-40: Hoppin over barbed wire fences ... [E-40 having a playalistic converstaion] ... 40-Water now, you understand?
E-40 LYRICS - It's A Man's Game
Lyrics to "It's A Man's Game" song by E-40: Ooooh (ooooh) pencil me in (pencil me in) It's Fonzarelli the ... Sing along, 40 Water man you know he wrong
E-40 LYRICS - Like A Jungle
Lyrics to "Like A Jungle" song by E-40: Hand me one of them thangs killed John Wayne D.E.A. back in ... Oh you with 40-Water, we can go 'head and let you go

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