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Resist the Temptation Lyrics - 2Pac
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Resist the Temptation" from "2Pac": 2Pac Verse 2, Gamble for your soul with the devil, You wonder how low can you go before ... ... Go back and find, why I let it crack my mind. And my only explanation, it came to this. Resist the ... I want money and gold ropes and so I slang dope. Now I'm the ...
2PAC LYRICS - Fuck All Y'all
Lyrics to "Fuck All Y'all" song by 2PAC: Ha ha ha...fuck all y'all...fuck all y'all...I don 't need nobody Fuck 'em...Fuck all ... I got problems ain't nobody calling back
2PAC LYRICS - I Get Around
Lyrics to "I Get Around" song by 2PAC: Aw, yeah, I get around Still clown with the ... [2Pac:] Back to get wreck, all respect. To those who break their neck to keep their hoes ... I don't want it if it's that easy ... Visit www.azlyrics.com for these lyrics.
2PAC LYRICS - Why U Turn On Me
Lyrics to "Why U Turn On Me" song by 2PAC: (Ol' switcheroo-ass, bitch made motherfuckers..) Outlaw nigga ... [2Pac] I went from, nothin to somethin now they all wanna see me fall. And the ... Like the Mack make you fall back and stick yo' ass for back pay [Chorus: ... he don't step in the fuckin ring, that's how the shit go
2PAC LYRICS - The Uppercut
Lyrics to "The Uppercut" song by 2PAC: I wanted to bring back that reality, nobody can ever be confused and think ... Now see so many motherfuckers wanna take a peice ... Cause in the the dope game, niggas'll die 'fore they go broke mayne
2Pac - Changes Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Changes' by 2Pac: It takes skill to be real, time to heal each other. ... take a brother if he's close to me? I'd love to go back to when we played as kids
2PAC LYRICS - Better Dayz
Lyrics to "Better Dayz" song by 2PAC: Lookin for these better days Better days, heyyy! Better days ... I can't take her to the place she wanna go to. So we argue ...
2PAC LYRICS - Ratha Be Ya Nigga
Lyrics to "Ratha Be Ya Nigga" song by 2PAC: 'Pac (Hey) What's happening (Not motherfucking double R, ... And you ain't going back? ... Shut me down if you want, and miss the chance to do it live ... If you scared, go to church, I know it hurts
2PAC LYRICS - I Ain't Mad At Cha
Lyrics to "I Ain't Mad At Cha" song by 2PAC: Change, shit I guess change is good for any of us ... Go toe to toe when it's time to roll you got a brother's back
2PAC LYRICS - Do For Love
Lyrics to "Do For Love" song by 2PAC: Turn it up loud Hahaha, ahahaha, hey man You a little sucker for ... I hear you callin' me to come back, I'm a sucka for love
2PAC LYRICS - Picture Me Rollin'
Lyrics to "Picture Me Rollin'" song by 2PAC: Yeah, clear enough for ya? (alright) My ... Don't want to be another number ... Make me wanna start back bangin'
2PAC LYRICS - Can U Get Away
It's 2Pac. Can you get away? Let me come swoop you up (You know I got a man) I know you got... ... Let me take you to lunch, I'll have you back before he even get home, before anybody see (I can't, he ain't ... I don't understand, I just wanna bring ya home. I wonder ... (Let's go man, get up outta there, can you get away?)
2PAC LYRICS - Blasphemy
Lyrics to "Blasphemy" song by 2PAC: God has a plan, and the Bible unfolds that wonderful plan through the message of prophecy God sent J. ... Everybody kissing ass to go to Heaven ain't going ... We got evicted had to leave the 'burbs, back in the ghetto ... [2Pac:] The preacher want me buried, why? Cause I know he a liar
2PAC LYRICS - Ambitionz Az A Ridah
Lyrics to "Ambitionz Az A Ridah" song by 2PAC: I won't deny it, I'm a straight ridah You don't wanna ... You don't wanna fuck with me ... What really go on in the mind of a nigga ... So now I'm back to be a motherfuckin' menace, they cowards
2PAC LYRICS - Temptations
[2Pac:] Tell me baby are you lonely? Don't wanna rush ya, I can help ya if ya only ... (Look here) I wanna be an honest man. But temptations go [2Pac:] Throw up ...
2PAC LYRICS - Against All Odds
Lyrics to "Against All Odds" song by 2PAC: To my niggas that went out in line on duty 21-gun salute! ... Payback, I knew you bitch niggas from way back. Witness ... So believe me, we enemies, I go against all odds ... Now you wanna live my life
2PAC LYRICS - Let Em Have It
[2Pac] Now you've been acting like you want it for a long time. All up in a nigga face, giving me them strong vibes ... Hit it from the back, grab me by my neck, demand your respect ... Now I'm fucking like I'm Killing ya, let's go another round
2PAC LYRICS - So Many Tears
Lyrics to "So Many Tears" song by 2PAC: I shall not fear no man but God Though I walk through ... Back in elementary, I thrived on misery ... I'm not living in the past, you wanna last? ... I'm barely standing, bout to go to pieces, screamin' peace
2PAC LYRICS - Toss It Up
Lyrics to "Toss It Up" song by 2PAC: The money behind the dreams My right hand , my ... Time for action, conversating, we relaxing, kicking back ... I go a long way to get you wet, what you expect? ... Female I like, what I want to give all night
2PAC LYRICS - Str8 Ballin
Don't want to go to the pen, I'm hittin' fences. Narcs on a nigga's back, missin' me by inches. And they say how do you survive weighin' 165. In a city where the ...
50 CENT LYRICS - The Realest Killaz
[2pac] It's go'n be some stuff you go'n see. That's go'n make it hard to smile in the future ... Tupac put a cross on his back, You wanna put crosses on yo back
2PAC LYRICS - Thugz Mansion (Nas Acoustic)
Lyrics to "Thugz Mansion (Nas Acoustic)" song by 2PAC: Shit, tired of gettin shot at Tired of gettin ... Nothin but peace (I wanna go) love (I wanna go nigga)
2PAC LYRICS - Soon As I Get Home
Lyrics to "Soon As I Get Home" song by 2PAC: Soon as I get home... Soon ... I wanna be paid in large stacks ... Go get my enemies not knowing I'm coming back
2PAC LYRICS - All Bout U
2PAC LYRICS. "All Bout ... [2Pac:] You probably crooked as the last trick. Want to laugh about how I got my ass caught up. With this ... No matter where I go, I see the same ho (Yeah ... You couldn't hold me back, it'd take a fatter track. A lyrical ...
2PAC LYRICS - Death Around The Corner
Lyrics to "Death Around The Corner" song by 2PAC: Why you by the window? What's ... I wanna go there in the middle of the night I wanna piss on his ashes!"
2PAC LYRICS - Only Fear Of Death
Lyrics to "Only Fear Of Death" song by 2PAC: Pssst... psssssst... aiyyo Are you afraid to die, or do you wanna ... Are you afraid to die, or do you wanna live forever ... Now she's tellin me to visit, who else is home? ... Never will I die, I'll be back
2PAC LYRICS - Thug Style
Lyrics to "Thug Style" song by 2PAC: Fuck 2Pac that nigga ain't shit That nigga ain't from ... Fuck that nigga man fuck that nigga let that nigga go to jail right
2PAC LYRICS - Letter 2 My Unborn
Lyrics to "Letter 2 My Unborn" song by 2PAC: To my unborn child.. To my ... I wanna make it on my own, not a handout ... I wanna go in peace.. when I gotta die
2PAC LYRICS - Skandalouz
Lyrics to "Skandalouz" song by 2PAC: Hey Nate you know you got to focus on this motherfucker We's ... It's scandalous, I never liked your back stabbin ass, trick
2PAC LYRICS - Nothin But Love
Lyrics to "Nothin But Love" song by 2PAC: Straight outta Oakland, California where we spark it on ya Give a ... I love to go back, to the block I got my game from
2PAC LYRICS - Violent
Lyrics to "Violent" song by 2PAC: They claim that I'm violent Just 'cause I refuse to be silent These ... But when the shit gets thick, I'm the one you go and get
Made me wanna go back to the city and tell the homies what I learned ... [2Pac:] The ground is gonna open up and swallow the evil. That's how I see it, my word ...
2PAC LYRICS - The Realist Killaz
Lyrics to "The Realist Killaz" song by 2PAC: Yo Redd Spyder (ooh-wee) is that 50 ... Let's go nigga, this is what it is. Tupac ... You wanna put crosses on yo' back
2PAC LYRICS - Same Song
Lyrics to "Same Song" song by 2PAC: All around the world same song All all around the world same song I ... as a matter of fact ill be right back i gotta take a leak ... 2Pac go ahead and rock this [2Pac] Now I clown around when I hang around with the Underground ... Get some fame, people change, wanna live they life high
MONICA LYRICS - Before You Walk Out My Life
Oh, well, I, [1] - Never meant to cause you no pain. I just wanna go back to being the same. Well I, only wanna make things right. Before you walk out of my life
2PAC LYRICS - Check Out Time
Lyrics to "Check Out Time" song by 2PAC: Ay what time is it nigga? ... Hey Kurupt, y'all niggas drivin' or y'all flyin' back, whassup? ... Gotta go nigga, gotta go
2PAC LYRICS - Everything They Owe
Lyrics to "Everything They Owe" song by 2PAC: Imagine if we could go back Actually talk to the motherfuckers that persevered (hehehe) I mean the...
2PAC LYRICS - Still Ballin
Lyrics to "Still Ballin" song by 2PAC: Straight motherfuckin ballin Part two, still ballin Westside Now ever ... I love my females strapped, no fuckin from the back
2PAC LYRICS - 2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted
Lyrics to "2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted" song by 2PAC: Up out of there Ain't nothin' but a gangsta party ... Now I'm back in the courtroom, waitin' on the outcome
2PAC LYRICS - 16 On Death Row
Lyrics to "16 On Death Row" song by 2PAC: Death Row, that's where mothafuckas is endin' up ... Don't wanna commit murder, but damn, they got me trapped

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