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21 Savage, the cat with the MAC 21 Savage not Boyz N The Hood but I pull up on you, shoot your ass in the back. Stuart Little, heard these niggas some rats
21 SAVAGE LYRICS - Lord Forgive
Lyrics to "Lord Forgive" song by 21 SAVAGE: A hundred a zip and I'm sippin' on ... Mac 90 got range, Young savage got aim ... Brand new rollie with the face
Lyrics to "Dip Dip" song by 21 SAVAGE: Murder Gang shit, yeen Slaughter Gang you don't speak my ... Young Savage, bitch I'm hanging with my brothers.
Lyrics to "Shooter2x" song by LIL DURK: I'm a say it 2 times with this money, money, on me, ... Young Savage man I bought a draco for my shooter (21, 21) MAC ...
21 Savage - Sticks Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sticks' by 21 Savage. / My niggas pull up with them sticks / My niggas pull up with them sticks / My plug just threw me a ... Mac a make you do the hollup
Lyrics to "H2O" song by 21 SAVAGE: Water whipping in the kitchen Water whipping in the kitchen ... Mac 90 with the 100 round drum ... I'm Murder Gang Savage
RICH THE KID LYRICS - Migo Gang x Slaughter Gang Music
[Verse 2 - 21 Savage:] Slaughter Gang, I'm the king bitch. Mac 90 with the beam, bitch. Hi-Tech, you sipping green bitch 21, hold the pot with my left arm
21 Savage - Lord Forgive lyrics and translation
May 31, 2016 Lyrics and translation for Lord Forgive by 21 Savage. ... had to get another damn chain 21 nigga the gang, slaughter ya daughter the gang Mac ...
"21 Zoo" (feat. 21 Savage). Yeah, Zoovie, King Zoo [Fetty Wap:] King Zoo, I got the gang in this bitch ... Yeah, walking around with thigh pads, bitch I'm rich. Yeah  ...
21 Savage - X Bitch Lyrics
Lyrics to 'X Bitch' by 21 Savage. 10 bad bitches in ... Last name Savage bitch, but no I'm not Randy Hit her with no condom, had to make her eat a plan B And I'm ...
21 Savage & Metro Boomin - Bad Guy Lyrics. [Intro] I'm a fuckin' bad guy nigga ... And you know I keep that Glock with the red dot. Shoot a nigga in his face, ...
21 Savage & Metro Boomin - Feel It Lyrics. [Verse 1] ... Bonnie and Clyde, she was with a nigga stealin' cars ... I'ma savage to these niggas but to her I'm gentle
LIL DURK LYRICS - 52 Bars (Part 2)
Drama act, in da cut were llamas at, copy cat. Coppas on ... Got a deal, coolin with my movie bitch. Movie clip ... Daddy on his savage shit, you know that boy be whillin out. You know ... No cass, but that mac I got that bitch work condom style
Blac Youngsta - Heavy Lyrics
Mar 12, 2016 ... boys and went and made a message I remember I killed my first nigga with a mac 11 They might be ... heavy Them young niggaz hungry them lil niggaz boy for the savage They robbin they stealing they ... February 21, 2016 ...
Famous Dex - That Way Lyrics
A mac make a nigga do it that way. For real, uh what, I swear ... Miss me with the heat, stay [?] shade. So many raps, bitch I ball ... 21 Savage lyrics. 21 Savage.
Smokin on thousand dollar worth of strong ... Been blood with them bricks pimp, get (off) a (key) like I can't sing. Got the ... Cadillac like a mack on clacks (clacks)
LECRAE LYRICS - Don't Waste Your Life
Everything in Luke 12: 15 down to 21 ... Magnify the Father why bother with something lesser ... I gotta backpack full of tracts and I keep it on the Johnny mac
Lud Foe - 187 Lyrics
May 26, 2016 I hit the club with all my ice on I turn the lights on My tool on me Who this ... 187 fuck this rap shit Tec-9's, AR-15's, and a MAC 10 Im out west, ...
E-40 LYRICS - Dusted 'n' Disgusted
2Pac, Spice 1, Mac Mall). [E-40] ... and hit his ass quick with one of them whoops (What's the ... Sl-uh sl-uh slugs, trynta fuck with savage thug. Pistol pop in they ...
We gon' keep this big ass Mac 11 on deck. If any fuck nigga ... Coordinate the tan with the beans in my Rockstar skinnies (Straight up!) Coordinate ... 21 Savage).
Webbie - 2 Smooth Lyrics
Couldn't wait to get mo shit from Trill Ent. / Ha BadAzz n Young Savage keep it so street ha / But we been doin' this fo' a. ... I ain't 21 yet I still keep dis one ... I ain't full yet I ain't with the bullshit I'm on the real check me out ... I'm a straight mack
Famous Dex - Drugs In Me Lyrics
I be coolin' with the bros. I can never trust these hoes ... Walkin' around with that MAC chicken. Empty the clip leave ... 21 Savage lyrics. 21 Savage · Lil Uzi Vert ...
RZA LYRICS - Show U Love
Smackin this cat in his head for snatchin Reeboks ... Unless it's self-defense, to break the savage backs ... Have ODB in the back with the Mac, son was tote up
Real nigga shit, Fergy be mobbing all day, prolly with Marty or Jay Them my niggas from back in ... I just bought a Mac-11 from the thrift store. Traded for my gold ...
A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie - My Shit Lyrics
Brought the MAC out, niggas sat down ... They know that's my bitch, that's a fact and she stuck with me ... I can't fuck with rats, that's a fact, that's a dub nigga
Madeintyo - Uber Everywhere Lyrics
Shorty bad as hell, yeah, with them Kylie Jenner lips. Uber every ... I can't fuck with ops never stop pull up in that juice box. Uber fucking .... 21 Savage lyrics.
MONTANA OF 300 LYRICS - Fuck Her Brains Out
Say bitch I'm covered up with tattoos. Got my dick harder ... My baby ain't gotta play with toys. She always cum ... Some big ol' titties and a fat cat. I feel like Rico  ...
Marky Mark - Good Vibrations Lyrics
To bring you a show with no intoxication. Come on feel the vibration. Yeah Can you feel it baby. I can too. It's such a good vibration. It's such a sweet sensation
Ace ain't got no chill, see my past super ugly like when Heidi fucked with seal. Wifey think I'm crazy. Shawty think ... Cos I'm out here with that mac. If you aiming for my dogs then I'm aiming for your cats!! 00:00 ... Rhyme nor Reason: 21 Savage ...
Young Pappy - Homicide lyrics and translation
Jan 12, 2016 ... safe stainless steal like a spooked kid Blat bitch thats that tec bitch Or that mac bitch brains all ... bitch fuck what you heard bitch young pappy and savage sheen Turn yo block to the purge ... block tryna serve shit Why you tryna beef with me your goof ass from the burbs bitch Pistol to ... February 21, 2016 ...
Denzel Curry - Ultimate Lyrics
Jun 9, 2015 ... now his mama living with the pain Wait, doctor says he's gonna stay Let him get the senzu bean so he ... I'm a beast Nigga, you tell me who fucking with me K to the I to the N to the G Claim you the hottest, ... March 21, 2017.
Famous Dex - I'm Crazy Lyrics
I'm riding with lil boat, you know. Yeah, I fuck on your bitch ... Mac with the 30 round, light up your town. Du du du, watch out for ... 21 Savage lyrics. 21 Savage.
Danny Brown - Dip Lyrics
Been dancing hard up all day, rest in peace to Mac Dre Throw up the T, scratch on my face, do the Thizzle dance up in the place. I'm grinding on your bitch while  ...
21, Catchafire (Whoopsi-Daisy). 22, Boomin ... 72, Tru Dog (Savage remix) ... 83, Mac Daddy (Feat. .... 208, Burn For You - Cat Paw Remix;Renovating Diverse City Album Version ... Portable Sounds With Bonus Remixes Lyrics TobyMac ...
EPMD - You're A Customer Lyrics
Yo, I rock the mic like a wild beast savage. [Erick Sermon] I'm in the bottling state, I can't concentrate. I make a move like chess, and then I yell "checkmate"
Big L & Jay-Z Freestyle lyrics and translation - Big L
Oct 23, 2013 ... in Heaven I raise hell, till its Heaven Recognize, the black cat with the nine lives Get up off me, ... projected, all ho's affected by this style I mack like Goldie, go back like the oldies But the goody ... I eat it up like a savage And no I don't have it, I get it together like a marriage I'm seeking all ... March 21, 2016 ...
She started purring, I kissed the cat. Aristocrat, wrist ... Hammer dances on the porch, downtown gallivanting with a horse ... Roll up, looking like Sinbad with the earring. Lightskin ... Big Body Bes, Mac Miller) ... 19, Savage from Sarasota. 20, MarijuanaThon (feat. Jay Steele). 21, Fuck Me Till I DieFuck Me Till I Die (feat.
21, Let's Pretend ... 46, Cat's Clause ... Cat's Clause (Live) Lyrics Germs ... Black Hole – Californian Punk 1977-80 (Jon Savage Presents) Lyrics Germs .... Germs have since reformed in 2005 with Shane West replacing Darby Crash. ... Mickey D's Themed Mac Sabbath Drop First Official Recording, Coloring Book, Plot Tour  ...
E-40 - We Flip Lyrics
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20, Yankin. 21, Tell It Like It Is ... 25, Big Ballin With My Homies. 26, Mack .... 230, Savage. 231, Get .... 440, Trained To Go Ft. Laroo, The DB'z & Mac Shawn 100.

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